2 Shot Saturday Night around 8:30pm at Otis and Warder St, NW by the Park View Rec Center


From MPD:

“On September 28, 2013, at approximately 8:30PM, two complainants were in the 600 block of Otis Place, NW, when they heard gunshots. Both complainants ran away from the sounds, and shortly afterward they both discovered that they had been shot. Both received non life-threatening injuries and were transported to local area hospitals for treatment. The only lookout provided was for a black male armed with a handgun who was last seen fleeing in an older-model blue SUV.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is asked to call (202) 727-9099.”

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  • I could have sworn I heard gunshots around Sherman Circle at 4am this morning. Was I dreaming?

  • I live on this block and I heard a lot of shots, at least 10. Called 911 as did other folks as the cops were swarming the block in a minute. Being told it was a drive by targeting folks having a private party at the park. This was around 8:15 last night.

  • There is no question that the PVRC has not improved in recent years, it used to be you could count on 1 or 2 shootings per year. It was disappointing this morning to see empty bottles of Corona behind the gate as I walked by this morning as well. Additionally, continuing toward Georgia Avenue there were 4 cars with smashed windows (this was also the case on Monroe St. in ColHghts, too). I’m not sure my neighbors in PV are as active in reporting suspicious activity as they used to be, but lets hope this jump starts some more neighborly activity.

  • Cliff I think we are neighbors. And I totally agree with you. All of our complaints are ignored as just being gentrifiers who don’t fit in. I was up at the play are with my baby a few hours earlier and folks were sitting around ppeu smoking weed. So clearly the park staff are in on the illegal activity going on up there. Last night might have been my breaking point on city living with a kid. It was truly scary thinking a bullet would come through my front window. I’m sure the cops will roll out the spotlight and a few more officers for another week. But then it’s back to the status quo. has graham been out yet for a photo op?

    • Anon – my experience has been the the only people that complain about gentrifiers are other gentrifiers. Most of the older african americans in PV have the same complaints, but have just given up. Sadly, after almost 10 years complaining about the same pendulum of grievances I put myself in that category. I just enjoy living in the neighborhood more when I am not involved. That said, I am going to stop ignoring certain things and call the police, which is a small thing everyone can do.

    • “All of ‘our’ complaints are ignored as just being gentrifiers who don’t fit in”. Hmmm. I kind of shut off at your use of the word “our”. I read it as though you’re SO sure that the only people concerned about the neighborhood are people that you include in your version of “our”. Problems have existed in the neighborhood — and in neighborhoods throughout the city for a long time. You only started being concerned about it when they became your version of “our” problems., in what you view as now being your “our” neighborhood. If you wonder why your neighbors aren’t chiming in to support you, ask yourself what you did to support us before you viewed it as your very own neighborhood. Ask yourself what you have done to “fit in” — and what kind of neighbor you have been, and what your part has been in perpetuating what you call the “status quo”. Once you hit your “breaking point” and exercise the option that you and your kid have to move to what you may view as a better, safer neighborhood, how invested in Park View and working to improve things for your current neighbors will you be then? Just curious.

      • Cut the guys some slack. Geez. His kid was playing in an area hours before shots were fired. Instead of parsing words and trying to create divisiveness, I agree folks need to work together.

      • And what exactly are you doing to prevent crime in neighborhoods you don’t currently live in but might someday?

        • Other way around hon — I grew up there, and attended Park View school, and spent quite a bit of time at the rec center. Unfortunately I’ve been priced out of the neighborhood. I work in violence-prevention / mental health programs, and have done community work with kids for over 25 years. So, to answer your question, I’d say I’ve done quite a bit regarding crime prevention– although it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what needs to be done.

          It’s interesting, anonymous 4:31 that you assume that I don’t live in the neighborhood. You’re right — I can’t afford to anymore, and as long as I continue to do the kind of work I do, “might someday” seems unlikely.

          • As a life long dc resident I can safely say that pricing out the mostly African American population of residents who have these young dumb wild crazy nutjob thug kids, by mostly white yuppies with freaky tiny dogs that live better than 75% of the worlds population is the only thing that is going to break the cycle of violence. That’s just reality. The race element is what it is due to history not destiny, so there is hope that the poor black community will join the middle class black community and the rest of the normal world and put a stop to the violence. But till then call the cops and be proactive in pointing out the murders living amongst us.

  • I hope Mayor Gray or our next mayor successfully addresses this problem. I’ve lived in many cities and while I respect police officers as public servants, they leave much to be desired in DC. Do they ever do anything proactively or just wait for stuff to happen and respond? Maybe we need a special ops task force for problem areas.

  • last night at about 2:30 AM i called 911 after hearing 4 or 5 gunshots from my house at 11th and Harvard. it was about 30 more minutes before i fell back asleep and not a single police siren to be heard. what a disappointment. i know everyone on my block heard it, too, as i think it awoke all my neighbors.

  • Also this Thursday night a masked man fired a shot into a house on the 3630 block of Warder St.; nobody was hit. I can’t find any reports or alerts regarding this.

  • The problem is the BLATENT weed smoking at the rec center and park is ALLOWED. the smokers don’t care if small children and kids are present. I’m not about to say anything and risk something happening. What’s the point of having a great park when it can’t be enjoyed and the weed can be smelled the minute you walk into the park/rec area?

    What’s the point of the substation when the 400 block of Newton pLace is the biggest dealing block just a few blocks from the school and the rec center?

    I am from DC. I was born in DC, then my parents moved to Maryland. We moved back more than 20 yrs. I’ve lived on the 600 Newton Place NW close to 18 yrs. My kids go to school out of my neighborhood for this reason. My kids do not walk up Newton Place because of this and they are not allowed at the Park by themselves. Things have gotten better but the same sore spots are there.

    Calling the police is mute. When they can they arrive. I’ve called several times when I’ve heard shots and no cops have showed up, living only a few blocks away from a police substation.

  • I moved to Park View 8 years ago and live a couple of blocks from the rec center. Every summer, for the first couple of years I lived here, there was at least one shooting on or within a block of that center. I recall two people being shot on the corner in broad daylight. And one instance where multiple people were shot sitting in a car in broad daylight. There were two shootings on my block. Things began to change for the better when some problem neighbors moved – one had a son who had been shot twice, and one left after rival dealers shot up their house. And most significantly, MPD started stationing a patrol car at the rec center every night. They also had a dedicated bike patrol officer for the area. And then the park was shut down for a year while it was being renovated. With this combination, things got quiet for a couple of years. But for some reason, when the park reopened they stopped having a regular presence at the rec center, which makes no sense because with the improvements to the park it is used by more people than ever. They need to go back to having a regular police presence at and around the park.

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