Readers Report Power Outages in Logan Circle, Pepco says Won’t be Fixed Until Tomorrow


A couple of readers have written in about power outages in Logan Circle:

“My whole block has lost power (1700 of 13th Street) – the pepco map says parts of zip codes 20009, 20010, 20011 all are out – when you call Pepco they say it is due to underground equipment failure in Adams Morgan, and is anticipated to be fixed by 7pm August 22. (so not til tomorrow, though they do say crews are on site).”

Another reader writes:

“Power outage inLogan Circle. Auto recording says underground equipment failure. Restoration expected by 7:30 pm tomorrow. Been out since 11 am. Worried about my pets. Also recording says Adams Morgan not Logan Circle. Can’t reach a human being to clarify.”

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  • ugh. Sorry to hear this news.

    We just went through several rounds of this in Bloomingdale earlier this summer. Expect future outages, as the issue is that the local grid is not adequate to support the increased demand at peak times.

    The only useful information I can convey is that you can save the stuff in your fridge and freezer with dry ice.

  • Logan/U Street outages are always reported as AdMo in my experience. Again I’m concerned that thousands of new apartments/condos are overwhelming the infrastrucure.

  • Anyone know the blocks this encompasses? I’m in the 1300 block of Rhode Island.

  • Yet another benefit of the NEST thermostat — you can check whether your power is still on!

  • Info on 14th and Euclid, anybody? I have a final to do that I need computer/internet to work on. Eek!

  • I’m on the 1300 block of Corcoran St. and have power back on after power outage at 11:15. Has happened a few times over the last 10 years and its weird because its not all houses on the block but most.

  • Crews are onsite at 11th and Rhode Island — crane, repair truck, half dozen guys in an access shaft in front of the liquor store.

  • Huh. Our block has a scheduled outage tonight from 9pm to 6am. The trucks are out there idling, but the power is still on. I wonder if this means they’ll push the work back, and pull the guys currently outside to repair the unplanned outages.

    In other news: you can half-fill gallon-sized ziplocks with water and drape them over your frozen stuff, if you have a little notice (like a massive storm on the radar). This will at least partially freeze and keep your frozens cold. That’s what I did this afternoon to prepare for the announced shut-off on my block. Which may or may not happen.

  • I’m at Georgia and Harvard and what’s totally weird is that only, like, half our lights, and our HVAC, don’t work. I”m totally confused – PEPCO says this could be related to the outages in our area, but that sounds totally weird to me. They say online that it’ll be fixed by 10:30, so I’m waiting for that, but I’m baffled. Anyone else have experience with this half-on half -off thing?

    • It is probably an issue with a transformer or a partial failure in a transmission line that has knocked out power to one of the lines.

      Most homes are powered with single-phase power. The power company runs three wires into your breaker box–two hot wires of 120V each and a neutral wire. Half of your breakers run off one hot wire and the other half runs off the other (to sort of balance the load). Also, in some breaker boxes the breakers alternate, with one on one wire and the next on the other…just depends on who made your box. For things like your drier, they connect to both hot wires to get 240V.

  • I have the same thing at Georgia and Columbia. Half our power is on, half is out. I came all the way on for an hour or so, and then we lost the same half again.

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