Female Driver Allegedly Punched in Arm by Male Cyclist after being Honked At


“Dear PoPville,

I am a cyclist. I started riding my bike again with the advent of the AIDS Rides in the mid 1990’s, successfully completing two rides from Raleigh, NC so I don’t really hate bicyclists. I just don’t like the ones who have recently come of age. When I trained and rode my bicycle frequently, I followed the rules of the road. If there was a stop sign, I stopped. A red light, I stopped. If I can’t keep up with the posted speed, I get on the sidewalk. When you compete with a three ton vehicle. The vehicle wins even if the vehicle is wrong.

But on Monday evening as I drove home, I came across the guy that embodies the poor behavior of so many cyclists now. I approached a stop sign at 24th and I Streets, NW. Cars were stacked up on my right, and the car on my left could not go due to the traffic, so I proceeded through the intersection. This male cyclist blows through the stop sign on my right. I blew my horn and slowed so I would not hit him and proceeded thorough to the next stop sign. He then circles back to me as I am waiting at the second stop sign for pedestrians to pass and begins yelling and screaming at me. I have no idea what he was saying, didn’t really care, I was waiting to go through the intersection. The guy now reaches through my open window and punches me in the arm.

I was stunned and shocked…I then started to call 911, but realized he would be long gone before they got there. So I snapped the photo above. There is a complaint filed with MPD for this guy for Simple Assault.

It is cyclists like this guy who make people sick to death of cyclists.”

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  • gotryit

    That guy is a grade-A dipshit.

    But that last statement you made just painted all bicyclists because of the action of one A-hole. I bike more like how you described and don’t like being grouped with A-holes like this.

    How about we instead group A-holes together (whether they drive, bike, walk, etc.). Good drivers and bikers are on the same side against a-holes no matter their mode of transportation.

  • Ugh, I hate cyclists like this. I also hate drivers like this, skateboarders like this, pogoists like this, pedestrians like this, rollerbladers like this.

    Some people are a**h***s, no matter how they go through life. And violence is never ever acceptable.

  • Bikers consistantly break the law and almost die every day. I see them run stop signs and red lights like crazy. I am surprised more people have not died.

    • ah

      If you look you’ll see drivers violating traffic laws regularly and pedestrians too. No one group is entirely innocent.

  • i kinda like this new form of public shaming…. thanks iPhone and interwebs!

  • This is not a story about cyclists. This is a story about assholes. I hope the cops get the guy.

  • cyclists don’t belong on the sidewalk under any circumstances. he was completely wrong to blow the stop sign, and even more wrong to assault you, but cyclists belong on the road, even at a fraction of the posted MAXIMUM SPEED LIMIT which is not a MINIMUM SPEED for road use. If you don’t believe me, check the Uniform Vehicle Code for your area.

  • DRIVERS consistently break the law and almost die every day. I see them run stop signs and red lights like crazy. I am surprised more people have not died.

    This version is equally true. There are a lot of dumb people on the roads. Most — but not all, of course — of them are in cars.

  • Yea, thats super wild he reached in the car to punch you… super wild

    but i cant say that i stop at every stop sign or wait for every light to turn green myself…
    i do never ride on sidewalks though, thats terrible

  • tom, you are wrong. In DC it is perfectly legal to ride on the sidewalk except in the downtown business district. Why does this topic never die?

    • It may be legal, but in a lot of places, it’s morally wrong. Every weekend I see bikers slaloming through crowds of pedestrians on the sidewalk of 14th Street despite the fact there are bike lanes in both directions (not to mention bike lanes on 13th and 15th).

  • Hey Tom,
    Actually, cyclists ARE allowed on the sidewalk in parts of DC. In fact 24th and I is outside the Central Business District so sidewalk riding is perfectly legal. I’d ask YOU to read the Uniform Vehicle Code for the area you deem expert enough to talk about.

  • that’s horrible. i’m sorry you had to deal with this a$$hole. i hope someone recognizes this photo and puts him in his place

  • the author clearly does not know much about biking in a city, despite taking some long rides. As someone else said, sidewalk biking is dangerous and cyclists should rarely be there. And the speed limit is not a minimum. And while this cyclist may have been in the wrong, there are many places where the Idaho Stop makes sense, and where biking through a red to get out in front of traffic (after stopping and checking for intersecting traffic) is actually safer than waiting for the green.

    That the author has such limited knowledge of the issues faced by urban cyclists, and has the attitude that cyclists do not belong in streets, leads me to doubt the entire post.

    • Wrong. Sentiments like this (bikers make their own rules) are at the heart of the problem here.

    • gotryit

      The “Idaho stop” doesn’t apply when there’s other traffic waiting to go through the intersection and you cut them off. Don’t do that.

    • As a permanent pedestrian, I completely disagree with this. I wait for the Walk signal so I can cross the street, but if bikers are going to run the light (or stop sign), when exactly am I supposed to cross? I deserve my safety, too.

  • A cyclist ran over my little sister because he was running a stop light and not paying attention to pedestrians getting the walk signal. The bike literally went over her face, it was horrible. Thank God she was okay, but I am sickened by this.

  • Sorry this happened to you. As an everyday pedestrian, occasional cyclist, and occasional driver, I’ve seen countless bicyclists exhibiting idiotic and aggressive behavior. But I’ve also seen countless cyclists doing the right things as well. It’s just that the bad actors and their online apologists skew opinion against the good ones (who probably far outnumber the bad). Like other commenters have said – just don’t be an a-hole & go around punching people. Not to mention the fact that this “tough guy” decided to punch a woman.

  • I’m interested in – and confused by – the comment about riding on the sidewalk if unable to bike at the “posted speed”. What does this mean? Are you saying there is a posted minimum speed? I think it’s perfectly legal to bicycle on roads where you can’t keep up with auto traffic.

  • it is legal to ride the sidewalk in DC outside downtown.

    But its generally a piss poor idea

    1. it endangers pedestrians

    2. It creates dangers at driveways, where drivers coming out are not looking for someone going at a biking speed

    3. It creastes dangers at intersections, where it puts cyclists in the wrong spot.

    Sidewalk cycling to avoid those dangers must be done at a walking speed. Some drivers think thats the proper way to bike – after all, if you actually needed to get somewhere, you’d drive, right?

    • Well technically, if you needed to get somewhere and didn’t have a car, you wouldn’t drive–many of us don’t. I have mixed feelings about cyclists on sidewalks. In a perfect world, there’d be protected bike lanes on many if not all streets, but obviously that’s neither practical or politically feasible. As a cautious cyclist myself, I want the option to be able to ride on the sidewalk in areas where the on-road traffic is especially hairy. Having said that, I believe it’s absolutely incumbent on the sidewalk-riders to ride responsibly and mindfully of pedestrians–even if it means riding substantially slower where necessary. It’s less of an issue on semi-deserted sidewalks, but in areas with lots of foot traffic (like the stretch of 16th St. near Irving), I see SO many bikers blasting and weaving down the crowded sidewalk with little regard for the pedestrians who are also using the sidewalk, especially during the morning rush. (But I am not trying to suggest that all cyclists do that, since I have seen some slow and cautious sidewalk-riders. Just not many, in my observation.)

  • it may be legal to bike below the posted speed, but it is stupid and dangerous.

    • gotryit

      Not true. If you’re well below the speed limit, say 5 mph in a 30 mph zone, then you may want to rethink what you’re doing. But 25 mph in a 30 mph zone is just fine.

  • it is also legal to walk, alone, through any alley in the city late at night holding an iPhone. The legality of that act is really irrelevant to how stupid it is.

  • I think you missed the point of that statement. Cyclists like this A-hole cause non-cyclists to think all cyclists are a-holes. The statement is true, though the perception is unfair.

    • As a non-cyclist pedestrian, agree with this 100%. Unfair or not, when I see 40 bikers on my way to work and 15 of them blow red lights and menace pedestrians, I’m never, ever going to give one the benefit of the doubt and take a chance with my health and life banking on the safety calculations of them. I’m actually more comfortable with drivers as their habits are far more predictable as most follow the rules of the road their vehicle is restricted by. Taxis not included of course.

  • Ride your bike in the street, you follow the traffic laws. Otherwise get off your bikes and walk…

  • andy

    this guy has anger problems and will not stop here.

  • why is that surprising? it’s usually only the drivers who kill cyclists and peds.

  • drivers make their own rules all the time\

    1. Driving over the posted limit is okay, as long as its less than 10MPH over

    2. Its okay to make a right on red without stoping first

    3. Turn signal use is optional

    All of which we hardly even notice

  • From a non-driver, walker/bus and metro rider point of view, it does seem there is ongoing confusion regarding right of way, what is and isn’t allowed for cyclists.motorists and pedestrians in DC.
    I would love to see more bike paths so the delineation is clearer as to where cyclists are legally allowed to ride.
    That said, DC needs to further limit where cyclists can ride on sidewalks. The vast majority that I have encountered give you no bell or vocal warning as they swipe by you, and is this is no way meant to villainize cyclists. If someone is a kid, say 12 and under, they should be allowed on sidewalks in most cases. I do feel there are some cyclists, and they are not a minority in DC, that believe they can go or do whatever they want at their own and others peril. I have also seen motorists try to run cyclists off the road. I will copy and paste this to my councilman and DDOT and see if anything can be done to educate all of us, and expand bike paths while limiting sidewalk usage for cyclists.

  • 25 in a 30 zone in heavy traffic is very dangerous even if it’s “legal”.

  • I don’t care. I will always blow through a stop sign or a red light as long as it is reasonably safe to do so. I drive and bike, and when I bike I do so under different “rules” so as to conserve and effectively utilize the kinetic energy converted by expending my own stored energy.

    • gotryit

      That may work for you at most intersections, but it only takes one lapse of judgement for you to ram a pedestrian. How many close calls have you had? I’ll never accept that what you do is right. You ride a bike – expend some more energy and brake more often. You wouldn’t accept cars “saving some gasoline” and therefore not breaking.

      PS. You sound like a grade-A jerk. I’m sure you fit in great in DC where everyone is the most important person in the world, so get out of their way.

    • I hope that kinetic and stored energy bit was meant to be funny…I mean, good grief, we’re talking about urban commuting, not the Tour de France, here. City street’s aren’t anyone’s personal velodrome or NASCAR speedway; we all have to share and–gasp–follow some rules.

  • Im not sure if this is so in DC but many (most?) places there actually is a minimum speed. 20 under whatever the posted speed limit is the minimum limit. I don’t see anyone that can’t keep up with at least 20 under really anywhere in the city though…

  • I didnt say this was an Idaho Stop. But the author doesnt even seem familiar with it. “If there was a stop sign, I stopped”

    This does not sound like someone familiar with urban cycling and its issues.

    • “Urban cycling and its issues” = urban cyclists and their belief that they’re entitled to blow through stop signs and red lights, even though the law says otherwise?

    • But it does sound like someone who is familiar with the law. Which trumps your high regard for nebulous “urban cycling issues.”

  • God, what an aggressive jerk. I hope they find him.

    I don’t have a problem with most cyclists, but there are a lot in DC who are just dangerous to themselves and others. I’ve almost been hit a few times by the ones who blow through intersections at high speed with no regard for what cars or pedestrians might be hit. They should be subject to the same sorts of tickets and fines that dangerous drivers are, because their bad habits and lack of consideration are just as likely to hurt someone.

  • if you are in the suburbs, on some high volume road posted at 45MPH where everyone drives over 50MPH, and the sidewalk is empty, and there are few driveways, it can make sense to ride the sidewalk. Even then you need to be extra careful at intersections. But in general in an urban area its better to be on the street, even if you are going well below what autos are going.

  • The problem with most cyclists in DC is that 50% of them are totally pedantic twits who do things just to “prove a point”, even if it puts others’ and their own lives in danger. They’re the roadway equivalent of the libertarian troll on Reddit who will argue semantics, just because they want to prove themselves right.
    Yes, you can ride on the sidewalk, but all that does is inject an element of danger for pedestrians.
    Yes, you can ride on the densely packed urban streets of DC in the middle of the lane and hold up traffic, but if you stop suddenly, a car can’t stop in time and you’ll end up squashed.
    Yes, you can split lanes in heavy traffic on Florida Ave, but you’re doing so at the expense of severe injury.
    Yes, you circle around in the middle of the intersection and crosswalk while waiting for a light because you don’t want to put your feet on the ground, but you’re making it more difficult for pedestrians to cross the street.
    Yes, you can run a red light or stop sign, but you put lots of people, including yourself, at risk.

    So there’s lots of things that cyclists are legally allowed to do. But much of that doesn’t make rational sense, if you value your own life and the safety of others.

    I love cycling and I think we should build more bikes lanes, even at the expense of reducing auto lanes and parking spaces. But DC cyclists need to stop being the trolls of the road and get over their Inferiority Complex, simply to prove a point. This punching asshole is the epitome of that.

    -DC cyclist, pedestrian, Metro commuter, and driver

    • gotryit

      Why is splitting lanes in heavy traffic a bad idea? I’m picturing a bunch of cars stopped / moving very slowly and me going slow between them on their sides. How is that dangerous?

    • When I ride down the middle of a lane it is to avoid opening car doors or because cars are passing me in an unsafe manner. I don’t do it to make a point. If drivers observed the rules of the road I would see little to no need to do it.

  • i don’t get it either… who’s letting their kids ride in the street? NO ONE.

    • A mom and her two kids were riding up Holmead Place a few weeks ago. The kids were ahead of her as they rolled through the stop sign at Otis (Mom, finally waking up as they were in the middle of the intersection, shouts, “It’s OK, right?”). Drivers love to roll through the stop signs there, too. Luckily, that didn’t happen that day.

  • pretty much only on limited access highways. In Va there is no minimum on ordinary roads, but you are not supposed to obstruct traffic.

    A cyclist is not obstructing traffic if they ride to the right. They are allowed to take the lane, for their own safety – whether to avoid potholes on the right, to avoid the door zone, or to avoid situations where cars will pass too closely.

  • This is a load of shit. If you want to ride on the road, obey the laws of the road.

  • “Yes, you can ride on the densely packed urban streets of DC in the middle of the lane and hold up traffic, but if you stop suddenly, a car can’t stop in time and you’ll end up squashed.”

    one more time. bikes ARE traffic. and if they are so densely packed, how is the bike slowing them down? And yes, riding in the middle of the lane is SOMETIMES the correct choice.

  • Yes. And this can be done both safely and without being an ass.

  • There are signs on 14th and U and at the U St station that cops will be going after pedestrians that break laws or are distracted. Hopefully that will include bikers too.

  • I am so sorry. I hope someone identifies the cyclist and punishes him. I wish he wouldn’t have hidden his face so he would get the public shaming he deserves.

  • I never hit a pedestrian (or a car driver like this guy did) , and I am old as the hills

  • no, all the issues of safety, and momentum, and dealing with roads and signals and speed limits and traffic laws designed for cars in a crowded urban environment. IE the things you would learn by biking on cities streets.

  • what??? were you people ever kids??? did your parents just let you ride in the street? I grew up here in DC and sidewalks was where you rode your bike… either that or the park on weekends… NEVER in the street. So this nonsense about not riding on the sidewalk is bullsh*t

    • gotryit

      Yes – as a kid, that’s different. I bet you also didn’t bike down Pennsylvania Ave at lunch time.

      On my way to work, I’m trying to hit 20-25 mph and with my bike and junk I’m probably close to 200 lbs. That generally does not belong on the sidewalk.

  • Headline should be changed to read:
    Female Driver Allegedly Punched in Arm by Man after being Honked At
    He is a jerk 1st and foremost and just happened to be on a bike. I am sure that he is jerk on two feet, in car or on a train – the mode of transportation has very little to do with what he did.

    • eh, if you’re going that far you should also remove “female” and change “man” to “person”. I think the gender of the people involved is far less relevant than their mode of transportation at the time.

  • “A cyclist ran over my little sister because he was running a stop light and not paying attention to pedestrians getting the walk signal.”

    I think you should stop a cyclist and get his identification if they hit you. Not sure how young your little sister is, but health complications from an impact to a young person may not be immediately apparent. And if the cyclist is in the wrong, like here, he or she should pay for any medical costs related to the injuries caused.

  • In what way does that justify what this guy did?

  • Doesn’t mean it’s right. I’m constantly almost getting knocked down by “cyclists” on the sidewalk. And when I walk my dogs, they always come at me from a block away and expect me to hold onto my 2 x 80lbs dogs as they go whizzing by me. Bikes belong on the road, that’s why cyclists get full use of the lane.

  • You wait for the walk signal? Well that makes one of you.

  • There are 3 sides to every story. We’ve only heard one so far.

  • I don’t understand what the driver was doing. She states that: ” I approached a stop sign at 24th and I Streets, NW. Cars were stacked up on my right, and the car on my left could not go due to the traffic, so I proceeded through the intersection.”

    But both 24th and I both one lane in each direction. The driver makes it sound like there was cars on her right and left, meaning that there was three rows of cars in each direction? Clearly one or more of the cars were not in their lane, since at most there should only be two cars next to each other. The cyclist is an asshole for punching the driver, but clearly there was poor behavior by all of the parties. Let’s not pretend that the drivers are totally blameless here.

    • She was heading north on 24th heading towards New Hampshire ave. The vehicles heading north on 24th turning right onto NH ave (to he right) were backed up due to traffic. The vehicles heading east on NH ave (to her left) were also backed up and couldn’t go through. 24th is only one lane here, so it sounds like she may have illegally passed the right turning traffic in order to go straight through the intersection.

      • That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Here’s where I think it happened: http://goo.gl/maps/sRrPW

        I’m guessing it’s possible that he didn’t blow through the stop at all, and that instead she almost hit him as she blew through, and then started honking at him.

        Apparently she didn’t care enough to hear what he was yelling because she wanted to get through the next one asap.

  • Was in response to Waitoneminute at 11:02AM

  • Totally not the point of the story, but a slight issue with the headline – it really doesn’t matter that it was a male cyclist punching a female driver. Cyclist = still a horrible person if he was hitting a guy, and vice versa.

  • Because riding on the sidewalk is dumb and dangerous.

  • I thought you were going to say “Most — but not all, of course — of them are from Maryland.

  • Have you tried biking 30 mph in DC traffic? Didn’t think so. I can maintain 20 mph in traffic in a 35 mph zone…been doing it for 5 years without any problems and maybe got honked at 5 times.

  • Wrong. I did see an incredibly stupid father riding with his small children (maybe 6 and 8) in the bike lanes on 14th near Irving. I pretty sure he heard the “are you fucking kidding me?!” loudly escape my mouth before I could stop it.

  • I read the other day about a driver who shot people from his car. It wasn’t even the only time that’s happened!

    The news stories called it a “drive-by shooting,” but whatever the name, it’s drivers like that who make people sick to death of drivers.

  • ^That was in response to Kevin 10:45. For some reason, the comments don’t reply underneath the original for me anymore.

  • Total BS.

  • If someone assaults you like this and other people are around (like in the picture above), definitely scream for people to stop the perp if he tries to pedal away. Can’t believe *no one* in the photo is looking at the perp as the OP takes the picture. No one saw him punch her? You’d think that would catch people’s notice. I see one guy on his phone looking down, but everyone else missed it?

  • if someone complained about drivers, and they said “oh I once drove to Charlotte 2 years ago) and they said they never drive even 1 MPH over the speed limit, ever, would you take them seriously as knowing about driving – even though they “know the law”?

    There are some common cyclist violations, and some uncommon but dangerous ones. Ditto for drivers. People notice the cyclist violations, but not the driver ones, because we take driving and its unwritten rules, including its accepted violations, so much more granted.

  • Regardless of who is right/wrong in their riding/driving form, NO ONE has the right to assault another person. And what a p***y for hitting a GIRL and running away.

    FIRST CLASS P***Y. Try that on a 6’3 guy on 14th and Irving and see where that gets you.

  • because it leads to envious drivers getting angry, and that can lead to heart attacks

  • this guy was obviously in the wrong to do this – but please don’t characterize all biker riders by this guy! i try to not characterize all drivers as a-holes, even though i see dozens running red lights every single day.

    also, let’s face it – bikers face the scorn of drivers and pedestrians EVEN IF YOU FOLLOW ALL THE RULES. i’ve been yelled at by drivers when i was doing absolutely nothing wrong – some drivers just don’t want to share the road and don’t want to be slowed down even by a few seconds. (notice i said SOME drivers.) if you constantly face that kind of negativity while biking, you have a lot of anger bottled up and sometimes it explodes.

  • ” I came across the guy that embodies the poor behavior of so many cyclists now. I approached a stop sign at 24th and I Streets, NW. Cars were stacked up on my right, and the car on my left could not go due to the traffic, so I proceeded through the intersection. This male cyclist blows through the stop sign on my right.”

    wait, did the author STOP before proceeding? she does not say? Did she look to see if the cyclist was already entering the intersection, and thus had the right of way?

    Sounds like he may have had something to shout about. Unless he posts here, we will not know.

  • Also, this picture was taken at 24th and I (you can tell by the grating on the brick wall.) The driver says the punch happened a block after she honked at the bicyclist.

    So I think the driver was driving south down 24th. The bicyclist was traveling on New Hampshire. When the driver crossed New Hampshire heading south, that’s where she almost hit the bicyclist. But there’s no stop sign on New Hampshire at that intersection. So the bicyclist didn’t blow through the stop sign. Then the bicyclist doubled back to 24th and punched the driver at 24th and I.

    Clearly bicyclists can’t punch people for any reason. But based on the driver’s story (which is confusing and my interpretation could be off), she should have yielded to the bicyclist.

  • Get ready, PoPville: I’m about to start writing in every time a driver yells at me to “get the [pleasantry] off the road,” or passes me with less than three feet, or tries to turn left into me as I ride my bike through a green light while shouting expletives.

    I’m also going to be writing every time a pedestrian waits for the light while standing in the bike lane, or simply expects me to stop for them while they cross against the light.

    I ride my bike every day, though, so it’s going to be an awful lot of letters.

    • Put your violin away. The important thing in this story is that the cyclist allegedly assaulted the driver. That’s not okay. If every pedestrian or driver wrote in every time they saw an idiotic cyclist, then there would be just as many e-mails. Maybe if everyone just showed a bit of courtesy, these issues wouldn’t exist. And the idea (liberally bruited in this thread) that if any driver ever speeds, cyclists can run stoplights with impunity is stupid in the extreme. Everyone should obey the law & lawbreaking by one party does not absolve another guilty party.

  • That’s fine and all. But my car will get dinged if I violate a traffic law, a biker and pedestrian could die. So stats are stats but don’t make up for common sense.

  • andy

    I just had a thought. Did he call punch buggy, by any chance?

  • This is how you properly ride a bike on a sidewalk: Get off your bike and walk it. It’s what I do, even when I’m outside the now-outdated Central Business District boundaries.

  • I ride to wrok everyday. If I had seen this little focker do that to you, I would have chased him down for you. What kind of man hits a woman?

    Can anyone tell what make his bike is? It might help narrow down who this person is, if he has registered his bike with the cops.

  • Two thoughts:

    1.) yes, people should not punch other people.
    2.) posting articles like this only helps perpetuate the “us vs. them” mentality that is by no means helpful to creating a city that works for everyone, including pedestrians, bikers and drivers.

  • YES. There is some kind of spatial disconnect where people think it is perfectly okay to ride through groups of pedestrians on crowded sidewalks. Whatever happened to walking the bike? I actually stopped one guy because he almost hit a kid, and he acted so surprised that anyone cared.

  • That was supposed to be a reply to a posting above.

  • Yes, bicycles are allowed on sidewalks outside the core downtown area. I don’t think it’s ideal, but it’s allowed. The problem then becomes one of expectations. If you’re biking on a sidewalk, you have to understand that you don’t always have the right of way. If I see a bike coming towards me and there’s room for me to move aside, or the area around isn’t completely muddy, I will gladly do so. I understand that many pedestrians in this town walk like idiots, zigging and zagging with multiple people obliviously abreast—it’s a pain for other pedestrians! Still, if you’re on a bike, you don’t get to zip through and antagonize people when they slow you down. If you want to go fast, you should compromise your own safety to be on the road, you shouldn’t endanger pedestrians in sidewalks.

  • There are stops signs in all directions of Google Street view for the intersection of New Hampshire and 24th.

  • Geez, 100+ comments on this… Nothing gets Popville more riled up than posts about bicyclists and pitbulls.

  • Morally… have you never watched Judge Judy?

    Bad morals are not against the law.

  • Was the honking really necessary, it only would have caused an unnecessary accident AND, you may not realize this, BUT riding on the sidewalks in DC is illegal. What we need are better bike lanes. Punching you may have been a bit drastic on his part, BUt being a commuting biker in this city is not an easy task either. We all need to share the road and wag more and bark less;-)

  • http://www.dc.gov/DC/DDOT/On+Your+Street/Bicycles+and+Pedestrians/Bicycles/Bicycle+Laws

    The related documents section has two very good pdfs on the law. I learned a thing or two from them, as a driver and a cyclist.

  • Meanwhile:
    Today-Ped struck by Dumptruck at Mass and 4th, NW on June 18th died of injuries.
    19 hrs ago. Ped struck on RI Ave, NE by driver
    21 hrs ago.Cyclist struck at 25 K St. NE by driver
    July 31-Ped struck at Minnesota Ave. SE & Pennsylvania Ave. SE
    July 31-Driver deliberately backed into cyclist in Adams Morgan.
    July 30-Ped struck at Firth Sterling Ave. SE & South Capitol St. by driver
    July 29-Ped struck at 300 Indiana Ave NW by driver
    July 29-Ped struck at 500 23rd street NW by driver
    July 29-Ped struck at 4300blk 3rd St SE by driver
    July 29-Ped struck at 3000 block of Wisconsin Ave by driver
    July 29-13 yr. old ped struck at Kenyon St & Sherman Ave, NW. by driver
    July 27-Ped struck at 1500 Ogden Street NE by driver
    July 26-Ped struck at 471 G Place NW by driver
    July 26-Ped struck and killed at 500 block of Eastern Ave NE by driver
    July 26-Cyclist struck at 1100 block of Girard St. NW by driver
    July 26-Cyclist struck at 29th St. NW & M St. NW by driver
    July 26-Ped struck at 15th St & Bladensburg Rd NE by driver

    I could go on…but you probably get the point. 30,000+++ deaths directly from motor vehicle violence per year. Hundreds of thousands more killed indirectly (pollution, obesity, and wars of choice to secure oil)

    Feel free to go back to talking about how cyclists suck though…*

    *I don’t condone violence against others. That said, I’m pretty sure this guy didn’t just randomly punch this woman. She did something that put his life in danger. Period.

    • gotryit

      Please add a column noting who is at fault in those incidents.

      And you may want to consider basing your opinions on facts other than “I’m pretty sure this guy didn’t just randomly punch this woman.” It might set you apart from the crowd.

    • Sorry, I am as pro-pedestrian as anyone (walker, Metro & bus-rider, occasional bicyclist, never owned a car in my 35 years), but there is no excuse for reaching into a motorist’s window and punching them. Not to mention, if the OP’s account is accurate, even if she was the one who took his right-of-way, the biker was out of imminent danger, and yet circled back specifically to rant and punch the woman–so no way to even argue that this was some kind of defense reflex. If he was endangered, he needed to take down her plates and make a complaint to the police. Or just rant, minus the physical component, if he was so inclined. (True, nothing would likely come of a complaint to the police…but what good does punching a person do? Other than potentially set you up for an assault charge on your record, on the off chance that this guy is ID’d. And clearly, it’s done nothing to deter the driver from airing her frustrations about cyclists, either.)

  • Cause this would be a different report if someone had reached in my car and punched me in the damn arm. Wayyyyy different.

  • Agree squaredeal. IF this woman was assaulted, why did she not report it to the police. I think the whole thing is a load of BS

  • It says right there at the end she filed a report with MPD for simple assault.

  • Bikes do not ever belong on sidewalks, regardless of whether they can keep pace with the speed limit. Also, bikes should not be required to fully stop at stop signs. They can easily establish right of way without fully stopping and wasting the energy it takes to stop and restart the bike.

    As far as I can tell from the OP’s description of events, the OP was not justified in honking, the biker was not justified in punching. Both of you are in the wrong.

  • yeah, that’s what i’m thinking — the driver illegally slalomed around the car in front of her that was trying to make a left (perhaps that car was even waiting for the cyclist) and nearly mowed down the biker. Drivers bitch about cyclists leaving the bike lane all the time (or not sticking to the rightmost section of the road), but apparently, it’s OK for them to drive three across on a 2 lane road, totally out of their lanes.

  • 14thandChapin

    I bike around a lot usually using the 15th street bike lanes, I do see lots of crazy behavior from cyclists…i guess i have got so use to the route i have started taking more chances (I.E look to see if a car is doing a left turn when they have the green signal and the stop walk sign is saying do not go). I mean if u are smart about it, its fine…the last thing i want to do is get honked at (which i do not believe i have yet). Its like walking in the city you need to look both ways and be aware of what is going on around you.

  • Just a tip for the cyclists out there: If you get into an accident (regardless of whose fault it is), and you were not abiding by the law, insurance companies may not reimburse you for damage to your bike. I know this from experience. The way insurance companies treat bike damage and loss is different from the way they treat car accidents. One more reason to think twice before breaking traffic laws.

  • Having reported road rage to the police in the past, I can tell you that they are very dismissive of it. In my case they refused to file a report, saying I must not have felt THAT threatened since I chose to stay near the scene of the crime. It would have been waste of time for this person to do anything about it.

  • You are assuming guilt on the drivers… Just because these happened doesn’t mean the driving was at fault… dumb logic

  • …and you might want to follow your own advice and “go try it”. Cycling, that is. Take a week..ride to work (hell..ride wherever you’d like to ride..make sure that you’re on the roads..and on your bike for more than 10 minutes. Rush hours work best). Then come back and tell me with a straight face that this guy didn’t respond to something dangerous that this woman did around him.

    • gotryit

      I do ride my bike to/from work on most days (including today) and on many errands. Want to join me? You’ll have to wait at red lights and stop signs when I stop. I’m on the road, either in a bike lane, or generally taking the lane. And I’ve seen plenty of stupid from all sides.
      I’ve had drivers honk at me for doing the correct and legal thing. I didn’t punch them. I did question their sanity.

    • You are being ridiculous. You are dancing around the most important issue which is who is at fault. Cyclist has no right to be mad if the close call only happened because of something he did wrong.

  • I’m just amazed this guy isn’t a popville reader?! If he is, must be kind of odd for him to be the focus of so many comments.

  • the data suggest that based on police reports, the driver is at fault about half the time. Of course when a cyclist or ped dies, we only get one side of the story. And police tend to lean toward the driving POV. Sometimes showing actual ignorance of the law (for ex some beleive its mandatory to ride in a bike lane when one is present, which is not the case).

    But the point is, this doesnt get the kind of attention a “bad cyclist” does.

    I mean look at all the driver on driver collisions – think cyclists are at fault for those?

  • Sure would be nice if the people we pay to enforce those laws agreed with you, but they’re busy checking facebook or watching porn on the laptops installed in their cars to give a damn. Police in this town are a joke. They will never find this guy, because they will not bother looking.

  • As a pedestrian and occasional driver, I have a bone to pick with cyclists that refuse to stop at 4 way stops. Example; New Hampshire and S. So often when I’m turning right onto S from New Hampshire I am surprised by cyclists who sneak up on my right as I am proceeding with my turn. This after stopping, looking in every direction and my rear view mirror to avoid cyclists traveling north on New Hampshire – one always manages to sneak up and scare the crap out of me. II would feel awful for hitting someone and I’m sure I would be blamed for the accident but seriously, bikers take note – it’s not cool to not stop at busy 4 way intersections!

  • I’m a cyclist and a driver. And I break the law every day on my bike. I’m also a safe and considerate cyclist. If you want me to follow the letter of the law, fine, but you have to do it too. That would mean speeding tickets for going 1mph over the posted limit. Tickets for not coming to a dead stop at stop signs. Tickets for not stopping when pedestrians are waiting at crosswalks. Somehow I doubt drivers will be cool with that arrangement. I would hate it. But think about the 1mph over thing–which is how you break the law all day long–next time you get all worked up over cyclists breaking the law.

  • Not quite sure what happened here, but the lady doesn’t come off as a peach herself.

  • Sounds an awful lot like she pulled my favorite DC move, stopping for the car behind her that was at a stop sign, and proceeding as if she had stopped for the sign, too.

  • Please learn how to turn right when a bike lane is present. You do no turn from the car lane, you merge into the bike lane and turn right from there. You are endangering cyclists and pedestrians when you do it wrong like you describe above.

  • Some of these comments remind me of the Bicycle Rights! guy from Portlandia.

  • He DREW FIRST BLOOD WAAARRR. I declare war on all cyclists. Its time to see he wins the final battle

  • i know people get all riled up about this, but are there really that many bicycle-pedestrian accidents? does anyone know the breakdown of bike-pedestrian, bike-car, and car-pedestrian? if you’re saying “i am surprised more people have not died”, you may as well say my analysis of reality is wrong and likely skewed by internal biases.

  • 11:43 poster here. gdopplerxt is right about there being stop signs on New Hampshire. I was only looking at the stop sign on 24th that doesn’t say “4-way stop.” Carry on with the bicyclist bashing.

  • Yes Bikes most yield at stop signs. Do that around me see what happens

  • Tried that and had my car slapped by bikers yelling at me for being in “their” lane even though there is the dashed line indicating that is what cars should do. And I’m not endangering anyone. If it’s my turn to turn at a 4 way stop, bikers need to stop too. that’s the real issue.

    • gotryit

      Please continue to merge into the bike lane before turning right. Yes, some uninformed bicyclists will take offense at it, but it’s the safest thing and the correct legal thing to do.
      It unambiguously tells me that you’re turning right (especially with the turn signal) so that if I can either choose to wait behind you or go around you to the left.

  • see my comment below – not sure why it didn’t appear under yours.

  • Wait, I thought the purpose of this forum was to track down this guy! Then, of course, publicly shame him for being a guy who punches a girl. let us get back to this. Does anyone know him?

    It’s a simple solution- You’re a biker on the road: You now follow sames rules as a car. NO GRAY AREA. You are a biker on the sidewalk: I hate you and you look foolish but you’re entitled to be there as long as you’re outside of the business zone.

  • i stop at a lot of 4 way stops, and drivers normally wave me on. except cabbies bc they’re @ssholes.

  • what is your point? assault for any of these is okay?

  • I’m sick of this profiling. Car drivers a bunch of bicycle racists. I’m calling Al.

  • When is the reply function going to be fixed?

  • that’s ridiculous. 30 is the MAXIMUM speed limit. 25 is perfectly reasonable.

  • “You now follow sames rules as a car.”:

    that is not correct. Cars are not required to ride to the right, for example, and bikes are not allowed on limited access roads. Bikes can legally filter between stopped traffic lanes.

    Bikes are legally required to obey signs and signals (though they may go by a ped signal at intersections) but they are NOT the same as cars, despite beloning in the road.

  • Sad..but not really worth commenting on – Whoops!

  • THANK YOU… Completely agree… if bikers want to be on the road, they should have to follow the same traffic laws as drivers

  • You are an idiot.

  • maybe cyclists ride on sidewalks because there are ALWAYS cars parked in the lane. I have yet to have a single commute where I didn’t have to detour around a delivery truck parked in the bike lane. seriously get out of the effing bike lane if you want us to follow the rules of the road.

  • Also…you’re missing the damn point.

  • I’m all for cycling in the city, and I know all cyclists aren’t bad. But I’ve been having lots of trouble with cyclists, too, lately. Not sure to whom I should complain. They don’t have license plates, so I don’t know how to identify them well. Monday on the way to work a cyclist at 5th and E NW sped through a red light and almost struck me in the crosswalk, where I had the clear right of way. He yelled at me, “F***ing move!” Um, I wasn’t the one running a red light! That was not the first time I’ve been verbally assaulted under the same circumstances. Thankfully, I’ve not been physically hit. Anyway, I routinely see cyclists following whatever rules they please, which frequently includes failing to stop at stop signs. Can the “good” cyclists out there help with this situation, I wonder? I know the cops have better things to do, but I think some serious accidents are likely to result from the rogue cyclists who are both aggressive and heedless.

    • gotryit

      “Can the “good” cyclists out there help with this situation, I wonder?”
      In general, no. Nor can good drivers help fight back against the ridiculous things that bad drivers do or pedestrians against jaywalkers that walk in front of traffic. Can you imagine the phone call? “Hi, Chief Lanier, here’s the license plate of someone who was texting while driving…”
      Be ready for a-holes of all kinds (walking / biking / driving / mugging) as best you can.

  • “Can the “good” cyclists out there help with this situation, I wonder? ”

    can the good pedestrians stop the people who text will crossing the street, or the folks who stand in the bike lanes?

    Can the good drivers stop the speeders, the drunks, the texters, and the crazy drivers?

    Its not up to the users of any one form of transportation to enforce the law.

  • Um WHAT? It doesn’t matter who’s at fault here. The fault pretty much shifts to the biker when he decides to PUNCH a person. End of story. That dude better pray he doesn’t see me on the road.

  • don’t you think this is a problem, as many of their stations are on sidewalks where it is illegal to ride a bicycle. why not remove car parking spaces and put the bike stations there, since bikes are supposed to be replacing cars anyways?

  • ~Morally~ wrong? Wow.

  • Not on Beech Drive! I bike through there doing 20-25 mph. The honks and aggression … so many people pass going into a blind curve. It’s crazy.

    Of course, you’re really right. I just needed to get that off my chest. 🙂

  • agreed. and the safest thing for bikers to do is never use DC bike lanes. they aren’t designed to preserve bicycle safety, they are engineered to preserve automotive right of way.

  • umm.. .last I checked the ” Idaho Stop” wasn’t dc law. Until it is, please obey. Others breaking the law doesn’t mean you should disregard it too.

    Hell, I’ve gotten to the point of driving in this city where if I see a cyclist stop at a stop sign when I was there first I’m surprised. 95% of the time, if I see a cyclist approaching a stop sign I just assume they’re not going to stop, maybe slow down if you’re lucky. Not taking that approach means slamming on your breaks when someone blows through the intersection.

    Sit on 1st st and see how may cyclists never even slow down for stop signs, regardless if there’s a car waiting.

  • I did move, believe me, I moved when the cyclist came flying toward me. I don’t expect other cyclists to enforce the laws. Just thought maybe it might help a tiny bit having a fellow cyclist, or better yet, a cycling organization, say, “It’s not cool to run red lights, particularly when there are pedestrians in the crosswalk.” Peer pressure? The cycling community seems to have a bond of sorts, as observed in some of the comments.

    Sure, lots of people out there break the laws. Drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike are guilty. However, I don’t see tons of cars blowing red lights and stop signs downtown on my way to and from work. That’s the cyclists.

    My dad is a cycling enthusiast, but because I’ve got some coordination problems (brain level stuff, driving and cycling are hard for me) I’m a pedestrian and public transport user only. Believe it or not, I wait for the walk sign, for my safety.

    • I believe WABA and other bike advocacy groups do try to spread the word about not only the rights but the responsiblities of cyclists. But again, unfortunately, there are those considerate folks who will listen, and those who believe the rules just don’t apply to them.

  • 1) The biker in this story is an idiot and should be arrested.
    2) Unless it is dangerous, you should ride on the street.
    3) If the speed limit is over 35, then it’s probably dangerous to be on the street UNLESS there is a bike lane.
    4) No matter where you bike, especially on a sidewalk, PEDESTRIANS HAVE RIGHT OF WAY.
    5) If you don’t obey the rules of the road (ie. stop signs), expect to get honked at and know that, in DC, you can get hit – and killed – without the driver even getting arrested.

    Cyclists who ride on the sidewalk and blow through intersections are inconsiderate and will eventually get hit or hit someone. What’s worse is that a lot of these guys will scream and yell if you call them out/honk, and will ride off after they hit someone. Total jerks. For reference: Cannondale w/Shimano 105s all round, ride in DC, NoVA and Annapolis.

  • ALl of them? Including the one near the Brookland Metro Station that isn’t ont he sidewalk? You must be new here.

  • Putting others in danger, e.g., by slaloming between pedestrians on a bike, is morally wrong.

    It’s terrifying how few Americans understand that morality isn’t just about church and sex.

  • ALL pedestrians have right of way. I’m not new here, you must be an a55hol3.

  • If the OP is serious about finding this guy, just wait around the GW campus. He’s probably a student and/or this is part of his commuting route. Cyclists take the same damn route every day.

  • The laws of physics and common sense disagree w/ you.

  • I send MPD VIDEOS of aggressive driving, drivers on cell phones, illegal passes, etc. and not once has anything been done. That cyclist that was intentionally run into a few years ago on RI Ave NE by the former MPD officer? It took the entire DC bike community years to get the AG to do something about it, and the sentence was a slap on the wrist. When drivers intentionally run into cyclists, it’s attempted murder, nothing less.

    • brookland_rez

      Also, it will be interesting to see the GGW crowd’s reaction to this, if they even bring it up.

    • brookland_rez

      It’s not fair, car drivers get a ticket, the bicyclist/motorcyclist gets their life put in danger by stupid card drivers.

      I understand the hate towards cars, believe me, I’ve had my own incidents from years of bicycling and motorcycling.

      I don’t have a problem with bicyclists bending the law a bit since car drivers and everyone else does it. To me, that means running stop signs and red lights, AS LONG AS NO ONE ELSE HAS THE RIGHT OF WAY. If you don’t have the right of way you gotta stop. And certainly not take your anger out on someone that wasn’t even doing something wrong.

  • The arm punch was way over the line and it’s a shame you didn’t get a clear picture. As for who is worse (bikers or motorist), I say they are both equally terrible. I ride a bike daily and also drive a car often. And no matter if I’m on a bike or in my car, I’ve noticed that both bikers and motorist in DC are awful/ dangerous drivers. Its chaos out on the road; embrace it or take the heel-toe express. (insert favorite Mad Max quote)

  • “I send MPD VIDEOS of aggressive driving, drivers on cell phones, illegal passes, etc. and not once has anything been done.”

    Dude, please get a new hobby. You’re going to give yourself a stress induced heart attack.

    I guarantee that when you send a video to the cops, they sit around laughing and say “Hey check it out, the crazy biker guy sent us another video!” Seriously, stop wasting their time (and our tax dollars). Unless you have evidence of a serious incident (hit and run, or someone injured/killed), then cut out the histrionics.

    I take it you didn’t read The Boy Who Cried Wolf?

  • @Waitoneminute First let me tell you that this is a story that was told by my SISTER. We have lived in the District of Columbia all of our lives. We road bicycles all over DC and DO know a lot more than you about
    “biking in a city” . We rode when there were no bike lanes in rush our traffic . We didn’t need bike trails to help navigate , we used common sense and a knowledge of the layout of the city to get where we had to go.
    I would like to ask you where did you come from cause you don’t sound like a native Washingtonian . My Sister is doing fine.There are so many ‘Transplants” here from small town America that they feel that they are above the law.

  • “1) The biker in this story is an idiot and should be arrested.”

    For the assault, assuming there isnt something go on here that the writer didnt tell us.

    2) Unless it is dangerous, you should ride on the street.


    3) If the speed limit is over 35, then it’s probably dangerous to be on the street UNLESS there is a bike lane.

    There are defintely some riders who are fast, skilled, and comfortable on a faster road. Maybe 1% of riders. Better to take a parallel road. In the suburbs not always possible, but in DC it usually is.

    4) No matter where you bike, especially on a sidewalk, PEDESTRIANS HAVE RIGHT OF WAY.

    Peds have the ROW in streets at crosswalks (marked and also unmarked) (if they enter them illegally you must yield after they have entered) but they do not have the ROW midblock with no marked crosswalk.

    5) If you don’t obey the rules of the road (ie. stop signs), expect to get honked at and know that, in DC, you can get hit – and killed – without the driver even getting arrested.

    If you do Idaho Stops safely and properly you will rarely get honked for it, while OTOH you can get honked while being 100% legal.

  • Back when me and my Sister (whom by they way wrote this story) rode bikes (native Washingtonians) The rule of thumb was if your bicycle wheel was 26inches or smaller you rode the sidewalk ( we didn’t need helmet laws) larger than 26 you rode in the street.

  • That is total B.S. (1) You are trying to justify this idiot’s violence when it is totally unjustifiable and (2) you have no basis to say the driver put the cyclists life in danger. I am both a driver and a cyclist, and I have seen plenty of a**hat cyclists that think they are god that would pull B.S. like this. I was entering Logan Circle on a green arrow recently when a cyclist in the circle ran a red light and almost hit me. I honked at him and he started screaming at me and bashing the back of my car with his fist. I will continue to honk at these morons, and I hope the police start arresting them.

  • your sister is the letter writer? Thats what I was referring to.

    I grew up in NYC, and have lived in metro DC for over 20 years.

    So I dont know what you mean about transplants. Is this another SWPL reference?

  • you honk dudes, they scream at you, you dont listen to what they are saying, and we – who dont hear their side, or even get it second hand from you (who couldnt bother to listen, cause you were sure there was no other side) are expected to beleive you?

    I will beleive what I see with my own two eyes.

    I will not believe anything that happens to be on the internet that doesnt pass my personal smell test.

    Anecdotes from anon sources mean nothing,

  • and the dogwhistle about native washingtonians does not add to your credibility.

  • And the fact that he had the instinct to cover his face so quickly is a good indicator of just how big an @sshole he really is.

  • ” ( we didn’t need helmet laws) ”

    I often see teen or preteen african americans riding bikes, in the street, without wearing helmets. They often ride the wrong way (against traffic) and I’ve seen them make sudden U – turns. Very dangerous. I would say something but I am scared of them, when I am on my bike or walking.

    Can someone explain to me why they do that? Cause making a U turn on a street, unlike
    doing an Idaho Stop, doesn’t make your trip shorter.

    • Maybe apathy, maybe a teenager’s outsized sense of invincibility, maybe fear of looking “uncool”…I don’t know for sure. I would add, though, that I see plenty of adults, of all ages and races, riding without helmets (not riding as helter-skelter as the teens, though). I have a couple of friends that shun helmets because they say they just don’t like them. I don’t get it, but maybe that’s because I’m named after a relative who was killed in a bicycle accident in her early 30s (just before I was born). I’m wearing a helmet, period.

  • Sounds good to me, since I would be one of them. Of course I do have 20 years experience driving in the District.

  • I think the real answer to all this shinanigans from both sides is to have permanent, physically, divided bike lanes that are separate from traffic that cars cannot enter onto. They need an actual barrier of concrete or parked cars that keeps both from hurting each other. I don’t care if it takes up more space on the street either. They should cover the entire district. I would welcome dedicated bus lanes as well. Then just make it a law that everybody has to stick to their lane.

  • Nobody deserves to be punched, but the driver details a few things that appear a bit suspect, e.g. “I don’t really hate bicyclists”, and “If I can’t keep up with the posted speed [when cycling], I get on the sidewalk”. There’s probably two sides to this story. If the guy is caught, maybe we’ll also get his side of the story.

    • I don’t understand how his side matters though? Even if he was like…oh well the lady in the car was a real beeyotch…how does that justify punching her?

      • It doesn’t justify punching her, but it might tell us that there was more than one person doing the wrong thing here. I’m a big believer in everyone owning up to their mistakes, not just whoever made the biggest or most violent one.

  • @Tom… and the DC code disagrees with you. Bikes are allowed on side walks, outside of the CBD.

  • I could see skipping the helmet on say a CaBi bike, where it may be inconvenient to have the helmet around, and where you go particularly slowly.

    But not for normal riding, and particularl not for the very reckless riding these kids were doing.

    I just find it odd that there is so much expressed resentment from african american drivers towards the oft discussed infractions of “transplant” riders which are often things that do make sense to experienced riders – when some of the most dangerous things (on bikes that is) are done by young african amerian males.

    It reinforces my sense that the concern expressed is not with safety, but with driver convenience, and or with racial change.

  • I just started to bike around DC and it makes me so nervous. The other day I crossed an intersection with the walk signal in my favor to get on to Rock Creek park trails and this car honked at me. I was the one with the right of way and he was turning left to get onto Rock Creek. Did I get out and punch him? no….cause I’m not crazy. The guy in the above story was just being an Ahole and hopefully since he took it a step farther than he should have will get punished. People need to just slow it down and relax. It makes me want to get out of dodge and I am a native Washingtonian.

  • Pointing to a few incidents where a car hit pedestrians or a bike doesn’t prove anything. Cars being bigger and faster will of course do more damage than a bike or a pedestrian. Also, in many cases, the biker is at fault.

  • About 80% of cyclist in the city do not stop at lights or stop signs. As a driver I frquently have had to break at an intersection and as a pedestrian my dog was hit while we were crossing 14 and fairmont. There is a high degree of arragonce and entitlement because of going green and getting some exercise. I am so glad the cops are ticketing the cyclist on 14 and fairmont!

  • Well I hate to disappoint you but we have LIVED in DC for over 50 years twice what you have so you are a TRANSPLANT being born and raised here.!

  • Yes and as I was waiting to turn, I got my car slapped and yelled at by a biker for blocking their lane when I was clearly in the merge area.

  • Oh, really? would you please provide a citation for the source of the data and statistical analysis that lead to this conclusion?

  • Shan, really? would you please provide a citation for the source of the data and statistical analysis that lead to this conclusion?

  • @ Anonymous 12:55 pm YES IT DOES SAY “ALL WAY ” Stop sign ” @24th and EYE Street (3way).

  • Here’s hoping you are an organ donor so when you eventually, unfortunately, get hit you can save some lives.

  • i drive daily in dc and am petrified that i am going to hit a bicyclist. i consider myself a very safe driver (a. because i have my child in the car, b. i don’t like to take chances with the 5,000lb tank the swedes call a SUV, and c. i can’t seem to get the memory of a bicyclist getting creamed by a taxi on P street this june out of my head – whoohoo for outdoor dining), but i’ve already had several close calls this summer – the majority of which were due to bicyclists being reckless. we are a bike friendly family and i believe in sharing the road, but bikers and drivers alike need to consider how their actions impact others on the road or sidewalk, regardless of legality.

  • I see more pedestrians crossing the street in front of traffic than bicyclists! You must be the only one who waits for the walk signal.

  • So has this guy been caught yet? There are enough little identifying marks in that picture that he probably wouldn’t be hard to find, though he’s probably laying low or has changed his route since this incident, since he knows that this photo is out there.

  • My impressions riding and driving in DC is that the majority of riders though they do not keep to the letter of the law (as also most drivers and peds don’t) do ride with caution. They treat stops as yields, and they go through a red only after stopping and checking for cross traffic. There are both minorities of riders who are more law abiding then this, and who are more reckless.

    If there were more reckless riders there would be far more accidents. In fact there are relatively few bike collisions, and the number had remained stable as the number of riders has increased (despite the claim that the new riders are worse). And of the collisions that do occur, about half are drivers fault, per police records, which probably overstate cyclists fault.

    To really understand the anger of cyclists, you need to ride, in streets, regularly.

    However none of that justifies punching people.

  • brookland_rez

    I spend a lot of time on DC roads so I’ll weigh in. Everybody does stupid stuff sometimes. Bicycles, cars, motorcycles, scooters. A lot of bicycles run stop signs and lights. A lot of car drivers drive distracted and drunk. A lot of motorcyclists speed.

    Having said that I don’t think it’s fair to judge everybody of a group that way. And I do think car drivers have a greater responsibility since they are driving the vehicle that can do more bodily damage to someone else.

    This particular case, the bicyclist was clearly wrong, and I don’t think I would have been as calm about it as you were, but that’s me.

  • ” A lot of bicycles run stop signs and lights”

    “A lot of car drivers drive distracted and drunk”

    Did you really just bring these two things up as if they’re equally bad?

  • People who bike on sidewalks are such losers. If you’re scared to bike on the street then leave the bike at home.

  • Just to add, between K st and New Hampshire there is new construction and that part of the road is now one lane. One lane heading south from K st to New Hampshire so if she was going north she would only be allowed up or left.

  • I bike often in the city, mostly to friend’s homes, bars, or for leisure. I do notice that if I’m biking during rush hour then bikers are increasingly hostile to those who are too slow or in their way. I’ve been called an “asshole” and “jackass” by bikers for being in their way. I usually just shout “shut the hell up” back at them, but it’s definitely over the line.

  • Crystal city drive stations are in the road. So is T and 17th NW, for some examples of why you’re wrong.

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