Shooting Near U Street, Stabbing on Barracks Row and on 18th Street in Adams Morgan

Friday around 6:30pm @IAFF36 tweeted:

“Update – 1839 13th St NW – male shot in leg, treated & transported to trauma center #DCFD”

Also around 6:30pm they tweeted:

“Stabbing-700 8th St SE”

And early this morning they tweeted:

“Stabbing (0210am) – 2400blk 18th St NW – male w/ multiple stab wounds, transp to trauma center, life-threatening #DCFD”

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  • Oh my goodness, I hope they catch the rapscallion perpetrating these dastardly deeds and return our communities to their normal, peaceful splendor.

  • I could set my watch by the posts about shootings and/or stabbings along 13th around T and U. Happens every weekend. It’s remarkable.

  • i like to call the hours between 2 and 3 am on saturday night (sunday morning) in adams morgan stab o’clock

  • Why are people out on the streets at this hour? They should be home in bed.

  • Any more info on the Barrack’s Row stabbing? I live in the neighborhood and, while we do have crime, a stabbing at this location at this time is a little out of the ordinary. Thanks for any info anyone might have.

    • On MPD-1D’s report for Friday evening, I don’t see anything about ADW or the 700 block of 8th St SE. But I did see this from their report for Saturday:

      PSA: 106
      CCN: 13113008
      RPT DATE: 08/10/2013 15:10
      OFFENSE: Assault W/Dangerous Weapon
      METHOD: Adw — Knife
      BLOCK: 1000 – 1099 BLOCK OF 8TH STREET SE
      LOCATION: Highway/Road/Alley/Street
      START DT: 08/10/2013 13:23
      END DT: 08/10/2013 13:35

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