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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: USMNT is playing today.
    Rant: The game is at 2:30.
    Potential Rave: I think I’ll be able to stream the game at work.

  • Rant: Sick.
    Rave: Mom visiting tonight.
    Rant/Rave: Cleaning out my office and desk at work. Getting ready for my last day here…
    Rant: Two friends losing their well-loved pets – so so sad.
    Rave: Donating to WHS in their honor and spreading love to puppies this weekend when I get to hang with my parents’ dog and then the pup we’re dogsitting.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I am super duper grumpy this morning (not enough sleep).
    Observation: I was just fantasizing about making a small child cry (see rant) and realized I almost never see small children. I guess they are wisely hiding from me.
    Rave: All the tests on the stuff the surgeon took out of my body came back normal, so I’m healthy and mostly pain free. (Darn surgery bruises still hurt.)
    Rave: Got to see pix of my insides yesterday. Everything is all nice and pink except my liver which is liver colored.
    Rant: No pix of my SPLEEN for Quotia Zelda. Also forgot to get copies of the pix of my insides for her. I know she’s crushed.

    • Glad to hear everything is normal!

      I love that my surgeon gave me pics of my hip surgery and went over them as if I can make heads or tails of what is going on. But he does give me copies to take home, just in case the PT wanted copies (she did).

    • Ha. My father had an upper GI done once, and the surgeon gave him pixs of his insides. He hung a framed picture of his perforated ulcer on the wall and loved showing it to people. 🙂

      • Emmaleigh504

        I need to contact the Doctor’s office and see if I can get copies! I would totally frame them and put them on the wall!

    • I got pics of a tuomor I had removed 10+ years ago. Turns out it was so rare that I made a medical journal – always bring a camera to surgery…give a bored intern something to do 🙂

  • Rant: Aetna dental insurance. My dentist stopped taking Aetna, and now I cannot for the life of me find a dentist who (a) takes my insurance (b) takes new patients and (c) get middle-of-the-road reviews online. The one guy who’s close to my house is only open on Tuesdays and Thursdays–what the heck? ugh.

    Rant: went out to dinner with friends last night. I have to financially prepare to go out to dinner with people who make more money than I do, order whatever they want off the menu without looking at the costs, then usually just split the bill evenly (even though I’ve eaten significantly less food, by price and amount). So lately, I’ve partaken in their dinner splurge… but last night, one woman decides she does, in fact, want to split the bill by what we had because the usual “splitting evenly” wouldn’t have worked out in her favor. *splitting the check evenly never works out in my favor, but I don’t complain* Irritating, and kind of ruins the mood of an evening.

    Rave: everyone’s on vacation, no one’s in the office, nice and quiet.

    • There is never a great solution. Chalk that up as a miss on the 50/50 coin flip. Order the 12 oz filet next time.

      • Squish, I feel your pain on this. I can better afford things now, but I remember being in grad school and going out to dinner with older employed friends who thought nothing of getting an appetizer, a glass of wine, etc. in addition to the main dish.
        I can understand how that one woman’s bringing it up would be annoying, since you never bring it up yourself… but I think you *should* bring it up. Not fair for you to subsidize the meals of people who make significantly more than you do.
        There’s also Anonymous’s solution (although that’s more appropriate when being frugal is a choice, as opposed to something forced on you by circumstance). When I’m out at dinner with people who I suspect are going to want to split everything evenly, I’ll order more generously for myself than I would otherwise. I figure I’m paying (at least partly) for an appetizer, a drink, etc. anyway, so I might as well get one myself.

    • I’m not sure if he takes Aetna, but I highly recommend Dr. Davoudian and the dentist that works with him, Dr. Lee. He’s on Yelp with some good reviews if you want to check him out. I get the impression that he takes a lot of different types of insurance, so you might be in luck.

      • binpetworth

        Thanks for the recommendation. I too am having a heck of a time finding a dentist that takes my insurance–and his Yelp reviews seem to indicate the office doesn’t try to “upsell” products/procedures like some dentists’ offices (I’m looking at you, DC Dental Spa).

    • I’ve so been there. Sometimes I’ll ask for a separate check. But it’s also totally OK to say, “I only had a salad tonight so am only putting in X”. If your friends think that’s an issue, it’s time to find other people to go out with because those aren’t your friends. Or if there is a friend who would be sympathetic and could look out for you, [“Hey, Squish didn’t get any drinks tonight, she should put in less”] maybe talk to that person before you go out.

      • Agreed. Just stand up for yourself by saying “I’m only paying $XX because I only had a salad. You guys can evenly split the rest.” The math isn’t really that hard.

        No one will say anything, I guarantee it. And if they do, they are crappy friends.

      • I have 2 friends that I’ve known for over 20 years each. Everytime we eat out they ask for separate checks. I use to be offended and I think it’s tacky but now I know that when I go out with them that’s what they do. I went to Europe for 2 weeks with two people that asked for a separate checks every where we went. So embarrassing.

    • Honestly that’s super rude if your friends see you just ordered a salad and one drink and they ordered a three course meal and 3 drinks. I’d never expect someone to split evenly with me if I ordered significantly more than they did! If I were you I’d bring enough cash to cover my portion next time and let them split the rest on their cards…sheesh.

    • I’ve been going to Dr Kesten in Friendship Heights for years – he’s fantastic and takes a lot of insurances. Granted, as mentioned on POP before, the one hygenist is kind of odd (and sort of inappropriate), but I just try to ignore it. He’s a very, very good dentist and I recommend him. It’s about 2 blocks from the metro stop.

    • also, the eating out situation reminded me so much of that Portlandia episode with the tapas.

      But yes, crappy friends if they care you only want to pay for your share. Stand up to it, or start saying no to their food invites, find other stuff to do?

    • Yeah, I sympathize. It’s funny with my main group of friends, it never even occurs to us to split the check evenly, unless it’s clear that we all got dishes within $1-2 of each other and we all each got the same amount of drinks (which is rare when we’re all together, since a couple of us don’t drink). But we’re all lifelong middling-salary nonprofit workers, so maybe that’s why. 😉 That’s one thing I really liked about doing happy hours and similar group outings at Vapiano–the food and wine may be nothing to write home about, but I loved their system of swipe-cards for each individual. Clear and easy and no pleading with waitstaff to create separate checks. In my experience, even if the group members are well-meaning and intend to split the check according to who ordered what, someone ALWAYS gets stuck paying more than their share (especially if one or two people leave early and put in cash, but underestimate what they actually owe, when tax and tip are factored in.)

      • The Chinatown Vapiano is the go-to happy hour spot for a couple of social groups I’m involved with. The location is central, and the card system makes it easier for people to show up late/leave early and order whatever they want. Totally hassle-free.

    • If its only 4 or less in a party, then splitting check is fine. But anything over 5 is just a hassle. One of my pet peeves is going out dinner with a large group and having to people want to break the bill down item by item. I have even people start taking out calculators lol.

      Like somebody said below, one person always end up paying more, when you split it. How much should I charge you for taking a wing out of the appetizer, or some chips? lol

      • Yeah, I mean, we we’re a group of 5-6 we try not to nitpick over shared items like appetizers (unless it’s something like an appetizer that only 2 people wanted and it was pricey and those two people ate the whole thing), or differences of a couple of dollars, since that usually evens out over time. The biggest disparity is definitely the number of drinks ordered, which is where we’re vigilant about dividing the check fairly. (Of if one person ordered an insanely expensive entree like steak, but we’re mostly vegetarians and flexitarians, so it’s not usually an issue.)

  • Rant: My partner says my comments on PoP are not funny. I think they must be standing out if he can find them without me pointing them out to him ! I don’t see any comments from him.
    Rant: Why do people make appointments to see rental and not show up.
    Rave: I think I am almost done with my report at work.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Caught up in my own bad mood I forgot about the people I love who have things happening today.

    Good luck to Pucci & Cricket at try-outs!
    Prayers and good thoughts to Peacesparkle’s Dad who is having surgery today!

  • Rave: Got married this past weekend and it was amazing. Friends came from all across the country and the world (Ethiopia!), after a day of torrential downpours the weather in Newport was beautiful, and I was so incredibly happy.
    Rant: I was so sad when everyone had to go home – it really was a weekend roller coaster of emotions. Plus, lack of vacation time means back at work already.
    Rave: A few awesome things to look forward to helps with the post-wedding blues. Picking up our new adopted Beagle this Friday and only 37 days to the honeymoon!

  • rant: somehow someone used my credit card # to buy 60 dollars of booze at a liquor store right across the DC-MD border, plus 20 bucks worth of crap at a Baltimore 7-11
    rave: Bank of America notified me this morning of the “irregular activity”.

    Anyone know how such a thing is done? I still have my CC, didn’t lose it or have it stolen…

    • This happened to my boyfriend a few months back. We had just been grocery shopping at Giant, and not more than an hour later he got a call from his credit card company saying someone was using his cc# in Maryland. They had already racked up over $200 in charges, even without having the actual card. Turns out, there’s a way for scammers to grab your cc # when it’s run thru a point-of-sale machine. Not sure how it actually happens, but it can and does

      • Yeah, or if you ever use your card at a restaurant it’s easy for someone to steal the number. But it’s not like you can give the cashier at 7-11 a cc # and expect to pay for your purchase. I’m curious about this too.

    • That happened to me a couple of months ago. My bank called to tell me that my card was being used in England. I haven’t been to England in over 20 years. Someone must have cloned the card. They refunded the money to my account and sent me a new card. No problems since then with that or any other cards.

    • That’s happened twice with my debit card. One time, the charges were in Paris (and were surrounded by charges at Safeway and CVS so it was clear I wasn’t even in Paris at the time–if only!). The second time was a small charge ($4 or so) to a business outside of Baltimore, which was a little more confusing at first because I do go to Baltimore regularly (although I was not there at the time of the debit authorization). The small charge was weird (I figured, wouldn’t you go all out if you had a stolen number?) but my bank told me that sometimes, thieves put through a small charge first, just to see if the card number is good; then, after the charge goes through they’ll try bigger charges later. (Or sometimes, if a numbers thief is selling a batch of stolen numbers, the buyer will ask for a test run of small charges, to ensure that the credit/debit card numbers they’re buying are still valid.) Lesson being, it helps to always be super-vigilant, even for small charges on your cards.

  • Someone put dog poop in my planters on the back patio. Who does that???

  • Rant: My mother making contacts and trying to set up informational meetings on my behalf and telling me after the fact. Because she just can’t help herself despite the fact that I am a gainfully employed adult and have been for quite some time. I need to send her the CNN helicopter parent article. Quit it, mom!!

    • Woah, that’s nuts. How old are you?

    • This is something my mother would do. I’ve talked myself blue in the face explaining to her how it only drives us apart, but nothing I say matters. Now we don’t talk at all. 🙁

    • I hire people and do informational interviews all the time. Tell your mothers that if someone other than the interested party (especially his or her mother!) contacts me on the person’s behalf, I am not interested. Your mothers are doing you a huge disservice, because if you ever need to contact these people in your careers they will have zero respect for you.

  • GiantSquid

    Revel: Mom is back for round 2 of caretaking. Going to treat her to a pedicure.
    Revel: Maybe she’ll drive me to get my new tattoo.
    Revel: Gorgeous weather today. A lot more comfortable to get my daily walk in and walk a little farther.

  • RAVE: Greek Deli!!! My OB’s office is right across the street, so one of the positives to being on a weekly visit schedule is that I get to have Spanikopita, orzo, and baklava once a week. Happy belly happy baby 🙂

  • RAVE: Getting my bathroom redone in my condo.
    RANT: Unpleasant AND RUDE building management making the process incredibly difficult and tedious for my contractors.

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