Speaking of DC Beer Week – Check Out the Preview Photos Posted by Bluejacket Brewpub Coming to Navy Yard in Sept.

Photo via @Bluejacketdc

Some sweet photos posted by @Bluejacketdc coming to Navy Yard in early September. Bluejacket tweets at the kickoff of DC Beer Week:

“Greg Engert talking about the restaurant and brewery and a little bit of what’s in store for us.”

Photo via @Bluejacketdc

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  • justinbc

    Preview BBQ event coming up this Sunday, so stoked.

  • That’s purdy…

  • I went here yesterday afternoon as part of City Paper’s brew tour — they’ve really put a lot of thought and love into this space, but I can’t imagine how loud it would be on a Friday/Saturday night. Nothing to absorb sound! They’re also planning on having a day-time bakery/coffee place featuring Ceremony Coffee from Annapolis 🙂 Looking forward to seeing this place before a Nats game sometime, and hoping I’m wrong about the sound once they’re done!

    • Tell me more about the bakery/coffee place. Do you mean the brewery will have more of a coffeeshop atmosphere in the daytime? Or are they opening a separate place nearby?

      • I don’t know much more than that. During the day, they’ll have a small side space for the bakery and coffee shop next to the bar/restaurant. I don’t think it’ll be a completely separate store-front, but it’ll be next door–kind of like how Busboys & Poets has a separate bookstore that’s part of the restaurant.

        • Look at the current set up of Rustico and Buzz Bakery right next to each other in Alexandria to get an idea of how it might work.

      • It’s another location of Buzz Bakery, also owned by Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

  • Just in time for the Nats playoff games. Sigh.

  • looks like it will be uncomfortably loud. I’ll probably still try it out, but it’s so silly that restaurant designers don’t usually try to control noise. I like eating and drinking in places where a table of people can have a conversation without yelling.

    • justinbc

      It’s a brewery, not a funeral.

    • Dude, so there’s this new bar that just opened that sells $2-$4 craft beers, is open 24/7, and is as quiet as you’d ever want. The name – and I’m serious – “Your Living Room”. Check it out! All the cool people are doing it!

  • Maybe they have some cost savings to realize from brewing beer on site, but I think this place will require someone to readjust the axes on the beer price vs conversational volume graph

  • I heard they are going to have the beer that they make in the Amazon where the tribespeople chew some stuff and spit it out and let it ferment

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