Red Line Metro Service Restored, Though This Weekend’s Metro Track Work Will Close Silver Spring, Takoma and Brookland Stations

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Update from WMATA regarding last night’s derailment:

“As of 1:35 p.m., Metro has restored normal Red Line service between Fort Totten and NoMa-Gallaudet stations. No residual delays are expected.

The restoration of service follows hours of repairs and comprehensive testing of equipment following an overnight derailment of a non-passenger train between Rhode Island Ave and Brookland stations. There were no passengers aboard the train and no injuries.”

From WMATA regarding this weekend’s track work:

Red Line 10 p.m. Fri., Aug. 30 through closing Mon, Sept. 2
Buses replace trains between Forest Glen & Rhode Island Ave

Red Line trains will operate as follows:

Between Shady Grove & Rhode Island Ave: Every 10 minutes 9AM-9PM and at regular weekend intervals at other times.
Between Glenmont & Forest Glen: Every 10 minutes 9AM-9PM and at regular weekend intervals at other times.

Free shuttle buses will replace Red Line trains between Forest Glen and Rhode Island Ave to allow for reconstruction. Shuttle buses will operate on two routes:

Limited Stop Buses will operate between Forest Glen and Rhode Island Ave with a single intermediate stop at Silver Spring. Allow 12 minutes of travel time between Forest Glen and Silver Spring. Allow 25 minutes of travel time between Silver Spring and Rhode Island Ave.
Local Buses will operate between Forest Glen and Rhode Island Ave making stops at all intermediate stations (Silver Spring, Takoma, Fort Totten, Brookland). Please allow 10 minutes of travel time for each station stop. For example, a rider traveling between Silver Spring and Fort Totten should allow 20 minutes of travel time, because the bus makes two stops.

Stations Closed: Silver Spring, Takoma, Brookland (Fort Totten open for Green & Yellow lines only)

Work Performed: Crews will make improvements to third-rail infrastructure, install cable for Emergency Trip Stations, perform concrete repair work and continue platform reconstruction.

Change to Last Train Times: The last Red Line train of the night from Glenmont to Forest Glen will depart 53 minutes earlier than normal to allow for shuttle bus connections. On Friday and Saturday nights, the last train will leave Glenmont at 1:44 a.m., and on Sunday and Monday, the last train will leave Glenmont at 10:44 p.m.

Orange Line 10 p.m. Fri., Aug. 30 through closing Mon, Sept. 2
Trains every 24 minutes

Orange Line trains will operate as follows:

Between Vienna & New Carrollton – Every 24 minutes throughout the weekend.

Work Performed: Crews will continue platform reconstruction work at Deanwood and Minnesota Ave stations, as well as track maintenance, fastener renewal, and grout pad rehabilitation between Stadium-Armory and Cheverly. In addition, signal system testing will continue for the new Silver Line.

Blue Line Regular service; no track work
Yellow Line Regular service between Huntington & Fort Totten

Green Line Sat, Aug. 31 through closing Sun, Sept. 1
Buses replace trains at Greenbelt Station only

NOTE: Green Line service will operate normally (no track work) on Friday night and all day Labor Day, Monday, September 2. Greenbelt Station will be open during these times.

Green Line trains will operate at normal weekend intervals between College Park and Branch Ave throughout the weekend. Normal intervals are every 12-20 minutes.

On Saturday and Sunday only, free shuttle buses will replace Green Line trains between Greenbelt and College Park to allow for ongoing construction on a new test track to accept Metro’s new fleet of 7000-series railcars. Normal rail service will resume to/from Greenbelt on Monday. Riders using shuttle bus service should allow about 15 minutes of travel time.

Station Closed: Greenbelt”

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  • Dumb. Instead of patching it up for this evening, they should have taken advantage of an extra long weekend and added some more work to the project and gotten a lot done with a 4-day down period. Stupid Metro.

    • I don’t think it’s as simple as you make it out to be. They would have to bring in more people, more/different equipment, and more/different supplies all at the last minute and at considerable expense. You can’t just take a well planned project like this and then suddenly change it a few hours before it’s set to begin.

      • Wrong! Metro needs to shut down portions of the red line for months. This nickel and dime work at night for the past 4 years is not working.

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