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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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    • jack5

      The right to own personal property is a freedom that makes us free individuals who are able to travel without restrictions and boundaries… Just because you may have a Crippling DUI that took your license away, or if you may not want to make car payments, or you are scared of technology and collect rain water in a tent in the woods and wear a tin foil hat, it doesn’t mean that the rights of others to drive should be abridged or seen as a threat.

      This was yesterday’s news, let it go already. 😛

      • Its been awhile since I’ve read the constitution. Could you remind me which part guarantees the right to drive a car wherever you want and have cheap parking?

        • jack5

          Hummers weren’t around when the constitution was written. That would have been hard to predict, but I’m pretty sure the founding fathers detailed rights to owning personal property. —

          America’s Founders understood clearly that private property is the
          foundation not only of prosperity but of freedom itself. Thus, through the
          common law, state law, and the Constitution they protected property
          rights—the rights of people to freely acquire, use, and dispose of property.
          With the growth of modern government, however, those rights have been
          seriously compromised. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court has yet to
          develop a principled, much less comprehensive, theory for remedying
          those violations. That failure has led to the birth of the property rights
          movement in state after state. It is time now for Congress to step in—to
          correct its own violations and to set out a standard that courts might notice
          as they adjudicate complaints about state violations.
          The Constitution protects property rights mainly through the Fifth
          Amendment’s Takings or Just Compensation Clause: ‘‘nor shall private
          property be taken for public use without just compensation.’’ There are
          two basic ways government can take property: (1) outright, by condemning
          the property and taking the title; and (2) through regulations that take
          uses, leaving the title with the owner—so-called regulatory takings. In
          the first case, the title is all-too-often taken not for a public use but for a private use; and rarely is the compensation received by the owner just.
          In the second case, the owner is often not compensated at all for his losses,
          and when he is the compensation is again inadequate.

          SOURCE: http://www.cato.org/sites/cato.org/files/serials/files/cato-handbook-policymakers/2009/9/hb111-34.pdf

          • You’ve made an argument for why you should be allowed to own a car, but said nothing about the use of it. Where is it stated that the use of your private property should be subsidized at the public expense? You talk big game about the government not having the right to take your private property, but my tax dollars are still being spent paving roads and providing cheap curbside parking that I will never use. If you want to use 200 sq. ft. of public space to store your ton of steel you should be the one paying the costs of maintaining that space.

          • jack5

            You pay for roads that I use!? I pay taxes on my car and the gas it uses as well as inspection and registration fees, much more than you do if you don’t have a car… But in reality, you DO use roads, the bus you ride on does, the trucks that supply your food, the sidewalks you walk on, and the roads ambulances need to get to you in an emergency. The paved bike paths and lanes on roads… C’mon, let’s be real.

          • actually, Jack5, nationwide, the taxes and other “user fees” associated with car ownership and use only pay for about 51% of road construction and maintenance. The rest comes from property taxes, income taxes, sales tax, GO bonds, etc. It’s even worse in DC — the share of road spending covered by taxes, tolls, and other user fees in DC is ONLY 4% — FOUR! (source: http://taxfoundation.org/article/gasoline-taxes-and-tolls-pay-only-third-state-local-road-spending)

            Also, cars cause disproportionately more wear and tear on roads than bikes, which means that cyclists and peds are really subsidizing the roads that you drive your car on, because we cause much less wear and tear on the roads, while still contributing much of the revenue needed to build and maintain roads. It’s a total myth that drivers pay for their “fair share” of road use.

          • jack5

            @jerseygirl just because the money is appropriated/diverted to various other things doesn’t mean that drivers don’t pay more… Smokers actually pay towards education in an imposed tax by buying cigarettes. This doesn’t mean that they don’t fund the government which makes laws and regulations that govern them.

            There is also money from parking meters, environmental protection taxes, tolls and various other costs that drivers pay which do go to roads. An honest assessment of the costs associated with driving in this area would undeniably show that drivers pay more taxes than non-drivers regardless of where that money goes to.

          • @jack5, i don’t think anyone is disputing that money is fungible, but you are missing the point that in DC the entire amount raised by gas taxes, tolls, and car user fees only amounts to 4% of the cost of actually maintaining and building roads. So it doesn’t matter if the $70 you paid to DMV to register your car was actually spent on education, healthcare, etc and that a smoker put in a different $70 in excise taxes which was redirected towards road construction — the TOTAL amount raised from fees explicitly associated with driving is only a drop in the bucket compared to the actual outlays by DC gov’t in road construction and repair.

            You were disputing the fact that others pay for the roads that you use (QUOTE jack5 @12.11pm: “You pay for the roads that I use!?”) — YES, we ALL pay for the roads, not just drivers. Say for example DC needs $100/year for road construction. Car-related fees, taxes, tolls, etc only raise $4/year. It doesn’t matter where the $4 is spent — the point is that you are not actually paying much into the system for road upkeep like you claim. Many drivers falsely believe that their gas taxes, registration, tolls, etc pay for the lion’s share of road upkeep, when in actuality more than 90% of the costs are borne by tax payers who may not be causing the daily wear and tear that you are causing.

      • The Constitution does not, in fact contain a right to privacy, but it is considered implicitly a part of the document and a good deal of case law supports that view. Equally, the right to cheap parking and fast cars is implicit, as well, as is the right to decent in-car sound system so that you can play your music very loud while driving fast, which is why Americans invented rock and roll, hip-hip and outlaw country.

        This is our birthright. This is what made America great.

      • You have the right to *own* a car.
        “Personal property” does not extend to the right to drive/park wherever and however you want.
        Jack, is your workplace not Metro-accessible? It seems like you’re really preoccupied with driving- and parking-related woes. I get the feeling you would be happier if you weren’t on the road so much.

        • You know, another reason that France is better than America in many ways (month-long, better food, lingerie) is the right to park on the sidewalk or almost anywhere.. I’m not saying we should *become* France — their rock and roll is terrible — but there is so much we could learn from them.

        • jack5

          I ride metro on occasion, especially when parking is bad where I’m going or if it’s not raining or hot outside. I prefer my car because I can leave stuff in it and I don’t have to use headphones to listen to music or if I need to go somewhere after work.

          You’re presenting the idea that I’m being selfish and wasteful to not use metro… i like my personal space, I chose a car despite having to work more to afford it. Therein lies my quest for personal freedom. I drive a pretty fuel efficient & small 4 cylinder car, I could be driving a V8 instead, or even a Prius but it’s my choice to make and I feel no guilt for doing so, I pay to have the extra convenience, which is a rising cost. America, not North Korea.

          • I’m sure driving is cheaper than taking the metro, too. That’s the biggest reason I used to do it, before I moved within walking distance of my workplace.

          • “You’re presenting the idea that I’m being selfish and wasteful to not use metro… ” I didn’t say that; I just speculated that you might be happier if you weren’t driving so much.
            It’s your choice to make, sure… but given the nature of PoPville’s readership, are you really surprised that your complaints about driving/parking don’t garner a whole lot of sympathy (and often engender some level of criticism)?
            “America, not North Korea” is hyperbole. For people in North Korea, it’s not a matter of driving vs. not driving, but of starving to death vs. surviving.

          • jack5

            Thing is, I don’t see it as complaining though others may… I see it as creating an opportunity for things to be better. I can understand how it may sound like privileged whining, but in truth, one day you’ll likely have the same problems. I’ve ridden bicycles in DC for many years, worked at a place where I metro-ed all the way up the red line and back, and busted my butt for minimum wage working at Circuit City (Before they went under) and paid my dues, but it doesn’t mean my problems stop once I get a car…

            It’s an opportunity to remind the city and other residents about another perspective. I try to keep it as humble as possible, but it is unnecessarily expensive in many ways to own a car in DC, and arguing about that can lead towards making driving in DC more affordable for everyone.

          • You think you are advocating for the people of DC by calling for easier driving and cheaper parking. The overwhelming body of evidence and fact says your ideas would be harmful to the everyone in the area. The city needs less people driving, not more. The best way to keep DC healthier and more prosperous than most American cities is to continue making it less affordable to drive.
            The wastefulness of downtown parking is just one of the many problems cars create for our cities. There is an inverse correlation between highway investment and property value. The health benefits related to removing cars from city streets are overwhelming, from the lower levels of obesity resulting from increased walking and biking to the drastic reduction in asthma attacks that results from less emissions.
            Your “opportunity for things to be better” is short-sighted and somewhat selfish.

          • Jack – I’m with you. I drive to work every day because it takes me 15 min instead of the 45 plus it would to get from Petworth to Union Station every morning. Plus I don’t particularly enjoy being crammed into a can with dozens of others who would rather not be going to work at 6:45am.

            I find that the problem with DC roads is that all the different constituents (personal drivers, bus drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.) feel as though they have the first priority on the road. Driving up Georgia Ave. during evening rush hour is a prime example of this.

          • jack5

            Yeah, we should totally make everyone walk again. And stop drinking soda, and eat spinach, and get straight A’s in school or be doomed to work at Wal-Mart. Sigh…

      • “The right to own personal property is a freedom that makes us free individuals…”
        I’m not a lawyer but I’m pretty sure we are free individuals because we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights. Our freedom has nothing to do with owning (or not owning) crap.

        • “Thing is, I don’t see it as complaining though others may… I see it as creating an opportunity for things to be better.”

          Please don’t pretend like you’re doing something altruistic for city residents. You’re doing the exact opposite. There’s very little good imposed on cities by private auto use…especially when the driver apparently feels entitled to cheap and easy storage (publicly subsidized of course) of his personal property along with the desire to be free from checks on his speed (speed and red light cameras).

          • +1.

            This is one of the few cases in which the “Deal with it or move to the suburbs” response might actually be appropriate.

            Jack5, you say: “[I]n truth, one day you’ll likely have the same problems,” and you talk about bicycling, Metro-ing, and driving as though it’s an upward trajectory in which each is greater/better than the last. I actually have a car, and I like the convenience it affords for running errands… but I am immensely happy that I can take public transportation to work, and that I don’t really *need* to have a car.

          • jack5

            In the same way, I could easily say move to New York City then… But like I said yesterday, it’s gotten much easier to have a car in Brooklyn now than in DC according to what I observed. Just because you prefer to ride metro should not mean that everyone else must also ride metro… By dictating what’s “right”, you’re also subverting personal freedom. It’s not about constitution or laws, it’s about the pursuit of happiness, which for each of us is different.

          • I’m not dictating what’s “right.” I just think that if you choose to drive in a city with traffic that’s bad (and is likely to get worse), you need to complain less.

          • Anonymous 1:57- You forgot to add “…and stop acting like you’re doing everyone a favor by driving and *gasp* not speeding on city streets.”

  • Ick—I’ve found a bunch of giant flies in my house…where could they be coming from???

    • Something dead?

      • This happened to me! In my case, I think something died in the ventilation system (also smelled terrible for a couple of days), and then I was invaded by giant, super-sated-looking, slow-moving flies. I think they came through the vents. They lasted for about 3 days and then they all died. Truly gross.

        • EWWWWWW!!! I can’t find anything dead, and there is no smell….My house is far from airtight, so I’ve decided there is something dead outside and they are sneaking in–that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Yes, these are huge, slow, fat ones. This is day 2…and hopefully the end. Blech!!!

      • andy

        have you checked the crawlspaces for bodies?

        • They can also come inside in plants – did you buy anything recently? I had a terrible problem with them when I moved and my plants had gotten infested in the moving process.

    • Had that. Regardless of the source (which I never found/ smelled), I rather enjoy sucking up the flies with a vacuum cleaner hose. You can get most of them in about 10 minutes, and it’s kinda fun.

    • We had this happen this week, too. We hadn’t bought a new plant but we noticed they seemed to be stemming from a bamboo plant. So we pitched it, vacuumed them up, and we haven’t had any since. So gross.

    • Blithe

      I had this happen once after I got new windows put in. I took my organic-loving, Whole Foods- shopping self to the store for Raid flying insect spray. I sprayed the flies directly and around the window frames, and closed the door to the room they were in. It took two bouts, but then, no more flies. Sorry I didn’t know about the vacuum cleaner option! And it took me a while to admit to myself that ‘Eeeeew’ majorly trumped ‘life-affirming pacifist’ when it came to enormous flies rollicking in my home.

      • Looks like something in my trash can….I’ll bet it’s someone’s effin dog poop–but my trash can outside has a ton of ’em flying around. Ick ick ick!!!! At least it’s not in the house….

    • Fly paper actually works well – it is truly disgusting, but effective.

  • Rant: It is 2013. If I have to put up with presidential election coverage for the next 3 years I am going to kill somebody. I’ve already given up watching the 24 hour news networks but I can’t get away from speculation for an election for which there are no candidates yet. There are elections this fall. There are important midterm elections next fall. There will be some elections in 2015 too. Why on earth are we talking about 2016 already? I though we could sink no lower then when the 2012 coverage started on election night in 2010. I have never been so wrong about anything.

    • Emmaleigh504

      +1 I’ll care about the 2016 election when it’s 2016!

    • jack5

      I have cancelled cable TV and now my life is bliss… All I do is go to web sites I like (wen I feel like it) and avoid clicking on links I don’t want to see. I don’t even know what movies, shows, or exciting products are coming out because I rarely see commercials and it’s great… My mind is uncluttered and I can watch Netflix when I need a movie, or simply go to the theater. No need to learn about the latest Snookie, GaGa, or Sarah Palin B.S. that TV pushes any more. If all else fails and I need news, I still have reliable access to local channels on my TV with a digital tuner.

      • I don’t have cable, internet or a smart phone. Only use a computer at work. It’s pretty great.

      • I have cable, but I just don’t watch it.

      • ledroittiger

        Isn’t the freedom to own cable a part of what it means to be a red-blooded American, Jack5?

        • jack5

          Sure, i’m not campaigning on any web sites to stop you from paying lots of money to watch commercials 😛

        • Ahh, but freedom is all about freedom to CHOOSE.
          One can CHOOSE to have cable. Jack5 has exercised this choice and has chosen not to have cable. 🙂

      • pablo .raw

        I don’t have cable either; I have amazon prime and I’ve recently found that youtube has lots of documentaries from BBC and History Channel and I’m becoming an expert in ancient history of Egypt. I’m also starting to worship Ra, the sun god. Regards, Pablo RA w.

      • Would love to do this also but Bernie Ecclestone and the rest of the FIA in Paris have a lock down on web casts of Formula 1 races. Dam you ECCLESTON!!!

        Anyone know where I can watch decent, live coverage of Formula 1 on the web. Let me know and cable is out!

    • Seriously. The 24 hour news cycle has been terrible for election coverage-so much coverage of such minutiae. It makes people pay less attention to politics, because you have to slog through so much junk to get to the relevant information.

      • saf

        It’s been terrible for coverage of everything.

        They need to feed the news-machine, so everything has become fodder for the news-machine. Information overload, and it’s not even important information.

  • Epic trip to California thus far:
    -girlfriend had a bunch of great meetings for doing her PhD at either CalTech or UCLA next year. They invited her to do more meetings on Thursday to discuss her research!
    -I was a contestant on the Price Is Right!
    -Medical MJ is AWESOME. Seriously, this what it should be like everywhere in this country – legal, safe, affordable, and with transparency. I feel like an adult.
    -girlfriend is loving California (she’s from CT and never imagined leaving the East Coast) and we are definitely happy about the prospects of relocating here next year for her PhD.

    -didn’t win anything on the Price is Right and totally got c#ckblocked by the jerk who bid $1 more than me. UGH! I missed out on spinning the Big Wheel. 🙁
    -very real possibility of leaving DC next year. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until early 2014 before we have any definitive answers.

    Best part? We are only 3 days into our trip and have 6 more to go!!!!

  • Rant: Yesterday, had a guy flick me off after I merged into the lane in front of him at a slow roll (not cutting him off, although I suspect he was attempting to not let me in). I waved at him after he honked at me, to say thank you…and he gave me the bird. Sorry for making you trip in your quest to be an asshole, friend. Had a homeless guy call me a damn cracker this morning when all I did was acknowledge his presence by glancing at him. DC…I am not feeling the love lately.

    Rave: I can escape to the suburbs.

    • I was walking back from my brothers apartment on florida ave last night and there was a couple walking infront of me (white), and then there was a guy leaning up against the fence (black) right as the couple walked past he decided to start walking…i slowed down a bit because i have a walking bubble and i dont like to invade other peoples space either. I did not want to be to close to the couple or this new guy who started walking. So then he starts slowing down…the couple continues, then i slow down some. He turns around and tells me that he is not going to harm me, that he is a homeless man. So i give in and start talking to him, hes drinking a beer going on about how he is a white man trapped in a black mans body. I have no idea…but basically i think he thought i was racist because i did not want to walk right on the back of his shoes when thats not really the case. I didnt want to walk close to the white couple either. Oh well

      • Maybe I unconsciously gave him more space, but I don’t think I did. He was yelling at me unintelligibly, so I said a quiet “hmm?” and looking at him, in case I missed something (because I don’t like to pretend people are invisible, even if I think they’re talking some alien language) and that’s when I got called a cracker.

      • ledroittiger

        Dude – you are weird.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Woke up from a dream about 4:45 crying, no sobbing. The dream involved a dentist and trig homework. I’m guessing the trig homework is what caused the waterworks.

    Rave: I’ve figured out that I hate life in August, every August, so in my next life I’m going to skip August altogether.

    Real Rave: I have a lovely cup of tea.

    • why do you hate august!?

      • Emmaleigh504

        I haven’t figured that part out yet, well there are reasons I hate parts of August, but not sure why I hate the whole month. All I know is there is a pattern of deep, dark hate of everyone and everything every August.

    • I hate August too. So ready to be done with summer.
      Also, all my nightmares are either about teeth problems or academic problems!

    • August has to be the worst month of the year. I can not think of a single good thing about it.

    • What a rough start to the day! Dentists and trig are definitely enough to make me cry.

      • Emmaleigh504

        At least the dentist in my dream was hot and not doing any dental work. Sadly, he was with his girlfriend and helping me with the trig homework. I guess I was in high school.

    • Here’s what’s great about August – it’s my birth month
      And here’s what’s great about today – it’s my birthday!

      • Emmaleigh504

        Happy Birthday! Many great people are born in August: You, Quotia Zelda, Quotia Zelda’s middle child, my cousin who needs a different name, me, my bestie from high school, a college roommate, Julie Hutchison (that cow from HS, ok she goes on the not great people list along with my bitch cousin), and probably some famous people too!

        • Two of my friends were also born today (along with Count Basie, Kenny Rogers, Wilt Chamberlain). Another friend was born yesterday, cousin’s birthday is tomorrow.

          Together we have lots of reason to celebrate August – or at least August birthdays…..

          • Emmaleigh504

            I’m going to celebrate your birthday with some birthday cake tonight! Thanks for bringing some light to my dark mood.

        • Two of my favorite ladies– Lucille Ball and Julia Child!

        • saf

          And my 2nd sister, and my late grandfather.

  • andy

    Rant: woke up to try to take cuttings from my ninebark (physocarpus opulifolius) early, and one of my homebrew growlers had exploded in the kitchen!
    Rant: I spent most of the morning cleaning it off the walls, floor, counters, and picking up broken glass.
    Rave: I still got to take my cuttings and set them up to root before I had to get ready to work.

  • Rave: Yummy peanut soba noodle salad for dinner last night – looking forward to it for lunch.

    Rant: Requisite grocery store trip, dog walking, cooking, and cleaning dishes means nothing on my to-do list got done last night…

    Rant: Husband really stressed with work with tons of deadlines. Trying to work hard to support him and not be a stressor… Also contrary to his work life, I’m done with my job this Friday so we have quite different work days and prospects!

    Rave: A sweet little note from him this morning saying how much he appreciated dinner last night :-).

    • Mmm, I just made a similar salad last night! The New York Times just posted a bunch of noodle salads and I tried the cellophane noodle one.

  • Rave: Moving a whole bunch of crap into storage tonight! Finally freeing up space in the new condo. I am lovin’ living in SW!
    Rant: Way too much work to-do. PoPville is an excellent distraction.
    Rant: Super distracted today by a work incident that happened on Monday. I’m taking it home, to dinners with my friends, to lunch… I need to shake the incident and move on but it’s super difficult. Toxic/vindictive employees are the worst.

  • Evan Jensen

    Rant: Looking for places to live anywhere not crime-riddled that allows pets. Why do so many landlords hate joy? Who would give up their pet for a place?
    Rave: The City Paper beer tour the other week was really great, even if they didn’t get us somewhere with food until 5 pm.
    Rant: Those godsdamned particle board counter tops covered in laminate. They’re everywhere. Even new places, and they warp like whoa. Gross.
    Rave: So many deco buildings! So much delightful new food opening everywhere. Fall’s almost here!

    • “Why do so many landlords hate joy?”
      There are a lot of people looking for places to rent. Given the demand, most landlords figure it’s just easier not to allow pets — potential pet-related headaches eliminated.
      (I have a pet, but wouldn’t allow pets if I were renting a place out.)

      • As a landlord who is pet friendly, I have tons of people interested in our condo. They always have pets. I don’t charge them extra – just a damage deposit. They also tend to want to stay longer, which saves you money in turn over costs.

    • And re. “Who would give up their pet for a place?” — lots of jerks who post their pets in the Craigslist pets section. 🙁

    • Sadly, there is a lot of liability involved with pets (not just personal injury, but damage to the house, what if the person isn’t a responsible owner etc). I rent out the basement unit of my townhouse and i don’t allow pets, mainly because I have two dogs who don’t like other dogs/small animals and I could see potential disaster if somehow they ever crossed paths with the downstairs pets. If I had dog-friendly dogs, I would probably allow pets on a case-by-case basis. I do totally understand why most landlords don’t, but I also feel the pain of tenants with pets. After all, the reason I bought my first house was because I couldn’t find a place to rent with two big dogs!

      • Evan Jensen

        I totally understand if the landlord already has pets. And of course the possibility of irresponsible owners is always, but chances are those irresponsible owners would be filthy or destructive on their own, even without animals in the mix. That’s what deposits are for.

    • we rent out to pet owners. I take a deposit and there’s a pet contract.
      So, not everyone feels this way.

    • Blithe

      I live in a pet-friendly building. Sometimes it’s delightful. Sometimes it’s disgusting. People let their dogs pee & poop in the courtyard garden. This seems to happen a Lot with smaller dogs. When I move, one of the things I will not miss is the dubious joy of listening to someone else’s pets bark for hours on end. I bet the OP has never been a landlord….

      • Evan Jensen

        I’ve lived with noisy dogs next door, and gross owners before. I know the pain. But that’s why buildings/landlords should have and ENFORCE policies prohibiting that sort of behavior. Make it an in-lease bootable offense.

  • Rave: finally found a bench that fits the weird space at the end of my bed

    Rant: it isn’t quite the right color

    Question: It seems like it’d be easy to recover it, right? Anyone have any tips or instructions on the web? Where should I go to find fabric?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I have watched many a person on TV recover chairs and it seems easy. Check HGTV’s website or Changing Rooms or maybe This Old House.

    • There are about a bajillion tutorials on the web for recovering chairs and benches. But there are some important things to know first- does the seat come off? If this is a bench with a wood bottom and upholstered seat, then it probably unscrews underneath. If it doesn’t then your job will be a bit harder- you’d probably have to staple onto the base of the bench, very close to the seat, then cover with a trim/welting. If you want welting in the same fabric, you’re going to have to cut and sew it.

      Is the fabric on the bench darker than the fabric you want on the bench? If you’re choosing a lighter weight fabric this is an issue, but it’s easily solved by putting a layer of batting between the two.

      G Street has the best fabric selection in the area. But if you go there sign up for coupons on their website first, it’s pricier than most places. Fabric.com is also very good, you can order swatches before committing to buying the appropriate yardage. Make sure to choose a fabric that is at least a medium weight, preferably upholstery fabric, so it holds up well.

      • Another endorsement for G Street! Also look to see if they have a Living Social deal still on – $25 for a $50 voucher to use on basically anything in the store.

        I just wrapped up a sewing class there and (maybe foolishly) decided to put my new skills to work on my first-ever quilt. I got fabric for it partially for G Street (check the discount section – super cheap and new stuff every week) and partially on fabric.com (decent quality although the colors weren’t quite as expected). Fingers crossed that the project looks quilt-like in the end!

        And good luck on the bench! jeslett has great advice above. My two cents – a good staple gun will make your life a whole lot happier!

        • I don’t get the G Street fabrics love. Everything there is very expensive, and the store is dark and depressing and horribly located.

          • They’re the only game in town. I agree, they are over priced. But there aren’t many other places to go. There are a few Joann’s around, but none are very good.

            If I were only interested in quilting I would order most of my fabric online. I love Hawthrorne Threads, but when you’re shopping for fashion fabric it’s impossible to choose without seeing them. I sometimes order swatches, but I prefer to see a large selection in person.

          • What about Calico Corners? I think they specialize in upholstery fabric?

          • Oh, good point and there’s one in Friendship Heights. Calico is great for upholstery fabric. It’s also pricey, but they email out coupons. Calico doesn’t stock much fabric though, you’ll have to order it.

          • Go to Knoll. It’s expensive but they have great textiles. I went to the showroom and they are very patient and helpful even when only buying a few yards of material.

          • West Elm also sells upholstery fabric, but I don’t know if they carry it in stores.

      • Oh – thanks so much! The legs do come off (it came with the legs off, so I do know that). Other than that, there is no bottom, the entire thing is fabric. I haven’t really investigated what is going on ont the bottom of the bench, but if the bottom isn’t pretty, that’s OK with me.

        I probably will want a darker fabric, but good call on a medium/heavier weight, too. I figure it can’t be that hard – kind of like wrapping a package, right? Luckily the bench wasn’t that expensive, so if I really screw it up no harm, no foul 🙂

    • You should go to a fabric store for fabric.

      Yes, it should be fairly easy to do (depends on the piece).

  • Rant: Had WAY too much to drink last night. Got sick this morning. Alcohol is the devil.
    Rave: Working from home as a result of above.
    Rant: Carefirst. It has taken them over a month to get my health insurance setup and I need to go to the Dr and get a prescription filled. They say it’s because I had Carefirst at my old job. Really?!? You are a huge company surely I’m not the first person to have two different plans in a row. And yes I know I could just pay out of pocket and get reimbursed, but I don’t want to deal with the paperwork.

  • pablo .raw

    Rant: Sharks in the Potomac
    Rave: I don’t go in the Potomac waters for any reason

  • Rant: Decided to start a new book last night to try to fight insomnia and ended up finishing it in the wee hours of the morning. With lots of tears. Lots and lots of tears.

    Rant: My inability to sleep, despite total exhaustion.

    Rant-ish Rave: My Kindle’s ability to download books in seconds. However, the best seller lists in the Kindle library are seriously disappointing – like dipping into the waters of the wonder-where-on-earth-our-world-is-headed level of disappointment. Is there no decent literature being produced for adults these days?

    • Sure, but you’re not going to see it on the bestseller lists.
      Also, I think nonfiction has gotten way, way better in recent decades. Much of it reads like a novel and is very educational.

  • Rant: For the first time in my life I think I’ve lost a library book. I was really enjoying it, too.
    Rave: My photo being used for the caption contest. I’ve been trying to take more weird/funny pictures, and it’s amazing how many shots present themselves once you’re specifically looking for them.

    • This probably won’t help, but it’s worth a try. I recently lost a book that was lent to me and couldn’t find it anywhere. I figured I left it on the metro. Turns out I shelved it with the books in my bookcase and it didn’t occur to me to look there. Good luck!

  • Rave: Mini-vaykay. Fun planned through Sunday and currently taking it easy with coffee and the interwebs.
    Rant: Sydney Leathers does a porno. Well, that was quick. All I can think of are the lyrics to ‘Dumb Girl’ by Run-DMC.

  • Rave: The kind and helpful Popville advice to my rant yesterday (not giving up on someone who always disappoints). I am waiting for the old person to return and need stop. I will start smiling at handsome strangers.
    Rave: Restaurant week dinner and drinks tonight. Good friends make everything better.
    Rant: information hoarding at work. Can’t we all just get along?

  • Rave: Making big, positive life changes.
    Rant: Pain of saying goodbye.
    Rave: New possibilities just around the corner.

  • Blithe

    Rave: Buzzfeed. When I’m feeling cranky, there’s always something on Buzzfeed that makes me smile.
    Rave: I’ve had two play dates with dogs recently. Definitely a nice treat! Very sweet of their people to share the doggie-love.
    Rave: Apricot applesauce. Simple, yummy, healthy.

    • Man, I hate Buzzfeed. Too overstimulating and not enough substantial content. I’d rather get lost in a 15-page article on one subject than peruse 15 lists full of animated GIFs.

      • I find BuzzFeed intolerable. So much recylced, unoriginal content and their micro-targeting has gotten way out of hand, i.e.: “What It’s like to be a Jewish Tween in Rhode Island’ and/or ‘What It’s like to Parent a Jewish Tween in Rhode Island’ and so on. I’m also really over listicles and gifs, even for my mindless webbing. I just go to reddit and my pulse app these days.

  • Rant: The only time my building ever offers free food and it’s ice cream which I don’t eat.

  • Rant: I would not like a fresh stinking bag of your dog’s poop in my trash can or anywhere else in my driveway or yard, thank you. Take it home with you and place it in your own trash can. Why should I walk by this smell every day?
    Rave: It’s almost September!

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