Raymond Rec Center Looks Amazing

3725 10th Street, NW

Back in March we noted the ribbon cutting the new indoor addition to the Raymond Rec Center located at 10th and Spring Rd, NW. Now check out the incredible outdoor renovations:


Check out some more photos of the features after the jump.

basketball and tennis court

children’s play area


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  • Truly amazing.

  • Is there a track? It’s a little unclear from the pictures what surrounds the field.

    • It’s more of a defined path than a track as the field and path are the same synthetic turf material, just different colors.

  • So, is the construction done? This was supposed to feature a gym. Is that ready as well?

    • I called them, and it seems like the fitness center is open, however the girl on the phone was not well informed. It “seems” like the gym is available to the public from 6pm-9pm. But you first need to set up membership. Membership information is not available online – I just get an error screen when I click on it.

      I am really happy that this center has been built, but I hope that more early hours become available in the future. The gym should at least open at 6 am to accommodate those who need to go to work.

  • Many of the neighbors worked hard with Muriel Bowser and Adrian Fenty to get the design and funding in place for this amazing improvement to our neighborhood. Many neighbors fought for decades to make it happen, and when the Councilmember, ex-Mayor, and the DC government crew came together, we worked on the magnificent approach that brought the neighbohood school into ADA compliance by placing the new buildiing with a needed elevator next to the school, and the building gives students access to an indoor gym that was badly needed. Hats off to everybody who worked so diligently to make this a success, and especialy to Councilmember Bowser and ex-Mayor Fenty who were able to cobble together the funding. Over the next several decades, the work wil improve the lives of thousands of District residents. While there isn’t enough time to call out everybody’s contribution, NEVER forget the role many of our nearby seniors played in helping us get this facility in place. If you are newer to the neighborhood, NEVER forget to stop a senior and say thank you for giving us such a wonderful place to raise our kids.

    • We love the new recreation center! Thanks to all those who worked so hard to pull it together. Next step = improve Raymond Education Campus so our kids have a truly quality neighborhood school to attend!

  • Does/will the soccer fields have lighting for evening games?

    • Well, lighting was in the plans, but I am not sure if there were sufficient funds left. We were also hoping to get a horseshoe throwing area for one of our long-term neighbors.

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