Ted’s BULLETIN Opening at 14th and Swann St, NW on Monday, August 19 at 7am

1818 14th Street, NW

Ed. Note: Earlier this week we took a look inside, check it out here.

From a press release:

“matchboxfoodgroup is excited to announce its latest expansion of Ted’s BULLETIN (1818 14th Street NW; 202.265.8337) will open for daily breakfast, lunch and dinner Monday, August 19 promptly at 7am. The new Ted’s will bring classic dishes served up in a 1930’s atmosphere to the District DC development located on the corner of 14th & Swann Streets NW.

The restaurant replicates the dining experience at its original location on Capitol Hill, seating 160, twice as many guests, in an expanded dining room that includes counter seating, large booths and multiple banquettes. Named after the late father of sibling business partners Mark Neal and Ty Neal, the real Ted was known for his hospitality and often offered soup and sandwiches to postal workers, neighbors and visitors that stopped by his home. Executive Chef Jacob Hunter will dish out Americana comfort foods like grilled cheese made with nostalgic Wonder Bread and served with Ted’s favorite tomato soup, meatloaf with mingo county ketchup glaze, and satisfying breakfast plates served all day, every day. Unique takes on the old standbys will be present on this menu as in Capitol Hill, including Drew’s peanut butter bacon burger, named for partner Drew Kim, and eggplant parmesan burger.

A spacious bar provides additional counter seating with additional seats facing the window, perfect for people watching. It sits opposite an expanded bakery where Pastry Chef Rebecca Albright will produce Ted’s award winning homemade Pop-Tarts and a new menu of unique gourmet donuts from scratch. Multiple entrances including an oversized rotating door provide ease of service, whether looking for a quick grab and go pastry and coffee, a leisurely cocktail or full service meal.”

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  • Side thought: I wonder how they get away with using the term “Pop-Tart” – pretty sure that is trademarked. Seems like “award-winning homemade toaster pastries” would more appropriate.

  • “The restaurant replicates the dining experience at its original location on Capitol Hill,” – does that mean that there’ll be a hellaciously long line every Sunday morning?

  • “Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

  • “award-winning homemade toaster pastries” is not really accurate because I don’t think they can go in a toaster.

  • Does that mean that there’ll be a hellaciously long line every Sunday morning?
    Yes, but the demographics on 14th Street have a different definition on “Sunday morning”, so it probably won’t get crowded until noon.

  • Yes, Pop-Tarts is a registered trademark of Kellogg’s. And even if Kellogg’s approves, they’ll have no choice but to protect their trademark, if they wish to maintain it.

  • It’s the matchboxfoodgroup, so my expectations aren’t too high. That being said, I dig the aesthetics. I’ll probably find myself there within a week or two of it’s opening.

    • Exactly. It may not be haute cuisine, but it’s certainly a step above places like Clyde’s, Ruby Tuesdays, and Xavier Cevera’s empire of mediocrity.

  • Perfect! August 19 is my first day of vacation and I know where I will be having breakfast!

    Welcome new neighbors!!!!

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