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Princess Buttercup

“WHS alum, Princess Buttercup, in Van Ness.”


“Austin of Capitol Hill”


“This is Dusty, who recently moved to Mt. Pleasant from Columbia Heights, and is checking out his new neighborhood.”

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  • Princess Buttercup!!!

  • Princess Buttercup is not amused by her toy! By the way, was that her name also Buttercup while she was in the shelter? I used to volunteer at WHS and remember a cat of her coloring named Buttercup.

  • So, how many years ago did you announce “I’m going to name my daughter Princess Buttercup!”, before you decided that while your passion for the name is real, it’s probably not wise to saddle an actual child with it, and thus bestowed it upon your cat?
    (That’s why I have fought with my husband about naming each new cat Lisa, btw. I maintain it’s beautiful, just not right for a 21st century kid. He always seems to win this fight. :()

    • Emmaleigh504

      My dad used to know some people who named their dog Stephanie and their kid Precious. (Dad, if this is another Little Debbie story, you are grounded!)

      But what’s wrong with Lisa? Is it the Lisa Marie connection?

      • Nah, it’s just super dated. Like Linda, and Cheryl. I’ll probably have granddaughters named Lisa and Jill.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Princess Buttercup is not amused by the peasants and their attempts to entertain her. Austin gives good face. Dusty has a classic profile, reminds me of John Barrymore, aka the Profile.

  • binpetworth

    I just love a dog sporting a bandanna, but a baseball bandanna–that’s even better!

  • OMG, I want a kitty exactly like Princes Buttercup. Except, I will name her “Queen Zenobia”
    Love you Austin and Dusty.

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