Reports of Folks Getting Egged While on Their Porches in Columbia Heights

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“Dear PoPville,

Last week we got egged on our front porch. Two eggs, poorly thrown but not that far off from hitting one of us as we sat there. Two weeks ago the same thing happened to my neighbor across the street [13th and Monroe St, NW].

Is this a thing? It’s such a petty occurrence that it hardly seems worth mentioning but I’m curious whether other folks are getting eggs thrown at them while they sit on their porches.”

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  • Usually you see it more in the suburbs, but yeah, it’s something bored teenagers do.

  • Where are the eggs being thrown from? Is it an egg drive-by shooting?

  • ledroittiger

    If you’d consider keeping a loaded water gun on the porch, urine for a good response.

  • I’ve noticed eggs being thrown around the corner of 14th and Fairmont and 14th and Girard. But I kind of look at it as I do the mid-summer fireworks in the same general area: Compared to what was being thrown/shot around there 5, 10 and 20 years ago, hard to get too worked up about.

  • a thrown egg could hurt someone, a pet or break a window. i’m curious, too, if this was a drive-by.

    • “a thrown egg could hurt someone” Cut it out. It is highly unlike anyone would get seriously hurt.

      • I can’t really see it breaking a window either.

        • austindc

          Let’s not jump to conclusions guys. What if they were ostrich eggs? Or heaven forbid, fossilized dinosaur eggs? Or chicken eggs that were just about to hatch so by the time they hurdled through the air they had transformed into a baby chicken that was frightened and confused and assumed you were it’s mother and it kept pecking at you?

          Anyway, to answer the OP’s question, we live in Columbia Heights, but we have not had eggs thrown at us, though I have had eggs thrown at me in suburban Maryland once. It sucks. But yes, if someone threw eggs at me, I would probably just call the cops and then try to make some sort of omelet or frittata.

  • My neighbor has PTSD. Nice guy, but you don’t want to startle him. I imagine that if he got hit by an egg, the thrower’s face would be flat against the sidewalk before he (neighbor) knew what had happened.

  • Kids are throwing eggs AT you and people here are telling you to shirk it off? Eff that. Chase those little SOBs down and teach them a lesson. I can’t believe the crap people tolerate here.

    • I have to agree here. It’s one thing if they’re throwing eggs at your house. That is an annoyance, but chances are it’s not going to really hurt anything. Throwing an egg AT someone is a much different story. I’d call the police next time.

  • jack5

    If someone goes out and buys eggs to throw at someone with their own money, or steals them from their momma’s fridge, chances are there is pre-meditated motive for it. Try to look at things you do that might inspire that level of retaliation. Random eggings can’t possibly be a sustainable trend because of the rising ammunition costs.

    • Allison

      Particularly as I’m sure they prefer their ammunition cage-free. ;D

    • “Try to look at things you do that might inspire that level of retaliation.”

      WTF?? Talk about blaming the victim.

      • You don’t know that. The OP could have been egging them on.

      • jack5

        You could simply be playing music on your front porch that’s pissing off passing people a little bit, or talking loudly. It doesn’t have to be “bad” behavior per se. Don’t jump to conclusions… Of course throwing eggs at people you don’t know can never be justified, but the victim needs to take a look at why someone may have been inspired to do such a thing because it usually goes beyond a random prank.

        • No, see, you’re thinking like a rational person. Reason doesn’t apply in the case of these juveniles. Did you read the piece by the 17 year old from Anacostia last week? He says very clearly that he and his friends had NO REASON to beat up random strangers. They selected them without any criteria, and with no shame, for savage beatings. There was no sense of revenge or punishment. They just thought it was fun. You and I wouldn’t do that. If we’re savagely beating someone (or throwing eggs at them) we have a reason. You really can’t put your lovingly-raised and college-educated self in their shoes and say what you would or wouldn’t do, or why you would or wouldn’t do it. There’s simply no relation.

  • It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye! –preferably, the one who throw the egg!

  • This discussion! I’ve had an-oeuf!

  • At least no one is getting chickened.

  • I’ve been noticing broken eggs on the sidewalk around Holmead and Monroe too for about a month. It started during that really hot week in July, so I thought people were just trying to fry eggs on the sidewalk at first. But it’s continued since then.

  • I would definitely call the police. My friend Ben is a child psycholatrist and he indicated to me that this is violent behavior that could get worse and worse. Buyer beware!

  • So glad we didn’t buy in Columbia Heights. Just thankful.

  • What did the police say?
    You did call the police, right? If not, why on earth not?

  • KBC was egged 2 weeks ago as well. A few eggs were hurled at the front of our building around 11pm. Last summer a group of neighborhood kids attacked patrons on our patio with water-balloons. It’s the same group of kids we see all the time. Now that school is starting again I’m hoping they’ll have plenty to do and be asleep early.

  • Kids who live in Columbia Heights Village apts. routinely throw eggs from their balconies at parked cars in the alley between Columbia Rd. & Irving. I don’t know what mom or dad says when they wake up and find a dozen eggs missing. Lately however, they have also been throwing eggs, batteries and other hard things at people. I’ve called & left messages with the building manager at least 4 times and never got a response.

  • It’s happened to my porch too. Three kids. Randomly yelling at strangers and then throwing eggs.

    The eggs didn’t really bother me. The rocks that came flying after we started to clean up the eggs, those pissed me off.

    I egged a few houses as a kid, but usually those belonging to people that I actively disliked.

  • Unfortunately the residents of Columbia Heights are going to have these occurences as long as those low income project/housing continues. I am glad I live in Columbia Heights, but would love to see the projects gone. Maybe that will also clean up the intersection of 14th and Irwin St NW, which looks like a third world country, with all that crap they are hawking on the roadside.
    I guess I am going to hear some nasty feedback from my comment!

      • Irving…happy?

        • I guess poor people shouldn’t have housing choices. Gentrification all the way!!!

          • Of course they should! Also, I would like transportation choices. However, the transportation choices that I can afford (bus, metro, 15 year old beater) are not to my liking. I believe that my fellow citizens should float me $300 a month towards the payment on my Lexus. You down?

    • Uh, yes you are. You sure you live in CH?

    • I think the several (so far) commenters recalling incidents in the suburbs kind of undermines the theory that egging is somehow inherently connected to low-income or public housing residents. Egging happened in my suburb when I was a kid, and it happened in the semi-rural area where my relatives lived, probably a good 30 miles from any type of subsidized housing whatsoever. It’s jackass kids who are bored and acting stupid, plain and simple.

      • We might have thrown TP on some trees, but eggs AT people? No.

        • I think think we just need a small percentage of low income apartments in fair market apartments. When you have whole blocks dedicated to low income housing, that spells trouble for obvious reasons.

    • Maybe instead of choosing to live in an “up and coming” area and hoping that anyone poorer than you gets driven out as soon as possible, you should just move to a richer, already established neighborhood where you don’t have to deal with poor people. I’m not justifying bad behavior, but for years people have complained in this and other fora about the bad things they found when they moved into a developing neighborhood. And the solution always offered is for the poor people who were there when they arrived to leave.

      • Living in an “up and coming area” by no means suggests that one should make peace with random shit happening to them because some folks around them don’t make as much money.

      • You are demeaning poor people by assuming that they must behave badly.

  • My husband was egged last month taking out the garbage – we live on 13th betwen Otis and Monroe. The teenagers followed him along the side of our house and cornered him saying they were missing their dog. Thankfully it was just eggs – the police basically told us we were wasting their time when we called.

  • Easy. Just go out and egg some young kids. It will make you feel so much better.

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