11 Year Old 6th Grader Robbed at Knifepoint at 4pm


“Dear PoPville,

I wanted to bring an alarming crime to your attention. Yesterday (9/23) my nanny’s son — a sixth grader — was held up at knifepoint at about 4 PM at 13th and Kenyon street in Columbia Heights (this is second-hand according to the victim’s mother, her son is a grounded, solid kid not prone to exaggeration or getting into trouble). The perp was a man in his probably twenties, he evidently made off with an iPhone from one of the eleven year old victims.

The kids called MPD and reported the incident, but I haven’t seen much about the crime online, which is very alarming to me: eleven year-old kids were stuck up with a visible weapon in broad daylight half a block away from the entrance to Tubman Elementary.

All I can find from MPD is a Tweet which matches some, but not all, of the details:


“Robbery Knife at 14th & Irving St NW. LOF a H/M, 116-20 yoa, 5’5”, gray hat, gray/white shirt.”

Hopefully some more information will bubble up on this, in the meantime I imagine other parents in the area should definitely know about it.”

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  • Terrible. Weren’t the police working with the phone companies about “bricking” phones so that they would be useless after a robbery? Maybe I just missed an update on that. Thanks for any info.

  • That must be so traumatic for a kid. I think this is one of the many reasons kids shouldn’t have expensive phones.

  • We need more cops on the street and perhaps some better enforcement strategy. How does this happen???


    • This happened to me in my nice suburb of Southern California when I was 13 years old while walking 3 blocks from my home to my middle school. And that was just for the $3 I had in lunch money.
      It’s going to happen in a dense urban area. Go across the Anacostia River – I’m sure it happens to kids everyday. But you just don’t hear about it.

  • What is wrong with people? I hope that kid is not too scarred after this. Columbia Heights is a hotbed of criminality. It’s really sad how bringing nice things to a community also attract criminals.

  • People buy these IPhones for all the apps, but really the safest thing to do is keep it in your pocket until you get somewhere indoors. I wouldn’t wear white ear buds, either.

    • It’s funny, in China people with cheap flip phones buy the white earbuds to give the illusion that they have an iPhone!

  • There’s no reason for an 11 year old to have an iPhone.

    • Way to miss the point, which is an 11 yo was robbed on the street by an apparent adult. And perhaps it was his Mom’s or Dad’s phone and he was using it while walking home.

      • If he had a basic “dumb” phone, or no phone at all – there would have been no robbery. That’s the point.

        • Or how about this? If that kid was never born – there would have been no robbery.

        • It sounds like multiple kids were held-up, but that only one had an iPhone. So, the robbery would have still happened, the perp would have just gotten away with fewer valuables. I can’t imagine how traumatic it must be for those kids. What a creep.

    • sure there is – with all the stolen iPhones the price has dropped.

  • Lots of area crimes going unreported…daytime home burglary across the street from my house on Cap Hill got zero mention on my text alerts. Had to ask the cops as they were leaving the scene if they wanted a statement from people who were home and in sight of the crime scene all day. Resources are stretched thin, but I expect more, and I think your friend should, too! Thanks for calling attention to this issue Popville!

    • This is the real story that no one is talking about. So much crime goes unreported in your neighborhoods simply because it doesn’t meet one of 8 very specific crime classifications. The real crime rate is much higher.
      Do some Googling – there was really good investigative reporting done about this in May/June of 2013.

  • DC parents rule. They should hand out condoms on the bus.

  • I was robbed at gunpoint at about that age in Boston. They took my friend’s sony walkman!!

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