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  • Wait, is this just a ploy to get poorer people into Georgetown so they can overspend at other spots?

  • Thus the Columbia Heightsian of Georgetown begins

    • brookland_rez

      LOL. There’s other TJ Maxx’s but this is the first Homegoods in the District. That will be a nice addition. Too bad Georgetown is such a pain to get to.

  • I still want to know when Frye store is opening.

  • Alert! Alert! The chain store virus has escaped the DCUSA quarantine!

  • Seems like a silly idea based on the parking situation and pedestrian-heavy crowd that transits Georgetown. A lot of items at Homegoods are larger furniture items. Am I supposed to carry a table and chairs home on the Circulator?

    • Georgetown has a problem with street parking but does not have a problem with garage parking.
      What is terrible is that the developer (Vornado) chose to reconfigure the mall for a few large retailers rather than open it up and make it more viable for smaller stores. #bigboxificationofamerica

      • brookland_rez

        That mall failed as a mall full of small retailers. The lack of foot traffic being in an enclosed mall in an outdoor friendly place like Georgetown is the reason. They couldn’t “open it up” without tearing the building down and starting over, which probably wasn’t cost effective.

        Big boxing the mall makes the most sense. Besides the mall has a dedicated parking garage, so what’s the issue?

  • Interesting. I was just at a TJ Maax/Home Goods over the weekend (in suburban Massachusetts). I have been saying for years I wish DC had Home Goods because I love that store, but I think it’s an interesting choice for Georgetown. I don’t really see the Gtown demographic as “bargain shoppers,” but who knows. This is enough to entice me to brave the horrendous traffic and terrible parking at least once to check it out (for what it’s worth, I will not be setting foot in the ridiculously priced high-end stores while I’m there!!)

    • Better off going to the one in Bailey’s Crossroads which conveniently has a World Market next door. Although I swear the Homegoods in MA, especially the Framingham one, are better than all of the others.

      • Yeah, but then you’d have to go to Bailey’s Crossroads and risk having a heart attack driving out there.

  • Isn’t a Homegoods store just the two homegoods aisles of any old discount store, expanded?

    • Hardly. They have a great selection and unique offerings. I went to several HG stores in the period of about two weeks and they all had slightly different array of merchandise.

  • Oh boy – this almost makes me wish I lived in Georgetown. The bitching and moaning about such a *plebeian* store coming into their exclusive enclave must have been epic.

  • I actually like the stores….it’s just sad to see them in what was a unique and beautiful shopping mall. Too bad they couldn’t have gone in where The Shops were in Metro Center…I know TJs is across the street now, but to me the center would have been better.

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