Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont

1615 Q Street Northwest

This rental is located at 1615 Q Street, Northwest:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 9.57.26 AM

The listing says:

“Controlled access, historic, luxury building in Dupont w/ rooftop deck providing stunning views of DC. 0.4mi from metro! Move-in ready 2 BR/ 1 BA, renovated Kitchen w/ new stainless steel appliances, renovated bath, gleaming wood floors, beautiful fireplace & mantel, high ceilings, recessed lighting, large windows, freshly painted, carpeted bedrooms, & much more!”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $3,100/Mo.

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  • Have always wondered what that building looked like inside. Beautiful interiors. Definitely a great roommate situation.

  • I believe this is the building the caused the height restriction in DC. I have a love/hate thing here.

  • Really? I thought the interiors were quite old and shabby when I visited my friends there. And the elevators are the absolute worst – hot, stuffy, cramped. Roof deck, while nice, is tiny and always packed. No thank you.

  • This place is teeny tiny for $3100. Bad deal.

    $3000 gets me a massive 2 BR, 2.5 BA loft on U Street. We just had two new sets of tenants move in two weeks ago and that’s the going rate. $3100 – even in this location – is a bad deal.

  • The prices in this neighborhood are now obscene. Not that it hasn’t been a super expensive neighborhood for the last decade or so anyways.

  • Great location–bad deal. For $3,100/month, I’d expect this apt to be on a high floor with city views. Looks like you have views of brick walls. If this unit afforded monument views, they surely would have included photos.

    For that amount, you can get a much better deal only a few blocks to the north or east.

  • This building was on an episode of House Hunters. The unit featured there was nice-looking (and I like the general interior and exterior style of the building) but yes, definitely compact. (It wasn’t the “winning” place on HH.)

  • Sour grapes!

  • Part of the price is paying for a landmark bldg. 750 sf for a 2bedroom is small. Keep in mind this was built as a hotel and the units are probably former residential hotel rooms, with something approximately the original floor plans. The ones I’ve seen are very small and often have barely existent kitchens.

  • That’s right. The city was afraid that there would be insufficient water pressure to fight fires on the upper floors of very tall buildings. The result was the Heights of Buildings Act of 1899.

  • I live right around the corner, and while we might not like it – that’s a fair deal. Yes, it’s small. But good luck finding a 2 bedroom in Dupont Circle for much less. And yes, you can find a cheaper 2 bedroom “a few blocks north or east” but this isn’t! That’s why it’s expensive.

  • Agreed! I say decent deal. Two actual bedrooms means great roommate potential or a couple who wants an office. You’re paying for the location, not the “city views.” The draw is all of the restaurants and bars and shops and dog parks and people watching that the neighborhood has to offer – you shouldn’t be home long enough to admire the views or need more space!

  • I read an article about this building once where the unit was snatched up in less than six hours. I’m sure this is long gone!

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