Tabaq Closed for “Major Renovations” on U Street

1336 U Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Do you know anything about Tabaq on U st being closed? The last time I was there one month ago, I was told it was sold to someone else. I emailed them a couple of weeks ago to have an event there and I was told it is closedAny idea what is going on there?”

Washington Business Journal reported:

“According to the property sales records, the Cham Restaurant Group, based in Silver Spring, bought the property for $4 million in late July. The Cham Restaurant Group is led by chef Howsoon “H.O.” Cham, the Gambia-born D.C. chef who previously owned Red Ginger restaurant in Georgetown and the French-Caribbean Cafe Tropé in Dupont Circle, both of which are now closed.”

And this sign was just posted:


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  • Gordon Ramsay finally took my suggestion!

    Jaykay, I have no idea why this happened.

  • I assume this is what it is becoming:

  • Honestly, I think the food there was mediocre and the service was terrible. I went for brunch once and I had one of the worst experiences I have had in DC. The crab benedict was so over salted I had to scrape the crab off, and I had to get up to get my own water, sugar for coffee, etc. They tried to do better by offering me a gift certificate to come back for dinner, and while the service was superb that time around, the food was still just OK (and the bathroom was pretty disgusting).

    It’s a pretty view and a fairly nice place to grab a drink or to get your dance on, but I will be curious to see what the new management does with this prime piece of real estate.

  • Fantastic news. Tabaq food was woefully bad. I can’t wait for something else to open up here. And I used to always enjoy Red Ginger back in the day.

  • What did $4M buy? Just the building?

  • I’m excited this is moving forward soon.. Chef Cham makes tasty food and is an exceptionally nice guy.

  • This is good news, although I am still waiting for an Indian restaurant in the neighborhood. The ones in Adams Morgan and Dupont Circle are pretty terrible (except for Heritage, maybe).

  • Sacrificial Lamb is pretty good bang for the buck…

  • Good riddance. I’ve heard stories about the old owners of Tabaq not paying their workers according to the law and hosing consumers by pouring rail liquor into top-shelf bottles.

    Unfortunately, the same schmucks own Touchdown and the other spots right there around Tabaq.

  • I, for one, always had good experiences at Tabaq. It was a little too pricey for me to go there regularly, but I’ve taken my parents when they’ve visited, and been for birthdays and such. I’ve always had tasty food and friendly service. I can only imagine the prices will be even higher with whatever this new place will be… hopefully the roof will still be fun!

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