Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Ledroit Park

611 Florida Avenue Northwest

This rental is located at 611 Florida Avenue, Northwest:

Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 10.19.43 AM

The listing says:

“Welcome to 611 Florida NW. 3 Floor + Attic storage, 5BR 2.5 BA. This unit features hardwood floors, full kitchen, WD, DW in unit. 1st Fl is living, dining, half bath, kitchen and patio. 2nd Fl 3 BRs and open full bath. 3rd Fl 2BRs with one master bath. Attic for Storage. Tenant pays all utils. No co-signers. Back parking spot reserved for basement unit.”

You can see more photos here.

This 5 bed/2.5 bath is going for $4,950/Mo.

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  • $5g’s for coin laundry and no parking space.

    In the words of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Seth Meyers: “Really?!?”

  • Lol coin washer and dryer in the house? Are you serious?

    I think if this place had a parking spot, normal W/D and maybe not a green kitchen it would be a solid deal. If you could squeeze another person in the attic (hard to determine how habitable it is from the pics) you could realistically have a pretty cheap group house going on for fresh out of college kids used to living in a frat house type situation. 23 year old me would have loved this place.

  • justinbc

    No co-signers = group house not allowed? Why would anyone pay $5K/mo to live here as a family?

  • awful group house… yuck.

  • When it starts getting to around $1k/bedroom in a group house, we have some problems.

  • Based on the fact that the listing used terrible HDR photos for a bunch of the pics, I’m going to say the landlord has zero taste or class and this is a terrible deal.

  • It’s been that way for a while (i.e. past two or three years) for any newly turned over group house leases in the Dupont/U Street/Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights area. The key to a cheap group house is getting in on a grandfathered lease.

  • I hate to be morbid, but is that a noose hanging in the attic?!?

  • novadancer

    really? that is alot of money for one ugly house!

  • Anyone remember the noise shows at that house?

  • I read a lot of listings and I find the implication there there may be landlords with taste or class surprising.

  • If I had loads of cash, I’d love to buy this place and renovate the hell out of it. But, as is, as a rental? For basically $5,000? Plus utilities? HA! No. No no no no no no.

    As an aside, coin op laundry, but you pay your own utilities? Dafuq is up with that?

    • My bet is that the owner (or their relative) lives in the basement apartment and parks their car on the parking pad. The coin laundry is another source of revenue for the owner, who probably lives off the rental income.

      Either way, coin laundry in a large house like this is just indicative of a super CHEAPSKATE mentality. I’d hate to have this person as my landlord. Good luck getting things fixed properly and in a timely manner.

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