Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – NoMa/Near North East

513 Florida Avenue Northeast

This rental is located at 513 Florida Avenue, Northeast:

The listing says:

“Completely renovated Gorgeous three bedroom/two and a half bathroom and located three blocks from NoMa (formerly New York Ave-Florida Ave-Gallaudet U Station) Metro. Includes: Hardwood floors throughout, granite countertops, and stackable washer/dryer. Attractions: Union Market, Harris Teeter, Starbucks, Gallaudet University etc.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $2,550/Mo.

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  • One feature that the description is missing is a beautiful front view of a giant HESS gas station. Mmm, HESS.

  • Decent deal for the area, possibly, and easy access to Union Market/ NoMa. No pictures is beyond suspicious. Location is definitely not ideal off right of Florida, what a traffic sewer.

  • jim_ed

    Overpriced until you realize it’s mere feet from Chinito’s Burritos, and you’ll never bother cooking again.

  • The reason why it’s less than other places is the location. Being right on Florida is no fun at all. Not only is there heavy traffic, but it’s right next to the most contested and F-ed up intersection in the city – NY and Florida. Plus, it’s three looooong blocks from the metro and even farther to Harris Teeter and Starbucks. The blocks get even longer at night when you realize your place is on the wrong side of the tracks. What’s “close” to you is not Starbucks, Union Market, or Metro, but the smelly 3rd world food wholesale warehouse district, a shady Burger King, and an even shadier Hess station. They’re all right across the street.

    • That Burger King is far from shady. It is actually one of the best I’ve ever been in, with the friendliest employees. Seriously.

    • I agree with you about living right on Florida Ave- no thanks. However, this actually is very close to Union Market and NoMa Metro. Also, the Burger King is several blocks down the road, not right across the street. And what’s shady about that Hess station? I live on 6th St and go there all the time to fuel up (granted, I would not really like to live across from any gas station, shady or not).

  • so the rent sounds about fair – on the one hand, a house, 3 bedrooms in decent shape for only $2.550 – in a good overall neighborhood, close to a lot. but the actual specific location means noise on FL Ave, the disamenities of that particular part of FL Ave. And Dave Thomas Circle.

    Probably won’t work for us. For three young roommates, could be a steal at $850 each. So close to H Street, to Union Market, etc.

  • You guys complaining about the noise of Florida Avenue are forgetting the house’s proximity to Gallaudet University. This place is a FRIGGIN’ STEAL for deaf college students. I live a block away and if it weren’t slightly more expensive than my current pad, I’d snap this right up!

    I admit, the Hess is a plus in my book, but then I’m a smoker, so YMMV.

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