Reader Reports the Murrell Building Under Contract at Georgia and Upshur St, NW

4201 Georgia Ave, NW

A reader writes:

“So the people who were renting 4201 Georgia vacated and I was trying to see if they were going to rent it again. Anyway, I tracked down the owners and they said the building was for sale and under contract.

Anyway… hoping somebody good bought it and something awesome goes in there. It is such a cool building….”

This could be huge. Stay tuned.

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  • Please be something good… Please be something good!

    Dunkin Donuts comes to mind.

  • Whoa. Wow. I wonder if it’s big enough for a gym. Like the CityFitness gym in Cleveland Park. Or Mint.

  • jim_ed

    Id love to see a family medical practice go on the upper levels and some nice retail on the bottom.

  • A gym would be AWESOME!

  • Who owns the building next door? My guess is that it will be razed, dug out, and then condo’d. If you could take over that whole island, you could put it a pretty big building.

  • Please, anything but CVS!

  • Does this mean we’ll get an expanded Pizza Hut for the full dining-in experience? Because that would be awesome!

  • So common

  • I’m hoping for a gym too! If it is not a gym, we seriously need to start courting a gym for the area.

  • Oh man, a Gold’s Gym or something would make me incredibly happy.

  • I second on the fact that we need a gym. $80+ a month for the WSC in Columbia Heights is a joke. Sadly, I don’t think it’s large enough for a gym.

    • It’s totally big enough for a gym. Check out City Fitness in Cleveland Park– not every gym has to be a mega-complex WSC-style place. At this point, the neighborhood probably couldn’t provide the demand for a giant WSC, but it could sustain a medium-size gym. Just think: machines on Floors 1 and 2, classes on Floor 3. Who can write a business plan?

  • andy

    big building, small plates!!!

  • I agree. This could be huge.

    In my opinion, I have always felt this was a prime location. With the awesome windows, foot traffic, proximity to the new Safeway and viability; I don’t see anything here won’t be successful.

    I’m of course hoping for a restaurant or ice cream shop. Focus on quality food and good service…

  • ugh, that place. I hated working out there since you were pretty much on top of someone. There’s no dedicated place to stretch out, you had to plop a mat in between machines and try to stay out of the way. here’s hoping whatever goes in here will be bigger and better.

  • +1. WSC and Gold’s Gym kinda suck. Or at least it’s not my thing. I agree the area could use a gym… I’d absolutely use it. I was hopeful that the Raymond Rec would have a decent gym equipment, but it’s pathetic. Basically a tiny little alcove (no door) off the main hall of the center with about 7 pieces of equipment. Plus the hours are not made for people who work. I would support a clean, medium sized gym.

    That being said, we need retail first and foremost.

  • I would prefer that building be torn down and that triangle of land be turned into a treed pocket park. Better to focus development on Upshur and 9th and street.

    OK, go ahead and attack…

    • I like this idea too, I just figured there wasn’t much chance of it. It does seem to me like the existing buildings there have maybe run their course though.

      • A multi-story building like he Murrell buiding makes little sense on that plot of land, especially with a lot of underutilized better buildings around it. And it is true that the little pocket parks near there are not great, a wellplanned, green/ treed and inviting redesign of the entire intersection/ space would be great.

  • @ Tom. That would be awesome! But I don’t think is possible, we will also have to get rid off the other building and Pizza Hut. Plus the city has not done a good job with the two other pockets between Georgia and 9th. The small triangle between Taylor and Randolph is a swamp! I don’t understand why they dont fill up the dirt all the way to the top and add plants and trees at ground level. The triangle on Upshur has crazy decorative grass growing instead of having some nice plants. I worried when I walk by it at night thinking all the crazy things that may come out and attack me!

  • I understand that but there are already several pocket parks right there….. Honestly, if we were going to tear down those buildings I would rather see a traffic circle or some kind of fix for the crappy intersection that is Uphsur, Georgia, KS and 9th street.

    While I think the junky pizza hut building and the smaller one next to it can go, I quite like the Murrell building.

    • Interesting idea.

      Perhaps a smaller Dupont Circle type of space with a fountain (not a joke). A little touch of grandeur would give that area a needed visual lift.

  • @ Fz – that swamp at Randolph is a stormwater management tool. when it rains heavily, the excess rainwater is diverted from the gutter through there to be absorbed and filtered naturally by the dirt so as not to overflow the aging combined sewer system into Rock Creek

    • Thanks for the explanation, K. I had no idea. I wish a more aesthetic solution had been implemented. I understand that it would not absorbe as much water, but planting trees at ground level would have been a lot nicer. You seem to know a lot more than I do regarding solutions to reduce storm water going into the sewer system, can you think of a nicer way to reduce storm water and avoid turning that triangle into what it looks like a swamp when it rains?

      • I wish I could! There are several around the District, but that is the deepest one I’ve seen. Maybe because it’s on a hill it eroded and now fills up? You can tell it was planned though because there is a grate running across the sidewalk from Georgia at a downhill angle toward the area; that is what channels the stormwater from the gutter to it.

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