Dear PoPville – What’s Coming to the former vacant lot/dog walking area on 10th St. in Shaw?

1234 10th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Any idea what’s happening at the empty lot at appx 1234 10th street? Neighbors had been using it as an informal dog park, but I see there’s construction starting there.”

Looks like it’s going to be a new “three story two-unit duplex” from Suzane Reatig Architecture. You can see her previous projects here.


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  • Her other projects around Shaw are pretty easy to spot. If you see a building that looks like the outcome of a one-night-stand between a Rubix Cube and Bob Vila, it’s a Reatig building, every time.

    • Heh, good point. After clicking on her site, I realized that I recognize nearly every building. I kind of like them. They lend a nice breath of fresh air.

  • are these buildings going to be owned by UHOP? I swear that church must single-handedly keep Reatig in business. or maybe she’s sleeping with their Bishop C. M. (“Sweet Daddy”) Bailey.

  • I wish people would stop hiring her. I admire good modern architecture, and enjoy the contrast of new with old – but hers just isn’t good. Her use of cheap materials is evident, and five years into a building, the wear and tear is atrocious.

  • that’s really all construction these days.

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