Shots Fired at 9th and Quincy St, NW Around 7:40pm, Suspect Found by MPD

“Dear PoPville,

Was walking my dog and chatting with another dog owner and his friends when we all heard 4 or 5 pops. The other guys jumped behind a building and told my husband and I “those weren’t fireworks, better head home” and sure enough, about 10 minutes later, police had crime scene tape up blocking access to 9th Street NW, just south of Quincy.”

MPD writes:

“At about 7:40 pm, Fourth District police received a call for sounds of gunshots in the 3700 block of 9th Street, NW. Once on the scene, officers discovered several damaged vehicles. Investigation led police to a suspect hiding nearby. There are no reported injuries and the investigation is still ongoing.

If anyone witnessed or has information about this event, please contact the Metropolitan Police Department at (202) 727-9099.”

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  • I hope the perpetrators get sent away for a long time. What is WRONG with people???

    Glad the cops found the suspect. However, I hope Councilwoman Bowser pushes for a thorough investigation and strong sentancing.

  • I was at the new Raymond playground with my kids when this happened…we saw a lot of young guys running through the alley after the shots rang out. So sad to see a bunch of children playing happily and hear shots so close to their precious young lives. Police response was very quick, probably about 45 seconds.

    • I believe as part of the neighborhood agreement, MPD committed to providing more police presence around the rec center. It’s great for families and children, but could also serve as a hangout for delinquents. I hope the police remain vigilant. While this is a short term solution, I believe more needs to be done to root out the consistent lawbreakers in the neighborhood. MPD knows where the criminals are… They just need to take action. Reach out to your elected officials to encourage actions.

  • I saw this incident happen. There were two people on motorbikes, one was definitely a motorcycle. One of the two riders, at least, was responsible for the shooting — which occurred as they rode past on the vehicles. At least seven shell casings were recovered, four cars were shot.

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