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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: For some reason I volunteered for the last shifts today and tomorrow
    Rave: Got a morning bike ride in, was nice and cool and quite empty on the trails
    Rave: First time in a long time I’m looking forward to an extended weekend. I like Labor Day weekend because it’s not one where everyone splits town so there’s lots to do!

  • Rave? I get the strangest messages from online dating, most recently an offer to make a trade involving live animals–grits for one male blue crab. I don’t even know what this means. Oh yeah, and I’m a vegetarian. I’ve also been offered pancake and bacon breakfasts for life. Again, me = vegetarian. I have to admit, it is pretty entertaining.
    Rant: There’s someone great out there for me, right?

    • Online dating sucks. I feel like it’s so much goddamn work.

      • epric002

        it is absolutely work. but, jmo, it doesn’t have to suck. as an online dating success story (married 17 months!) i think it can be a great thing. and honestly, i felt that way even before i met my spouse.

  • epric002

    rant: humidity is back
    random question: husband and i want to buy a chest freezer. it’s just the 2 of us and 2 dogs (yes, some of their food is stored in the freezer). we like to cook in bulk and freeze leftovers- especially soups/stews in the winter. what size chest freezer do we want?

    • Can’t be of much help, sorry.
      As an aside- I just finished a PD James novel where a chest freezer featured prominently as a murder method! Definitely didn’t see that coming.

    • Do you have a house? Do you entertain a lot?
      I’m only asking because sometimes having a second fridge (fridge/freezer combo) can be a big help in terms of storing things. My parents have one and it’s great when they entertain, they prechill all the drinks, keep food they made in advance, and never use up all of their kitchen fridge/freezer space.
      other than that, I have no advice. I’d imagine in a chest freezer a lot of things can get lost, so maybe smaller is better?

      • epric002

        yes we have a house. we don’t entertain terribly frequently (other than just a few people over for dinner/brunch regularly) but do tend to have 1 or 2 big (15-20+) parties a year. i guess i was less inclined to get a whole second fridge/freezer b/c of cost. you can get a 5cf chest freezer for under $200. but i’m open to suggestions.

        • you could probably get a cheap fridge/freezer combo in the same price range….It was just an idea! I know it’s made their lives easier but I’m not sure how much they specifically freeze (my mom makes a lot of holiday stuff in advance and freezes it, but only for a month, tops)
          but I have no idea about chest freezers (live in a condo and don’t freeze much).

  • Rant: Need a residence to open a bank account…need a bank account to get a residence. And NO ONE is picking up the phone! Grrr…

    Rave: It’ll all come together. It’s going to cost us but it’ll all come together. Plus, at least this is in my language. I’ve done this before in French and in “less-developed” countries so in the grand scheme of things…it’s not that bad.

    Rant/Rave: Dentist appointment this morning. Glad to have got it in under the wire (lose dental insurance end of this month) with no cavities but no one likes the dentist.

    Rave: Heading down to the mall. This is an incredible day. And I want to be a part today and in the future.

  • Rant: Searching for an apartment on Craigslist is crazy! It’s frustrating enough for locals who know the neighborhoods and can recognize the scams, but for someone moving to DC it’s got to be awful.

    Rave: I don’t need to rent an apt. but do have a great one available for rent if anyone is looking. 1/2 block to CH metro. Posted on CL last night – search on “pets parking arugula.”

    • I just met someone who recently moved to DC and is paying $900 a month for HALF a bedroom in a 2-bedroom apartment off Columbia Pike. That’s just awful.

    • as a landlord, I feel your pain – unreliable “interested” people who make times to see the place and don’t show up, email you a million questions then disappear, or see the place and then never follow up (interested or not). Not all landlords are jerks!

      • I’ve never had issues with unreliable or flaky people – I’ve always just held an open house one afternoon and had 20-30 people beg to rent it, some offering to pay more. I built the apt. in 2004 and started with rent of $1,600.

        Yes, I do feel a bit of a twinge at the price. I don’t want to gouge, but I don’t want to be a sucker either. The current tenants paid $1,800 for the first year, then I raised it to $1850.00 I checked all the comps on CL. A neighbor on the same block rents a 2 bedroom basement for $2,600.00. My next-door neighbor charges $2,800 for a 2 bedroom. (I decided on a large open 1 bedroom rather than 2 small ones.) And note that the rent includes cable & wireless – so that’s worth $150 easily (with Comcast.)

        You can certainly find some less expensive apts. in other neighborhoods, farther from Metro.

        The apt. is legal with a CofO so the electric is separately metered, so I can’t include that in the rent.

        • Zenalex, you mentioned that you built the apartment yourself. I have a basement that I’m trying to convert. It’s legal and I can offer parking. Did you use a contractor, if so, can you recommend them? I’ve had a few people come and look at my space and I’ve spent a lot of money but I have’t found anyone I can trust.

    • Not to be rude here, but do you really get a lot of responses to a 1 bedroom basement apartment for $1,925 plus electric? So really $2,000 (and kick in another $100 a month for a parking spot).


      Your ad states you rent it out every few years when the previous tenant leaves. Just wondering how long you’ve owned the home and what the rental price was for it say 5 years ago?

      If this is none of my business then feel free to tell me so ๐Ÿ™‚

      • My guess was that the electricity was separately metered — if it’s not, then I’d agree that it would be better to bump the rent up to $2,000 and say “utilities included.”

        • I agree with this if there’s only not a separate meter. If this is a legal rental, the utilities are a write off for you, anyway – make it easier for a tenant to just write one check. I do think it’s a little overpriced and the photos do nothing to show me the space. But if you have no trouble finding tenants, then it doesnt matter

  • Rant: My husband found a laptop at the bus stop at 11th and P (for more info, he posted on the forums here). Turns out that Sony has a “lost and found” program, you call the number and they’re supposed to help return a lost/found laptop to its owner. Well, after being on hold for 50 minutes, he gave all the info to the person on the line and they told him to turn it over to the police. So…..yeah.

    Rave: There’s a Gilt City deal for a candy buffet. I’m hosting a fundraiser (for an awesome candidate for Congress). Do you think it would be ridiculous if we got this and used it for the fundraiser…? I love the idea of an ice cream bar or even popcorn buffet considering this candidate is really a comedian (hilarious) and super progressive…..thoughts?

    • I volunteered at a fundraiser that had a candy buffet and no one really seemed interested in it.

      • the gilt deal has a couple of options (ice cream, candy apples, popcorn…). This is just an idea!

        • Yeah, I’m just letting you know the candy might not go over that well in practice. ๐Ÿ™‚ This was for a young professionals event (mostly liberal professionals) with a bar and live entertainment. The candy might be more appealing to a different demographic or type of event.

    • I feel like a candy buffet might work if it’s a community event with families and teens, but if it’s young adults they’d probably rather have free food & drinks than candy. For even older adults I wouldn’t think there’d be much interest in a candy buffet.

    • I think the most important consideration for whether to have a candy buffet is the time of day at which the fundraiser occurs. If it’s after work around dinner time (~5, 6, or 7) most people want actual food (even if it’s cheese and crackers.) There’s nothing worse than eating candy on an empty stomach. Nor would a candy bar go over well in the early morning.

  • Rave: Red Hook Lobster truck is coming to my area for the first time ever. I’ve never tried it and I’ve heard great things. Can’t wait til lunch.
    Rant: I am always hungry. I wake up hungry, I eat breakfast, I get to work, I’m hungry. I snack, but I’m still hungry before lunch. I work out most days, but seriously I can’t lose any weight if I just keep eating all the time even if it is healthy.
    Rant: the humidity and I do not get along. I feel so gross in the morning by the time I get to the metro.
    Rave: spin class tonight will kick my butt and I can’t wait for it!

  • Rave: Finally the Anthony Bowen YMCA has announced its soft opening for Charter members, Friday at Noon.

  • Rant: my boss is awful at reading e-mails. Today he e-mailed me asking for feedback on a project, I e-mailed him back saying I responded to the project manager (and my boss) yesterday with my feedback. He then IMs me 5 minutes later asking the same question! DUDE, read your damn e-mails.

    Rant over.

  • skj84

    Rant: I’ve been burning the candle at both ends and I’m wiped out. Plus I know i’m going to hit a wall hard after lunch.

    Rave: I have the next five days off from work. Hurray for Staycay!

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Had an awesome time with my family in Newport last week. What a wonderful, relaxing vacation! First time I’ve ever taken a vacation and actually felt ready to go back to work the following week.
    Rave: Just signed up for a social sports league in NYC. I did DCKickball when I still lived in DC and met a lot of great people through that, so I’m hopeful for the same experience up here.
    Rave: Work is really really busy, but in a great way. I’m so excited for all the stuff coming up!
    Rant: I found out my boss is leaving. I really like working with her and I’ll miss the collaboration.
    Rave: Thinking about getting back into the online dating scene. I took a bit of a hiatus because it’s so draining, but I think I finally have the time and energy to focus on it again. All in all, I’ve felt like for the past two years, I’ve only been partially committed to New York, and now I feel like I’m really ready to throw down some roots. It’s nice to finally feel at home and like I can build something here.

    • Glad you had a good time! I am the guy from there and happy to say headed back tonight for the weeeeeeeekend!

      • Hey Newport people – if you know anyone there who might want to visit DC for the 4th of July fireworks next summer – I’m looking to do a house swap. My niece is getting married (at Roundhouse on First Beach) July 5th. House rentals in July require a whole week stay and are very expensive, so I thought this would be a good solution!

  • Rant: My house needs central air and I don’t feel like spending the money or doing the research on what’s really required. It was a mild summer so it wasn’t that bad but dealing with window units for another year seems ridiculous. Anyone have suggestions for who to use (near the Hill)?
    Rave: This is the last project I need to do and the place will be pretty much what I was hoping for when it was purchased years ago.

    • saf

      We used Comfort Solutions and were very happy with them.

      We also interviewed Sila (not impressed – they never got back to us after visiting to put together an estimate) and Argent, who seemed fine.

      • saf

        Wait, that’s backwards. Argent never got back to us. Sila seemed fine.

      • I used Argent recently and was happy with them. Depending on how many stories you have, I would look into the newer split systems. My thermostat is on the 3rd floor & set at 75, which keeps it just o.k. there but freezes the rest of the house – even with the dampers in the ducts to floors 1 & 2 closed.

  • Big Rant: Some shirtless punk(s) were hurling rocks at my friends from their hideout in Grant Circle late late last night. Perp fled up New Hampshire Ave north. So lame……..

    • That sucks… when my dad came to visit me and my then wife back in 2007, some kids that were on top of the SOME building hurled rocks at us as I was pulling into the car port. I’m talking big fist-sized rocks too. I was so pissed as it was my dad’s first time visiting us in DC. He just laughed it off and said “son, I lived through the Korean war…” #firstworldproblems

  • Rave: I’m not one of my facebook friends who spend the day standing out in the rain in a clasutrophobia-inducing mob. I’ve been here long enough to know these historic events are not worth trying to go to.

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