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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Today I am reminded that “dry clean only” does NOT mean “eh, I should just avoid washing this in general, then.” Got to work only to realize that, um, my dress is super smelly. Like, actually noticeably smelly. I win the gross award today.

    Revel: Tonight I am gonna make some pickles with my garden’s cucumbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <–This is an appropriate amount of punctuation to express how I am feeling about that.

  • epric002

    rant: the moron at another agency i am forced to work with over email. i am flabbergasted and how difficult she makes simple tasks, and annoyed that it’s taking up undue amounts of my time.
    rave: great weekend, great weather!

  • Pickle-making and being a smelly person seem like they would have a non-zero correlation.

  • Rave: first day of school!
    Rant: sitting in the financial aid office at UDC may very well be the worst thing ever.

    • pablo .raw

      Nope, the worst thing ever is to be at Staples the day before school starts (yesterday). There was also a kid crying, my nerves where about to explode; the mother was calling him “burro”!!! (donkey) and the kid apparently didn’t like it because he was crying louder. I was tempted to scream “conejo!” (rabbit) and see if that worked but I didn’t do it.

  • Minor rant for fellow CaBi users: when you come upon a bike that is docked but out of service, don’t just press the Service button and walk away. Please take 5 seconds to turn the seat backwards and lower it all the way, too. That way the rest of us can see from a block away that they aren’t available for use and won’t divert from our walk in the crazy hope that a bike is actually available at 8:45 AM on the U St. corridor on a workday.

    • Good suggestion- thanks! That happened to me a couple weeks ago around Dupont. Was amazed there was still a bike left… Of course it was out of service.

    • austindc

      Yeah, that;’s just common courtesy. I think CaBi also asks us to do that in those emails they send. If someone didn’t do it, I’ll assume they are from out of town. While we are at it, can we do the same with Car2Go when they are out of service? Take 5 seconds to pick the car up and turn it around so it is facing against the flow of traffic.

  • Rant: I’m going on a third date with a guy this week. He explicitly stated that he wasn’t married before. The internet (an obituary of a close relative) says otherwise. Do I cancel, ask about it, pretend I didn’t find it? I understand if there is something about it that he wants to keep private but I’m very open about my own divorce and dishonesty isn’t something I can tolerate. Thoughts?
    Revel: Gorgeous weekend on a lake with great friends, wonderful food, and a lot of fun.

    • So are you saying he is currently married? Or was once married and no longer is and he is lying about being previously married?

      And you can’t always trust the internet. I wouldn’t flat out cancel it but maybe send a text asking about it? And then make a decision about whether or not to go through with the date depending on his answer.

      • OP here. He said he’d never been married before – this indicated that when a close family member passed away two years ago he was married. I don’t think he’s married now. I’m sure it’s the same guy. The death was untimely and he shared the story with me. He has mentioned the first names of two other family members listed in the obituary in addition to his own.

    • Ask – is there really another option?

    • Definitely ask along the lines of “you said you haven’t been married. I read (what you read. Can you explain?””

      But before you do that – you’re sure the info in the obit you read referred to “3rd date” guy?

      • Yeah. Maybe e-mail him the link and say, “hey, just wondering, is this a relative of yours? Just asking because in the article it says you’re married, so I was a bit puzzled.” Something along those lines.

        • If a woman conceded that she had Googled my name and wanted to compare notes with a dead relative’s obit, I’d run in the other direction. But that’s just me.

          • It’s the way it is – being googled is a compliment. People who aren’t googled are people no one is interested it.

          • Is it really a shock that someone is Googling a new love interest? I wouldn’t email him the link and ask him to explain himself, but I think if approached delicately, perhaps with a sense of humor, she can talk to him about it. Otherwise she’s just going to stew over it or cut him loose when there may be a completely reasonable expectation.

    • And if he lied, sounds as if it is early your relationship, so I would not consider it a deal killer.

      • Deal breaker.

        • OP here: I’m on the fence about whether it’s a deal breaker. I’m an open book and trying to appreciate that everyone isn’t as forthcoming with their personal details as I am…but I’m also concerned about whether there’s a reason for not mentioning this…and if so what else isn’t being mentioned? I’m going to ask about it on Thursday. I’m running the risk of freaking him out. I am going to wait to see him in person and explain as best I can. And then I’ll give you all the update on Friday 🙂 Adding my name above so you’ll know it’s me.

          • Private people can be caught off-guard by people asking personal questions that they are not ready to answer and”lie” out of some odd, knee-jerk, deer-in-the -headlights reaction. U said U have had 3 dates in a week – perhaps things are moving too fast for this person.

          • Dishonesty and being secretive is a deal breaker for me. I don’t care the reasons for not sharing certain information. I don’t like people who hide shit.

          • Re. ” U said U have had 3 dates in a week – perhaps things are moving too fast for this person”:

            She said, “I’m going on a third date with a guy this week,” not “I’m going on my third date this week with this guy.” Presumably dates 1 and 2 occurred in previous weeks.

            Heck, seeing as it’s only Monday, it would have taken a lot of effort to get in two dates already this week. 😉

    • The internet has never been wrong?

    • The answer is to get drunk and then drunklenly confront him. This is how I always deal with difficult conversations, and it works pretty well. Afterwards, you can be like, oops, sorry, I was drunk!

      (I should have an advice column.)

    • Being married in the past is not the easiest thing to hide going forward in a relationship. Maybe he did lie because his intentions is not to stick around long enough for the truth to come out. Cut your losses. That is not a good way to start anything off. You’ll blame yourself in the future for ignoring the signs earlier on. I’ve also learned to let people tell you things on their own terms and not forced them into it. They will resent you in some shape or form and You’ll be the one who gets the blame.

      • also- the fact that he shared the “sad” story about the death, seems like he’s setting himself in a postition where you’re feeling sympathy vs dealing with things that would be a concern for you(avoiding talking about a past marriage). Just my humble opinion.

    • Any way he’s a Jr. or a II or a III or shares the name of a relative? For example my brother and my (late) uncle share the same name, and since my brother isn’t his son, my brother isn’t a Jr. or a second – they’re just the same name. Had uncle lived into the google timeperiod, it could have really confused a google search of my brother. Just another option.


    I am at my wit’s end here.

  • andy

    Rave: Beautification day was great!
    Rant: Little guy’s last week with his friends from three years of day care. Most going to different schools.

  • Rave: Back at work after a week off. I know that sounds odd, but vacationing with a little one wasn’t as fun as the last child-free vacation we took. Glad to have everyone back in their routines.
    Rant: Husband traveling through Thursday. I will miss him.

  • Rave: Off the the Northwest with The Girl for six days: into the mountains for camping, fishing and skinny-dipping, into Portland to smoke weed, get a tat, form an indie band and put a bird on it, and then up to a smallish town in Southern Washington for a birthday party for a friend.
    Rant: I want to like Eat a Peach but it’s doomed.
    Watch this space: Girl starting to weigh in on kitchen redesign. Wonder if she pictures cooking in it herself? Not that she cooks.

    • People who don’t cook seem to always be the most opinionated on kitchen renovations.

      • To her credit, she cleans and it’s that end of the process she’s been focused on.

      • My rant is that my non-cooking (and non-cleaning for that matter) girlfriend always starts snacking the minute I start making dinner. Last night I called her out on it– she’d eaten two cupcakes and a bowl of cheese puffs, and was trying to force a bowl of cheese puffs on me even though I said I didn’t want any. The thing I was making took 30 minutes, and all I wanted was for her to wait and eat it with me. She accused me of being Type A and stormed out and refused to eat any of it.

        • Emmaleigh504

          Undisciplined! Is what my dad would call you girlfriend. Some people are grazers, sounds like she’s one. Snacks before supper don’t always mean no supper. It’s a warm up to the main event.

          • Two cupcakes and a bowl of cheese puffs (what, like 600 calories total?) in less than 30 minutes doesn’t sound like grazing to me.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Ok, then continue to police what she eats and be unhappy with it. I was trying to add a different point of view. My dad likes strict meal times, my mom is a grazer, occasionally it causes conflict, but when they talk about it calmly it works out.

          • OP here. I don’t police her eating habits, but I do get frustrated by her total lack of patience and her unwillingness to listen to me when I say I don’t want to “graze” with her. All I did was ask why she put a giant bowl of cheese puffs in front of me when I said I didn’t want any. I feel disrespected when, the one night a week that we’re together at dinnertime, she’s pulling out all the junk food while I’m lovingly crafting a meal for her.

          • epric002

            sounds like she felt guilty for doing it and so was trying to get you to go along with eating the junk so she wouldn’t feel as guilty. i would also be annoyed if my only dinnertime with my SO involved them scarfing down crap immediately prior to a dinner i spent time, money, and effort on. and again, i say this as someone who is a grazer, and who also does get hangry. (btw, fruit strips are awesome for hangry people. they take up no room, you can keep them everywhere, they won’t melt even in the car, and when you feel your blood sugar absolutely crashing it’s enough to bridge you to some real food).

        • epric002

          if you cook and clean, what does she do? and even though i’m a grazer, i’m going to get super judgy about eating 2 cupcakes AND cheese puffs and thinking that’s a good snack idea, especially right before dinnner. ew. not to mention the storming out/refusing to eat it- is she 12?

          • I could totally eat two cupcakes and cheese puffs before dinner without an issue. I’m ravenous by dinnertime. But the storming off is immature.

          • Her job is more demanding than mine. She was doing work while I fed and walked the dogs, bought groceries, cooked, did laundry, and cleaned. I enjoy the cooking and dog care, and I’m less tolerant of mess than she is, so it makes sense that I do those things. She did empty the dishwasher earlier in the day. If she wants to snack, fine, but getting mad at me for not wanting to snack with her is a bit ridiculous!

          • She also has health problems (not sure what exactly, since no one’s been able to find anything wrong with her) that make it harder for her to do things.

          • Emmaleigh504

            I could totally eat that and still eat supper, and if my friend were judgy about it I would probably leave too. But I wasn’t there, so who knows. Maybe she was stress eating, maybe she was being a real PITA trying to get him to eat the cheese puffs (why didn’t you want cheese puffs? Cheese puffs are delicious!). People have different eating habits, lets be more forgiving of each other.

          • Cheese puffs are bland and salty and not nutritious. Probably a lot less appealing than a homemade dinner.

          • Also what’s the point of munching on something while you’re trying to cook? I think it’s better to eat when your hands are free and you can pay attention to what you’re eating. Mindless eating is often what gets people fat.

        • I know it’s juvenile, but if anyone I was cooking for wolfed down two cupcakes and a bowl of cheesepuffs before dinner, I would stomp off in a snit and eat dinner alone. “Here I am slaving over a hot stove and you….” It’s possible that since I can only express my inner feelings through food (an in on-line fora, natch 😉 )I take it a little too personally, but that’s how it is.

          Regarding the original post, I remember reading an article a few years back where a contractor suggested an inverse relationship between the expense of a kitchen he installed and the likelihood of its ever being used for anything other than reheating hors d’oevres for a cocktail party.

        • Does she tend to get cranky/moody when hungry? (I refuse to use the term “hangry” because it is horrible, but that is what I mean.) Maybe she was just hungry to the point of being irrational?

          I am a real b**** sometimes when I am hungry. I yell at my boyfriend about the most nonsensical things, such as being angry at him for not being hungry when I am hungry and thus intentionally trying to make me feel bad about being hungry. He has learned to carry granola bars around to appease me, which helps.

        • I’m late to this party but the thought of eating two cupcakes and a bowl of cheesy poofs (I prefer the Cartman pronunciation) in 30 minutes has actually made me nauseous just thinking about it. Yes, I get that we’re all different but honestly, it made my stomach turn.

  • Rant: Woman I hung out with on Friday night kept complaining how 1905 doesn’t make a good margarita. Hello? Of course not, it’s not that kind of place. Maybe if you took a second to enjoy the rooftop view and quit complaining about what tequilas the bar doesn’t have then you’d lighten up? And then ordering multiple shots of Patron at DC9? After the 3rd shot I just excused myself and left and this morning she basically accused me of putting something in her drink before I “left her with some creepy guys” at the bar. Right.

    Rave: Had a good time on Sat with a very laid back and chill woman. And another good date on Sunday night. Saturday and Sunday were both blondes and shared the same name…so this might be a bit confusing.

    • Sounds like you avoided a bullet. Glad to hear you had a better Saturday. Kane Show this morning was talking about the rule of three. Have three girls you are talking too at once. This is before you get serious/sleep with any of them of course though. Sounds like you already have this figured out though

    • It sucks that you weren’t enjoying yourself Friday night and that the girl was showing her less-than-classy side, but I find it questionable that you left someone who was clearly about to be very intoxicated alone at a bar. In those situations, I think it’s best to at least tell the person you’re leaving and maybe offer to help them home. My guess is that she would have said she wanted to stay, but at least at that point, you did your part.

    • Didn’t you leave another date behind recently?

  • Rant: On POP instead of responding to this email, most annoying colleague, EVER. Type A on speed.
    Rave: I’m 2 hours closer to the weekend, only 38 more to go. This should be a Rant….

  • Rave: got two 15+ mile bike rides in over the weekend. Yesterday’s was impromptu and I took myself all over DC.
    Rant: I’m feeling it this morning, think I need to take a day off
    Rave: Didn’t realize this coming weekend was a 3 day weekend!

  • On Friday, we had a giving back discussion that moved from Popville adopting a family to adopting a class – do people have a preference for public school vs. charter school? I would be inclined toward something in Petworth, but know that PoPville now really covers the entire city.

    And, music/arts class or regular classroom? Thoughts please!

    If you want to email, email stubsdc at gmail.com.

    • binpetworth

      I’d prefer public school (where need is likely higher), regular classroom (I imagine a lot of arts activities are not done separately at the elementary school level?). Love this idea!

      • Would love to help, and think public school in Petworth as well.

      • Barnard Elementary and Brightwood Education Campus are both in Ward 4, both have 99% of their students eligible for free or reduced lunch. Powell Elem. already had a long list of supporters, including a couple law firms, so I left them off.
        Maybe I’ll reach out to both and see which one would be up for partnering with us.

  • Rave: Busboy’s event Saturday, always a treat to see Brother Cornel West speak!
    Rave 2: Great to see so many come out to the event. Very emotional, diverse, and moving. Reminded me of the old anti-war days (when there was more activity) around 2003/2004.
    Rant: The day made me realize how far off the map of actually participating in civil rights/justice movements I have fallen in the last couple years. Need to get active again!

    • I’ll second that rave! It was a treat to see all the people in Obama gear get squeemish and start to avoid eye contact with those standing to applaud as Prof. West stated ” Al Sharpton is the house negro of the Obama administration “

      • Yup! But he called it “Obama Plantation!” He loves, that’s why he tells the truth. Love Brother West!

  • KSB

    Rant: Frustration at the DCPS/Charter School game that forces parents to secure a spot for their THREE-YEAR-OLDS in order to ensure they’re not shut out at normal school-starting age (like Kindergarten.) Bucking the system, letting my preschooler actually attend her day care’s preschool and hoping my principles don’t come back to bite me in the ass.
    Rave: One less year of having to worry about school days off, teacher in-service days, after care, etc. I’ll focus on that before my rant turns me entirely too bitter…

  • Rave: Went to Ikea and bought all of our cabinets yesterday for the home renovation! We are doing 23 cabinets in the open format at the back of our Petworth rowhouse. We are super excited!

    Rave2: Checked out the house on Friday, most of the walls are gutted, and this thing is surely happening! We will be finished in 12 weeks!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Made much yummy food over the weekend including pickles!
    Rant: Hair is at a length where I really want to cut it, but I’m trying to grow it longer. Sometimes there is no winning with my hair.
    Best Rave Ever: FINALLY got to taste THE magical, delicious pho that I have only heard about for the last 20 or so years. It was better than I expected.
    Rant: How can I go back to regular DC pho after I have had the magical pho?

  • homerule

    Rave: Married! (YAAAAY)
    Rant: None. Loving the weather, being back at work, and life in general.

  • Rave: (always start with the good) Beautiful day outside, fall is coming

    Rant: Stinky People. Lady got on the Metro this morning dressed up for work in a sleeveless blouse, flapping her arms around taking on her cell phone with no deodorant. Smelled so bad I almost had to vomit before I could get up to move. I don’t get that. How can you afford a cell phone and a hair weave but not afford or understand what it means to wash your funky pits and spray on some deodorant? What are your priorities in life?

    That is like wearing your hair curlers out in public. What is the point of hair curlers? To make you look better in public when you go out, so why would you go out in public looking like a schmuck with curlers in your hair just so you can go out in public later on looking purty with your hurr did? That just don’t make sense.

    Rave: (always end with something positive) As long as there is tomorrow there is hope, let us hope that every person takes the opportunity of life today to do one thing to make them a better person, no matter who they are or their level in life. I dream of a world where every person want’s to become better every day. Every day you learn, you grow, you mature. Blessed be the dream!

    • pablo .raw

      Continuing with the positive notes, the good thing is that after a while your brain cells that perceive the smell get saturated and then you can’t smell it anymore!! It happened to me once on an international flight. 🙁

  • Rant/rave: I don’t want to spoil, but I’m STILL stressed out from last night’s Breaking Bad!

    • +1000. Didn’t see ANY of that coming. wow.

    • novadancer

      best episode to date. And no spoilage from me either. I had friends on FB posting in real time. Seriously… not everyone watches live tv…

      • Yeah, I agree. It was stunning and probably some of the best acting I’ve seen on television. I don’t know how they can possibly sustain this level of tension for the rest of the season, but I’m excited to see them try. Five episodes left!

  • Rant: Was called a “cracker” on my bike to work by an African American man in a truck. I was in the bike lane, but was going faster than the biker in front of me. I checked the car lane to make sure it was clear so I could pass. It was clear so I got into the car lane. Shortly after, the guy in the truck honked at me and told me to get into the bike lane as we were nearing a red light. I didn’t have time to pass the biker before stopping at the light, so I was still in the car lane as the guy began yelling at me to move over. I said I was simply passing another biker and had every right to be in the car lane. He called me a cracker and both the other biker and I were taken aback. We both yelled back, that he was being ridiculous and his language was unnecessary. The light turned green and he swerved into the oncoming lane to get in front of me where we met again at the next red light.

    I know it shouldn’t phase me, but that experience was upsetting on many levels.

    • novadancer

      Yes, the language was uncalled for. However, you likely would have heard a honk from me too. As a biker AND a driver, if you can’t pass quickly then just wait until you get to the light and stay IN the bike lane!

      • because if the driver can’t get to stop at the visible red light at the next intersection 1 second sooner, the terrorists win!

      • Being an a$$hole so you can get to the next red light 10 seconds faster a great idea.

      • Had the light remained green I would have been able to pass without a problem. Regardless, bikers and cars share the road.

        • Why not just move back into the bike lane after your attempt to pass? Not excusing the driver’s ignorance, but you could have certainly avoided this situation.

    • Being called a racially incendiary term should phase you.

    • Its a weird thing to confront these types of situations, and while I’ve only been in a situations where racial slurs were said to me a few times, I always find myself thinking of Groucho Marx. “Don’t look now, but there’s one man too many in this room, and I think it’s you.”

    • Novadancer, please don’t honk at bikers, its very dangerous and startling and really a person in this situation is costing you second. They have a right to pass in the car lane and its not always easy to judge if you are going to pass or not.

      i doubt anyone who is actually a biker would honk at a biker knowing how startling it is.

    • Don’t listen to novadancer, he/she doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The driver in this instance has no business honking at you. They (and novadancer) need to relax a bit more when they are behind the wheel.

  • Today’s photo made me think of My Cousin Vinny. Blam!

  • Rant: Unhelpful DC Water customer service.

    We want to address the fact that (when it rains) storm water runoff overwhelms the sewer line of our block, goes up our lateral line, and forms a fountain out of our basement drain, causing a flood.

    Does anyone in PoPville know if the Backflow Preventer program is still active? Are houses in Columbia Heights/Parkview eligible?

    We have called multiple times to report the back-up as it happens. Each time we’ve been told that someone was coming, only to find that they never show up. Called again today to say that the only way someone will come is when the emergency is actually happening.

    Seriously at my wits end with DC Water!

  • Rave: just came back from a long weekend in Stockholm. Holy crap – i dud not think there could be a place that had so many tall beautiful fashionable people. Also – coolest strollers and coolest parents! It was actually making me think if i just had a baby, i would instantly be that cool. I need to figure out a way to move there. Did i mention they only pay $20 per week for childcare?

    Rant: $20 drinks and $80 pitchers. $10 PBR. Made DC looks affordable!

    • tell me about it. I went there for a visit a couple years out of college and got whiplash from the beautiful women that were everywhere. Plus, the city itself was so clean and charming.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I want to move to Sweden sooooo badly! I don’t even care which part, at this point b/c it all sounds cool (except for the winter which sounds cold).

      • And dark. Don’t forget dark. Oh, and the food is terrible. Terrible and expensive! Other than that, it’s a lovely place.

        • Emmaleigh504

          I hate the sun and know how to cook! It’s the perfect place for me!

          • Food wasnt great, but baked goods, bread and cheese were good. And apricot preserves – divine. Way better than spanish versions of those things. And i kinda liked the hotdog in mashed potato wrap they have. 🙂

          • Emmaleigh504

            A hotdog in a mashed potato wrap? I need to try that!

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: the Miley Cyrus “scandal”. I don’t know what people expect, these days artists have to rely on shock and scandals in order to get publicity! Talent is not everything!
    Rave: Upcoming photo trip.
    Rant: Being stalked, I’m definitely being stalked.

    • Wait, is the scandal just because she rubbed her ass on Thicke’s groin? Because if that’s it, I’m pretty sure MTV airs much more scandalous material than that without batting an eye.

    • I didn’t think it was scandalous, just pathetic. I feel bad for her. I think she’s trying too hard and I hope she grows out of this phase soon.

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