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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Sunday morning I got an email from this woman asking me some times I’m available to interview this week. I replied back, giving her some possibilities, but I have yet to hear back from her.

    Rave: I’m loving that it’s cooling off outside!

  • rant: Probably an oversight on our part, but the car dealership we bought our new car from failed to inform us of the great hybrid car discounts if you live in DC. No sales tax and discounted vehicle registration. We paid full amount for both. Additionally, we told the dealership about 10 times that we needed a residential parking permit on the registration. When we went to pick up our tags, was there residential parking? nope. They said they’re working on these issues, but I have little doubt they give a crap on either issue. I’m so irritated.

    rant: very much enjoyed the downpour on my way to the metro this morning! Me thinks it’s time to upgrade to actual adult sized umbrellas that help keep the rain away from a whole adult body! lol

    • Sound s like Radley Acura

      • nope. we bought a Ford

        • Did you transfer plates over? In that case the DC DMV should have automatically sent the new RPP sticker when the dealer submitted the paperwork. I was pleasantly surprised by this, I thought I’d have to buy a new sticker and go through a whole process to explain why I couldn’t turn in the old sticker that I forgot to take off the windshield of the old car.

          • no, different plates – DC’s plate system is weird (we got a hybrid, they have special plates or something?) That’s what we were told anyway. And getting a RPP shouldn’t be difficult if the dealership is doing everything properly

          • I think you might have been sold a bill of goods. I’m thinking about buying a hybrid so am interested, and I couldn’t find anything on DC DMV about different plates or registration for hybrids (though did see the reduced registration and excise tax info).

        • novadancer

          We bought a new Ford last night 🙂 I am going to make sure they know we need to residential parking pass – there was no mention of that so thanks for the reminder!

  • Rant: Sick.
    Rave: Smoothies and tea and rainy days.
    Rant: In the middle of a good book (and another good one on deck) and I can’t just spend all day reading it!
    Rave: Mom visiting this week (starting tomorrow night).

  • jack5

    Rave: Beach trip last weekend went well aside from really bad traffic going down there, everything else was flawless.

    Rant: Just saw the Walter Reed reconstruction pitches and I really don’t get why everyone is so hung up on Harris Teeter and Whole Foods. They’re really overpriced and most of the certified organic food is a lie in these places. Any new/modern and perpetually clean supermarket would be ideal to me. Everyone’s so hung up on turning DC into a larger scale Bethezda, it’s a shame. I’d rather have an international market with independent mom & pop stores at the community center, not some sterile/polished/common/expensive Pleasantville that can be found anywhere else in Virginia or MD.

    Rant: Hit with 300$ bill at the vet for 3 days of boarding for just 3 days… They said his vaccinations were out of date, I really need to keep copies of my records with them, they pull this every time.

    Rant: Ex casually slithering back around and acting like she never left… Not gonna let it happen. Too much self respect.

    • I think you’re mistaken about Harris Teeter. They’re not like Whole Foods at all and not overpriced either. They’re basically like a cheaper Giant or a nicer Safeway.

      • jack5

        Yeah, but they’re gonna saturate the area if we’re not careful… I’m not really into any of the big stores, Even Wal-Mart and Target are getting into the supermarket biz…

        I would prefer something authentic like an international outdoor marketplace (nicely done of course). Being able to go to that area for authentic Pho, Curry, Peruvian Chicken, or Ramen, and other international foods would be really cool. Just another generic outdoor shopping plaza with streets though it and a boring ice skating rink won’t do for me.

        If you notice, the new developments I speak of rarely have a good balance of authentic ethnic food because they are too sterile to attract those types of restaurants. When a sterile development is created, they usually attract big retailers that pull out if sales aren’t good and then these retailers are the first to close shop if sales are bad leaving a vacant strip mall with expensive condos above it.

        • What you’re suggesting sounds great, but that’s not a replacement for a grocery store.

          • jack5

            There’s a huge Safeway just 3 blocks away from Walter Reed, There’s also a Huge Giant in Silver Spring just north of there too. I wouldn’t be against them putting a Supermarket on WR, there’s tons of space there, I’m just worried about these supermarkets being the focal point of all of the new developments in DC.

            A shopping center with an international food market like Union Market would also be just as good a choice. And it would attract more internationally diverse restaurants.

            Costco is generally bad in my view because it creates exclusive property (for only people that buy memberships) that doesn’t encourage community growth.

    • epric002

      why do you say that the food labeled as organic isn’t? i disagree with 10:39 anon- i find HT overpriced for a usually mediocre selection.

      • I think the prices are on par with Safeway but the stores are a lot cleaner and better stocked. Giant’s the one that’s overpriced.

        • epric002

          HT’s produce section is terrible. i agree that they’re usually cleaner, but they generally have fewer options for dry goods. i’ll take a safeway or a giant over HT most days.

          • HT produce on Kalorama (as the other Annonymoust notes below) is great, definitely better than the Safeway on Columbia Road. Haven’t been to any other HT in the District though…

          • Right, that’s why I said it is nothing like Whole Foods (WF=great produce, overpriced; HT=weak produce, reasonably priced)

          • Also, I disagree about the dry goods at HT (and their generics are quite good). But most of what I buy is produce so I’m not the best judge of what constitutes a good cereal selection or whatever.

      • It really varies by location. I find that the HT on Kalorama has great produce, but the other two, not so much…

    • the service in Harris Teeter is about 1000 times better than either Giant of Safeway. I go out of my way to avoid Giant in Columbia Heights. I like whole foods but quite frankly that don’t have as much organic produce as they used to. I don’t get the hype on farmers markets. I like to visit the one in Columbia Heights but nothing, especially the “dirty dozen” is ever available organic so why don’t people just go across the street to Giant and pay less? Is it just the fact that white hipsters love the idea of buying from the farmer even though his crap is just as covered in pesticide as the crap at Giant?
      Don’t even get me started on the sad little market Friday afternoons in my own ‘hood Petworth.

      • Not everyone cares about buying organic. I like farmer’s market produce because it’s usually a lot more flavorful.

      • 1st off, I’m going to organize a non-white all-hipster carrot mob at the Petworth market next Friday just to appease you.

        2nd, I like farmer markets because it allows you to buy in season local produce that was just picked. The produce is not covered in wax, hasn’t been shipped across the country, and isn’t in a styrofoam or plastic container. It’s just fresh produce from your local farmer.

        • Heh, I like farmers markets too, but they are way more expensive than Whole Foods and Whole Foods has excellent produce. As much as I’d like to buy locally, I can’t afford to.

          Also, not in response to this comment, but the Safeway on 17th Street is more expensive than WF on P Street. I know people like to hate on WF for being expensive, but that’s only because they go in there and come out with fancy cheeses and beer. I closely watch the prices on the same items they sell and almost always the Safeway is more expensive.

      • gotryit

        Just because it isn’t organic doesn’t mean that it’s slathered in pesticides. Try asking the person who grew it and you’ll likely get a better response about what they used.

      • Buying local permits you to buy produce that was harvested later in its development, therefore should be more ripe.

        As for “organic” farming, there is no consensus about the benefits of eating organic. Just like dietary supplements, it based on shaky science that has been widely criticized. These lifestyle choices have been adopted by people who are pretty skeptical of all things corporate and believe that academia is generally in the pocket of corporations. i.e. if a university or a company says something its automatically suspect because they’re trying to turn a profit and science will, by its nature, never justify the side that wants to make a profit.

        So, yeah, organic is questionable. Buying local allows you to get better tasting produce.

        • I posted a response to this. It had a link in it, so maybe it’s still being moderated, or maybe popville didn’t like it, who knows. To sum it up though: you’re spewing nonsense. There are a ton of benefits to eating organic (backed by real science, nothing shaky about it). The chemicals used in agriculture don’t just vanish. Do a bit of research on the topic before you judge people the way you have.

          • Yeah, ok, sport.

            From the Mayo Clinic:
            Organic food: Is it more nutritious?

            The answer isn’t yet clear. A recent study examined the past 50 years’ worth of scientific articles about the nutrient content of organic and conventional foods. The researchers concluded that organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs are comparable in their nutrient content. Research in this area is ongoing.

          • I appreciate your close-mindedness on the topic. Makes this somewhat funny to me. Anyways, there’s a lot more to organic farming than nutrition content.

      • Emmaleigh504

        The produce at my farmer’s farm stand (Star Hollow Farm) is a bazillion times more flavorful than what you get at the grocery store. They also have more varieties of tomatoes. And if there’s a weird new fruit or veg I can ask the actual farmer about it and he will offer recipes.

      • a lot of times the farmers at farmers’ markets use integrated pest management, fewer pesticides, or even practices that would qualify for organic certification, but just don’t want to pay to be certified…it isn’t cheap!

    • I would love to see an H Mart in DC.

      • I would love some tips on how to shop at H Mart. The familiar-to-me produce always looks a little sad; I don’t know what to do with most of the rest of it. What are your favorite things to get there?

        • Which h mart(s) have you been to? I found the ones in MD to have not so great produce, but the huge on in Fairfax generally has good produce. Their prices at all their locations such as heck beat any DC grocery store….

        • I tend to try to recreate dishes that I see at Chinese/Japanese/Korean restaurants. Lots of greens and others types of variations on traditional vegetables–Chinese broccoli, Bok Choy, baby Bok Choy and the mushrooms are great . I also really like their seafood selection and pre-made Korean stuff, especially the kim chi and marinated meats. It’s also pretty reasonable so if you can, buy something that you don’t know and then do some web searches on what to do with it.

  • Rave: Yesterday, I had a long, lunch time phone call with my best friend who just moved away from DC.

    Rant: I really, really miss her.

    Rave: Lots of exciting changes going on in the lives of the people I love. When did our decisions get so grown up?

    Rave: I think (fingers crossed) that wedding plans are finally coming together. I’m just ready to be married.

  • Rant: Woke up this morning with sore throat – got creamy stawberry cough drops and a big thing of water…slow day at work so hopefully this will do the trick! I do not want to get sick!!!
    Rave: Pretty excited – my roomates girl friend is moving to go to grad school – far far away from DC. I finally get my best friend back and since I am recently single we will both be in the same boat and can hit the town together.
    Random: That new bar by the KBC people looks sweet! Hot dogs are making a big come back…and cheap beer is always good for me. There really does need to be more places like this especially in ‘Mid-Town’ area (aka my neighborhood)

  • Rave: Cooking up a storm, feeding the masses — homemade lamb sausages with sun dried tomatoes and feta cheese on an an eggplant relish, with plum sorbet for dessert; grilled Tuscan-style beef with lemon, killer olive oil, parsley and capers with fresh tomato and corn. Son and girlfriend talking across the table, girlfriend swears that her emotionally delicate housemate is doing better since I’ve been feeding her. I have the liver of an Irishman but the soul of a Jewish mama.

    Rant: Tall, handsome kid with the hip haircut and perfect tan headed to work at 10AM in flipflops, no doubt smiling because that same girl is going to back in his room when he gets home. I want to be young, stupid and have summers like that again.

    • You’re lucky I’m eating lunch right now, otherwise I’d hunt you down and force you to cook me food stat. Irving St is not that long, you know. /I meant to say that sounds really delicious.

      • We’re easy to fijnd. This time of year we eat most of the good meals out on the front porch. Just walk down the street on a Saturday night, listening for the music (if it’s EDT, it’s my son and all you’ll get is PBR) and conversation and looking for the candles hanging down from the proch ceiling. You might get there in time for the cheese course. A sturdy red always goes well. 😉

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rant: Migraine hangover

  • MsNesbitt

    Rant: The office microwave has been “out of order” for three weeks now, which means I haven’t been able to make my usual breakfast at work for three weeks. Like a dummy, I keep coming in each morning and hoping it’s been fixed, so I don’t bring a back-up breakfast. It’s 10:30 and I am starving! Double rant because I know we purchased a new microwave, but no one has installed it yet. If I thought I was allowed to, I would install the damn thing myself.
    Rave: Week-long vacation in Newport, RI starting on Saturday! Any suggestions/recommendations on things to do and places to go?

    • What’s your usual breakfast? I find that most things are good at room temp (the only thing I ever heat up is soup).

      • MsNesbitt

        I usually make instant oatmeal. Need the microwave to turn it from oats into a meal 😉

        • I just mix in hot water from the spout on the side of the coffee machine. Do you have one of those?

        • Do you have hot water for tea? That can work if you cover it for a minute or two.

        • If you have a kettle or a hot water spout on a water bubbler/office coffee pot that will also work (sorry if this seems obvious, but when our office microwave conked out I didn’t think to switch methods for a few days).

          • MsNesbitt

            No! Our “staff kitchen” is legitimately a counter with a microwave and a fridge. No running water, unless I use the bathroom sink and I’m sorry, that grosses me out.

          • Yeah, don’t resort to using bathroom water. Just bring something different tomorrow. Besides, that will mean the microwave will be installed when you get in tomorrow morning. 🙂

        • Make overnight oatmeal! Add the water to it the night before, let it sit in the fridge overnight, and eat it cold the next day. I usually do regular oatmeal and add agave and fruit to it. Nomm

          • Blithe

            Or get a thermal cup. Warm, cooked oatmeal will stay that way, and instant oatmeal plus boiling water will turn into breakfast during your commute. I used to do this when I had a job with No access to a microwave.

    • Most eat breakfast off the clock, at home? Do you work for the gov’t?

      • What? That’s a bizarre comment. I’ve never worked at a place that didn’t let me eat at my desk whenever I wanted.

        • Yeah really. Weird comment.

        • I guess it depends who/where you work for. IMO one should not eat breakfast at work and claim you are working as hard as the person next to you who ate at home – they have both hands ready to type and can answer the phone without a full mouth. Lunch is ok because most employers expect you will take 1/2 – 1 hour to eat while surfing the net.

          • What if the breakfast eater is eating less for lunch and therefore spending 50% less time chewing during the lunch hour?

          • epric002

            do you also deduct points from people who take more bathroom breaks than you think is appropriate? i’m with anon at 12:06- you sound a little nutty.

          • Plenty of people spend time at work chatting with co-workers about things that aren’t work-related. Are you deducting for that too?
            (I don’t spend much time doing the extraneous chatting… but I do usually eat breakfast at work.)

          • There are a billion ways to be at work but not working, I don’t see what’s special about eating at one’s desk in particular.

          • MsNesbitt

            What if I’m eating with one hand and scrolling through emails or other documents that require reading, but no response, with the other? Seems like a capable employee should be able to multitask breakfast and work for the whole… 10 minutes it takes to eat oatmeal.

          • Or what about smoke breaks? The guy across from me takes one every 15 minutes. As long as someone’s getting their work done and is fairly responsive to email/phone calls I don’t see what the problem is.

      • Off the clock? Do you work in a factory or something?

      • epric002

        oh come off it. microwaving a bowl of instant oatmeal and eating it at your desk is a problem? give me a break.

        • Rant: ass-hats who think staff eating breakfast at their desk shouldn’t be allowed.

          • It’s a mistaken idea of how to increase staff productivity. Good employers know that allowing staff to make personal calls from their desks, take non-official breaks, gossip at the microwave, etc. leads to more, not less productivity. I’d be willing to bet that Ms Nesbitt works harder and likes her job more for being able to eat some oatmeal while scanning reports half an hour after she gets to work than if she had to change her whole morning routine to eat before she gets there.

          • It’s counterproductive. If you eat frequently you have more energy than the person that eats one huge meal at lunch.

    • My rant is that I didn’t get a chance to buy groceries or cook this weekend, so I’m down to fruit and yogurt for lunch (at least I have that!).

    • Oh man! Im from Newport. Take a drive around the ocean drive, see neil at Coffey’s Citgo for directions anywhere! Go to brunch or have drinks at Castle Hill. If you have dinner ask for Carl. It would be a good place to stop while on the Ocean Drive. Second (satchuetts) beach over 1 (eastons) beach for sure. Surfers end is the best. Unless you want a real local local beach. Right by the “rich” peoples beach is Rejects beach. Its a local place only accessible by foot. Oh and you will want to walk to the cliff walk! If you like nature head to the Norman Bird Sanctuary! So much to do! Downtown is nice too and the nightlife is great. I can recommend bars if you let me know what scene you would be into. There is the pretty blue blood scene, the local surfer scene, the local local scene, the frat / college scene, the dance crowd…Newport has it all! Ahhh RI the biggest little state in the union!

      • MsNesbitt

        Awesome! Thanks for all the recs. As for the bar/nightlife scene, I’ll be there with my family, so would be looking for both places that my parents could go (cool and fun, but age appropriate) and also places where my siblings and I could go sans parents (not fratty/college, but not stiff either).

        • No Problem. For a fun time without the college scene but also with some action I would head to Clarke Cooke House with the parents. Then you may want to go to the Pelham or Blue Cafe for music!

          Also, if you go by the gas station (citgo in the center of town) talk to neil and let him or Billy know tim sent ya!

      • My girlfriend’s family owns a place in Newport. I’ve only been once (last summer, had a great time on 2nd Beach) but we will try to go again in September. What’s the best place for surfing? I surf regularly in Virginia Beach, but I want to hit some NE swells in September.

        • Surfing…well tuckerman’s reef on tuckerman’s lane by second beach (ask a local) and if it is swelling then the world famous Ruggles reef (near 40 steps on the ocean drive). You may just want to stay at the surfers end at second (the end with the big rock the jets out to the water.)

          • Thanks for the suggestions. What are the decent bars in town? Surfer bars and dance music are good. Not into the cheesy guido scene or frat bros.

    • Unless it’s one of those hanging under the cabinet models, the “installation” of a microwave is sitting it on the counter and plugging it in. I’d be pretty angry if no one had found the time to do that and I wasn’t allowed to do it myself. Even if it is a hanging one, that shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes. Unacceptable!

      • MsNesbitt

        It hangs, but come on – it’s a five minute job! Thanks for the solidarity.

      • At my office our microwave has been broken for over a month. We get weekly updates saying they’e working on fixing it and ordering parts and such nonsense and giving us a date a couple weeks out when the microwave will be fixed. Seriously, this must cost more than buying a new microwave.

  • Hola popville! Miss you all people.

    Raves for past two weeks: ridiculously cheap produce, meat, wine in Mallorca. Warm mediterranean water. Sleeping for ten hours a day.
    Rants: i cant tell spanish from catalan. Nothing is labeled at the meat shop and when buying flank steak the butcher brought out half a cow for me to point at which piece i wanted. Really miss good beer!

    • andy

      Any tips on vacationing for cheap in Spain?

      and I think Catalan vs. Spanish is a pain unless you’re good at one or the other, but I have the vague impression that Spanish has less consonant clusters and consonants at ends of words than French.

  • mtpgal

    Rant: The kid got me sick.
    Rave: Spending the day in bed with a book and hot cocoa!

  • Five years today since my father died.

    Rant – that happened

    Rave – I like to think that the way I conduct my business and personal lives would make him proud. I hope.

    • I share both your rant (3 years in September for my father) and your rave. Nearly 3 years later and not 1 day goes by w/o thinking about him.

    • As a Dad, my hope is that someday your Rave will be shared by my child.

      • I’m a dad too and had the same thought. My dad is gone. I loved him and miss him, but, truth be told, he was not a good parent. Anon 10:57 & 11:19, you were both apparently blessed with fine fathers. It’s heartening to see that you appreciate it.

      • Thank you both for your words. I was blessed to have my father (and my mother, but thankfully don’t have that particular rant yet).

  • Rave: I have the option of a place 0.3 miles from metro with roommates or my own basement apartment 0.5 from metro by myself that is slightly cheaper.
    Rant: I need to make a decision and being a carless person that extra 0.2 can add up over time.

    • Is there a bus that could take you to metro? I think .5 miles is not so bad, but nice to have a bus option that will take you home from metro if you are carrying heavy stuff or tired/cold/whatever.

      • 0.3 miles in either direction to two different metro stations. One is only every 1-520 minutes though. So it is kind of a toss up.

    • epric002

      are you an introvert or an extrovert? as an intro, i’d go for the basement apt by myself. i have a .4 mi walk to metro and it’s really not bad at all.

    • I live .6 miles from the Metro, which I take every day to work (and have for the last 3.5 years). It really isn’t that bad (10-12 minute walk). Definitely a good way to start the day. That being said, I also live 1-2 blocks from both the 14th st and 16th st buses and right next to a capital bikeshare station, so I have plenty of other transportation options.

    • That’s always a tough decision. When I was renting I kept switching apartments every year. First I lived in a great location in a tiny apartment with a roommate, then when the roommate turned out to be insane I moved to a studio in Arlington, then I moved back into DC and got a rowhouse with a roommate but it was in a sketchy area… then I ended up back in a great location in a tiny apartment with a roommate. Then I sold my soul and lived in Fairfax County with my girlfriend for a few years before buying a house in DC!

    • Start biking or get a scooter, then the distance really doesn’t matter.
      I agree, that 0.2 really makes a big difference when you’re hoofing it by foot a few times per day.

    • 0.2 miles is only about 4 blocks or so. I would choose to walk the 4 blocks and live alone, though when I was younger, I probably would have valued the companionship of roommates. In short, I suggest going with the living situation that is more appealing to you and not worrying so much about the extra distance to Metro. If you choose the farther option, just tell yourself you’ll be getting some extra exercise!

    • For me the difference in distance to metro would not be enough to tip the scales. I’d go with whichever place/situation/budget appeals more to you. In the long run those factors will have a bigger impact on your overall quality of life than walking a couple of blocks, that part will just get rolled into your routine.

  • Rant: They guy I was excited to start dating dropped a bomb last night – his ex thinks she’s pregnant. BOOM

    • epric002

      eeeek! if she really is pregnant: run away! (jmo)

      • Even if she “thinks”: run away. That means unprotected sex, which means disease!

        • epric002

          no, no, no. a baby that is not yours means (to me) run away. unprotected sex (which just about every sexually active person on this planet will have at some point in their lives) means you both get an STI panel. also, it is entirely possible to conceive while having “protected” sex.

        • um, I think that’s a bit of a jump? Condoms break. Also, as a person who was in a long-term (4 year) relationship with my ex we would get checked out every 6 months or so and lived together and knew we were not messing around. How does responsible, committed, unprotected sex lead to disease?

        • Settle down, Francis.
          Maybe they were having unprotected sex because they were in a longterm relationship? Uh, that’s pretty reasonable and common. That said, the whole birth issue would give me pause (e.g. did he have unprotected sex, knowing that she was not on BC? Or did she try to “slip one past the goalie” in a batshit insane attempt to “keep her man”?)

          • OP here – I think she pulled the goalie without telling him. They were in a long term relationship that ended. I think this is a last-ditch effort and I’m not actually convinced she’s pregnant. However, if this is the type of drama this guy gets into then I can’t say I’m interested in that!

          • epric002

            thanks OP for chiming in. on the one hand totally agree that i’d not be interested in that kind of drama, but on the other hand it sounds like she is drama, not necessarily that he is, and in his defense he did just break up with said drama. mebbe give it some time to cool down, find out if she is really preggers or just crazy, and see how he deals with the whole thing? good luck.

          • @ Anonymous at 12:22
            That’s really sad and I feel bad for the guy.
            Same thing happened to my brother – his girlfriend went off BC and did not tell him. They had sex while they were broken up and she got pregnant. My brother loves his son to the ends of the earth, but he hates that the mother – and the drama that follows her wherever she goes – will be a part of his life forever.
            Please ladies – no matter how lonely you feel, a child will NOT solve your problems and fix your relationship. Very, very sad.

          • epric002

            anon @ 12:33- that is so sad and awful. another (unfortunate) reason that a male pill would be awesome- both parties are responsible for their own reproductive choices, and 1 party can’t sabotage the other. using a child in that way is just inconceivable (hehe, pardon the pun :))

          • Happened to an ex in college. Fortunately the girl was lying!

          • “a male pill would be awesome- both parties are responsible for their own reproductive choices, and 1 party can’t sabotage the other”. If men were more serious about responsibility than about their own pleasure, they could just wrap it up. Problem 99.5% solved.

          • Unfortunately, even with a male pill, a lot of sabatoge would still happen, it just wouldn’t be the same type. Messing with the birth control of a wife/girlfriend (by switching out the pills for something similar looking, hiding the pills, etc.) is a common tactic used by abusive men to keep women in relationships with them.

          • epric002

            anon @ 1:18. meh, condoms suck. as a female, i’d prefer men have a male pill option as well.

          • epric002

            @ KMB. got that. let me remove “pill” from the equation, and instead express my desire for males and females to have safe, effective, long-term birth control optionS available to them. other than female oral contraceptives and condoms. (yes, i know that other female options exist, but am not aware of any for males)

        • There seems to be some conflation/confusion here of protection against (most) STIs and protection against pregnancy.
          Many people use condoms to cover both. Some people in long-term committed relationships don’t use the first kind of protection, only the second (e.g., the pill, Depo-Provera, IUD).
          Current use of protection against STIs does not mean that a person has no STIs.
          If the OP thinks that the dude has a cavalier attitude toward either kind of protection, that would be good reason to bail. It doesn’t sound like that’s necessarily the case here… but if the ex-girlfriend is indeed pregnant, goes through with the pregnancy, and keeps the baby, then the guy is going to be a father. And as epric002 was saying, that’s something the OP might well not want to deal with.

    • hahahaha no way!

    • Been there, it’s difficult because it’s a situation he hasn’t been in and you both think you can handle it, but when that little thing pops out, it turns out badly for you hon. The BM will run with it.

    • When did we stop using STDs and change to STIs??

      • When enough people with STDs (think baby boomers) complained.

      • I can remember the good old days when we just said “VD”. Times were simpler then.

        • epric002

          i worked in a prosecutor’s office right after college, and amongst the myriad letters we received from crazy people was one scrawled on jaggedly cut construction paper accusing the “racist police officers who gave me and my mother the VD”. the sender was also kind enough to enclose photocopies of their identification cards. that’s my VD story 🙂

          • Did you investigate things like that? Even though the presentation of the letter indicated craziness, I would not be surprised if the claims turned out to be true.

          • Ha! Good one. It’s a good thing when your VD story doesn’t involve your own V or D.

          • epric002

            anon @ 2:36- uh, probably not. i can’t recall whether this letter contained the pubic hair clippings as evidence of “the VD” or whether that was another crazy letter. i’m not aware of many offices that have the resources to investigate allegations that are reported in this manner, and you would be shocked at how many similarly crazy phone calls/letters/visits we received.

          • Yeah, I understand. That’s still sad, though.

  • Rave: Awesome weekend on a trip with some truly great friends. Every now and then, it’s good to get out, get crazy, and forget to be an adult for a bit. Sunburns, late nights, eating poorly yet deliciously, and general lackadaisicalness was mighty excellent.
    Rave: Back to the office today and it feels great. I don’t always always always love my job, but for the most part it’s great to wake up and be excited. Even if sometimes I only pretend I know what I’m doing.
    Rant: Comcast. Getting charged close to $75 for ending our contract early. Sigh – lesson learned.

    • $75 isn’t that bad. DirecTV charged me something like $300 (and I didn’t really want to end the contract, but I was moving to a building where they couldn’t install the satellite).

  • pablo .raw

    Rave (or Rant?): I was selected for a cruise to the Bahamas for $59!!! and I didn’t take it!!!!
    Rave: The internetz and all the community knowledge about scams, etc.
    Rave: No Sir, I won’t give you my credit card number, nor I’ll consider your other offers or click on any links.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Lunch was kind of gross. Not what I was expecting.
    Super Duper Rave: Baby tooth doesn’t have to be pulled! Rough edges smoothed down and I’m good to go for a few more years!

  • Rant: A Frontier Airlines employee called me dumb during a dialogue at the airport almost two weeks ago. Her supervisor found it amusing and did not bother to even look up as I relayed the situation to him; he simply stated, “ma’am, she apologized, what more do you want?” I emailed their customer service with no response for the past two weeks. I am about to start an anti-Frontier Facebook page because I have felt that the interactions that I had with them were all negative and it seems that customer service training is not in their business plan. Does anyone know if legally, I am allowed to use their name in the site with no legal ramification from them. I just think that the service is so poor and the fact that they did not acknowledge it at all due to my lack of actually talking to any human resources member or training is frustrating.

    • Dude, relax. Everything will be that much better.

    • I also agree that you probably need to drop this. But if it is still bothering you, write into the post travel chat and ask if there is a higher up complaint line to send the complaint to. I wouldn’t start a FB page. Don’t know the legal ramifications, but it just doesn’t seem prudent.

      • Writing to the Post travel chat would also probably air your grievance to more people than if you started an anti-Frontier FB page.

    • They are horrible! I had a fraudulent charge from them on my card, and i had to resort to google to figure out how to get to a live person on their end. And after a long long conversation where they asked me questions like have i ever lent a friend my credit card, promised to reverse the charges. And never did of course.

    • Posting honest reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc. will be more productive than starting a FB page.

  • Rant: DC removed two perfectly healthy trees from the corner of Florida and New Jersey, right across from the Post Office. Those were nice shade trees and protection from the elements at the bus stop right there. I never saw any markings or other notification that they would be taken down. Why???

    Rave: Giants vs Nats tonight!

  • skj84

    Rant: Flat broke. I need a second job. I hate working two jobs but my paycheck is stretched way too thin.

    Rant: I did a modeling gig in May and have not been paid for it. I’ve sent emails to the agency and called and nothing. At my wits end.

    Rant: Confirmed that the guy I friended on facebook is indeed a creeper. Deciding whether to unfriend or severely limit his access to my page.

    • Why wouldn’t you unfriend him? Seems like an easy decision.

      • Yeah. Not sure why you’re even debating.

        • skj84

          Because I will probably have to interact with him in real life(we belong to the same social circle) and don’t want any awkwardness.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Would he even notice? Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t keep tabs on who continues to friend me except for like 5 actual close friends. If 1 of them unfriended me there would be a phone call, other wise, who cares.

          • I like to keep my facebook circle really small and have unfriended tons of people over the years. Only one noticed and complained.

  • skj84

    To be honest probably not. I guess when someone I hang with unfriends me I always feel a little weird. I would never push the issue, but it bothers me.

    • andy

      you could always just say that you only keep up on a few people via facebook and are happier to see people face to face. segue to . . . so, how’re you doing? it’ll work! so unfriend away!

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