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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • GiantSquid

    Revel: A little over a week since back surgery and slowly but steadily getting better.
    Rant: I need to not be stupid and push myself too much. I have nothing to prove to anyone and there are people around to help.
    Rant: Bummed that I’m missing out on fun stuff like BBQs and seeing DC Cab last night at Duffy’s.
    Revel: Thankful I can do some of my work remotely. Was getting bored at home.
    Revel: Mom’s coming back to be my gopher tomorrow through the week while Mr. Squid’s at a local conference.

    • Glad you’re feeling better, Squid! Speaking from experience, don’t push yourself. I believe that I had to have my second hip surgery in (small) part because I pushed myself too hard in the beginning last year after my first surgery. I just never let my hip heal, which allowed the second tear.

      Also, Netflix is your friend. First month is free. If you currently do streaming and you’re bored of the streaming options, first month of DVDs is free (I found this out last week when a few things I wanted to watch were DVD only). So while I’m stuck at home I’m doing the free month of DVDs, then I’ll cancel. πŸ™‚

      And know that I totally feel your pain on boredom. I started contemplating going back to work this week and I had to remind myself of my first paragraph. I can guarantee that I am NOT doing this a third time!

      • GiantSquid

        I need something to work on while I watch movies otherwise I’ll shove food in my face. I ordered some Subversive Cross Stitch patterns but they haven’t come in yet. Thanks for the reminder about free Netflix! Was getting frustrated that just about everything worth watching on Apple TV wasn’t rentable.

        • I’m loving Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Definitely recommend! Also, if you haven’t watched Friday Night Lights (the series), it’s also damn good.

          • Oh, I just finished the book last night, so I am excited to start watching that this week.

            And Squid – I don’t shove food in my mouth simply because the meds my doc has me on make me not feel very well (even though I’ve been off the good stuff for days by now). Otherwise I’d be in the same boat. Plus, even if I was feeling well, having to get up on crutches to get food makes getting the food harder πŸ™‚

  • I have a question for the moms and moms-to-be. My summer tenant just found out she is pregnant, and is keeping the baby. She’s here for another two months and I want to make sure she’s as comfortable as possible, but I know she’s too polite to ask for anything. Is there anything I can do to make the accommodations better for her? I feel bad that our house has so many stairs, and that all her friends and family are on the other side of the world.

    • “is keeping the baby”

      This is a weird comment. Pregnant women are generally fine unless there are complications. They can walk and talk and climb stairs like the rest of us.

      • I’m not sure if I’d call the comment “weird”–maybe a little unusual in terms of the level of personal info that the average tenant might share with a landlord. But it sounds from the post like a) this girl is alone for the time being and got pregnant under not-ideal circumstances (hence she might have wrestled with whether or not to keep the baby); and b) the landlord is just trying to show a little care and concern for someone who’s going through a tough time with no other support network (and who is shy about asking for support).

        • Agreed. Sounds like the tenant got pregnant unexpectedly and maybe wasn’t entirely sure at first if she wanted to go through with the pregnancy.
          Not sure what the landlord can do to make things easier for the tenant, but I think this landlord sounds very conscientious and thoughtful.

      • Didn’t realize it was a weird question. I’ve never been pregnant and don’t know much about it, that’s all. I know you’re supposed to do things like give up your seat on the bus to a pregnant woman, so there are things one can do to make their lives a little easier right?

      • It sounds like the pregnancy is unplanned, so the “keeping the baby part” is not out of line. I think the OP’s heart is in the right place. This woman doesn’t have her support system nearby, she’s apparently here temporarily and it sounds like the father isn’t part of a serious relationship, unless I’m wrong and he’s leaving with her in 2 months.

        I think it’s good to check in with her and be there for support, but not hovering. Ask her if she wants to talk or be left alone. Carolyn Hax has good thoughts on how to support people, I recommend reading some of her columns.

        • really? you all don’t think it’s strange for a landlord to know this?

          • I don’t think it’s out of line to include it in the post, that was your initial comment. I do think it’s a bit strange for the landlord to know it, but apparently the tenant felt comfortable telling him/her.

          • I don’t think it’s weird for the landlord to know this (esp if they live in the house and are friendly with the tenant), but why include it in this question? It’s totally irrelevant to the information the OP is looking for.

      • More blunt than weird, imo. It’s basically saying “decided not to kill her child”.

      • Here’s a person who is actively showing concern for his/her fellow person, and you need to be snide about it. Twice. Way to be a jerk, Anonymous 10:32.

    • Think he/she is just looking for responses like “When I was pregnant I was really hot all the time so maybe you can keep the thermostat a bit lower.”

    • Please people, way to read into things too much and possible make a difficult situation worse, specially the last comment about “killing” Why don’t you just keep your thoughts contained to your bumper stickers.

      So as to the original question….
      when my wife was pregnant with both of my children I wanted to help in whatever way I could. As a landlord I would start by temperature. My wife was a million degrees while pregnant, sleeping above sheets in dead of winter. So maybe make sure the AC is working or get a window unit. Install a fan or buy some portable fans. That might help let her know you care and are thinking about her.

    • you aren’t responsible for her – pregnant women can basically do everything anyone else can as long as they listen to their bodies.
      Best thing is to be a good emergency contact for her. If she needs someone 24/7 to get to the doctor or help in case of an emergency, offer that. But really, I’d let her friends/family be her support network. As her landlords, it’s a bit odd. Maybe offer to cover the ‘move out cleaning’ so she doesn’t have to do it.

      • edit: if she has no support network, I’d say stick with offering to be there for her. Let her know you’re there and if there’s anything you can do to make anything easier, she should feel free to tell you, especially with the move.

      • Pregnant women may technically have the ability to do everything, and I’m sure every woman’s experience is different, but when I was pregnant, during the first few months, I was completely freaking EXHAUSTED. All the time. It took everything I had just to make it through the day at work. So maybe just some simple or occasional checking in might help–things like “how are you feeling? I’m going to the store, can I pick anything up for you?” And if the tenant seems like she’s feeling ok and has a good amount of energy and says “no thanks,” then the landlord knows not to hover.

    • the only thing i wanted to do in the first few months of pregnancy was sleep. so i’d say, just keep the noise down and be understanding if she is often resting.

    • Keep stinky or strong smelling or chemical things to a minimum. Morning sickness is a beyotch!

    • Thank you the suggestions about keeping the house cool, staying quiet, and avoiding smelly chemicals. I also appreciate those that defended me. I just want to do what I can as a landlord to help!

  • Rant: Made it all of 27 minutes before breaking down in tears at work. Losing family members, even when they’re obviously totally ready to go, stinks. It’s going to be a long day.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m sorry for your loss.

    • A rave (albeit, less earth shattering): Mothership is awesome for brunch. Food was fantastic, drinks were good, service was good (one of the owner’s stopped by to say hi), and there was no wait (unlike everything on 11th St. these days)! I hope they’re doing a good business.

      • I went to dinner at Mothership on Friday night. I also hope they’re doing a good business. It was pretty empty (maybe three parties at its peak including us), but on the plus side we were a party of eight and got seated immediately at the huge table in the middle of the restaurant.

        Also, we had a great experience, good food, great drinks, and great service (could be because the waitress only had two other table, but she was very nice and accommodating).

    • I’m sorry for your loss.

    • PDleftMtP

      No, knowing that it’s coming doesn’t really make it any better. It’s just a different flavor of awful. I’m sorry.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: My body is falling to pieces.
    Rave: Finally dealing with tooth that broke just before surgery. Appointment schedule for tomorrow.
    Rave: Tana French, one of my favorite authors, on the Diane Rehm show at 11 am today!

  • So MAJOR rant: we figured out last night that we have bed bugs. It doesn’t seem to be a bad infestation, and we seem to have caught it early, but we need to get it taken care of ASAP. Has anyone dealt with this and can recommend a good exterminator for the problem? Hopefully someone not too expensive as we are a little low on funds at the moment.

    • Oh, yes, we’ve been there, still dealing with that! But don’t worry- it can be dealt with! Just don’t try to treat on your own- a reputable pest control operator (PCO) will make all the difference, and they can use the chemicals in a much safer way than an untrained person can. Unfortunately my PCO is in Baltimore, and so that’s probably not much help.

      A couple of things, though: Have you actually seen a bed bug? If so, KEEP IT. Get a ziploc bag, and keep it for the PCO when they inspect. Any PCO who tells you that they’ll charge you a low flat fee, and will spray your house without any inspection, or without any physical evidence of bed bugs is not a reputable PCO, and you don’t want them in your home. The only reason we were able to get treatments started so quickly was that we saved a bug we caught, and that was enough for our PCO. If he hadn’t found any during his inspection (the little bloodsuckers are really good at hiding), he wouldn’t have been able to treat.

      Also, we’ve made friends with our washer and dryer- bed bugs can’t survive being washed and/or dried on high heat, so that has kept our clothes clean, and has minimized the risk of carrying them to work/friend’s houses/ our cars, etc. All of the clothes go straight from the dryer into those XXL Ziploc bags you can get at Target.

      We just had our 3rd and final treatment on Saturday, and it’s been about 3 weeks since either of us has been bitten, so we’re cautiously optimistic that we’ve got a handle on this. But things are so much better now! Good luck!

    • First thing I recommend is paying the $150 to have a dog come in and do an inspection. That will, at least, tell you where to concentrate your efforts and which rooms can be determined as “clean”. This is what we did after our hypochondriac ex-roommate freaked out and demanded that we spend thousands of dollars on an expensive exterminator, simply because she mistook “bug bites” for “bedbugs”. Fortunately, the dog inspection showed no signs of bedbugs and we saved ourselves a TON of money.

      Second, I recommend getting on Yelp or Angie’s List and checking out reviews. The level of treatment you need will depend on the severity of the infestations. You’ll need to toss all clothes and linens in the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat. Once the load is done, seal it up in garbage bags until the house is fully treated. You’ll need a jumbo box of garbage bags, so you might as well hit up CostCo and pick those up.

      • We used a company called American Pest Control (not American Pest – a different company) when they were found in one unit of a condo building. They inspected all the surrounding units and found nothing, then treated the infected unit by drilling tiny holes along the baseboards and injecting some chemical. All the clothing had to be bagged up, but bedding left open. This was July 2011 and there have been no problems since.

  • Rave: First date on Saturday went well enough
    Rant: Left her a message yesterday saying I’d like to see here again this weekend, haven’t heard back
    Rave: Eh, just chalk it up to the dating experience if I don’t hear back from her
    Rave: Operation Beat Down Depression is still working well… not hearing back from a date the day after would have wrecked me. But all I want to really do is get through a productive Monday work day and go bike riding on the trails.

  • Rave: 2 job interviews this week.
    Rant: got a job offer on Thursday night. Got an email last night saying they had to “resend” the job offer. Is it so bad that I want my potential employers to be able to use English properly?

    • Definitely not, because this mistake changes the meaning of the sentence. That’s why grammar & spelling is so important!

    • Ehh… not quite sure what the OP’s objection is — in GPO style, a lot of words that are hyphenated elsewhere are unhyphenated.
      Or would you find “re-send” equally objectionable?

      • I think they said “resend” when they meant to say “rescind.”

        • Ahhh, OK. Without the context, I thought that the employer had made the offer via phone or something, but something had gone wrong with the formal “offer letter” and the admin person was going to have to send it again.

          That IS crummy, both on the offer being rescinded and on the correct-language front. πŸ™

          • The rescinding is no biggie since it was for a (slightly less) crappy job to replace my current crappy job. The language and the run-on paragraph bother me though.

      • The problem is I wouldn’t know if they did a typo on re-send or didn’t know how to spell rescind. Well, unless there were contextual clues, like they had attached a different version of the offer letter. Which, if they did, I would read very carefully to see what they changed.

      • I think it was meant to be rescind…

    • One more rant: My phone interview was to be at 11:00 this morning. It’s 11:18 and still no phone call.
      Rave: I suppose it’s good to know what sort of Mickey Mouse operation I’m dealing with before I’m in too deep?

      • ‘mickey mouse operation’ — jajaja. Well done!

      • novadancer

        it’s not just small companies who are disorganized. Hubby had a 3rd phone interview with amazon (web services division) and not only did they never call, HR never followed up when he emailed about the potential “mix up”.

        • I work for a big IT contractor who forgot to send me my offer letter. When I called to follow up on our interview, the guy that interviewed me realized it was still sitting on his desk!

  • Rant: Violence in my ‘hood. Anyone have any info on the stabbing in Barracks Row? Seemed really odd that something like that would happen during such a busy time.

    • GiantSquid

      Not once, but twice in the same weekend! Since I live a few blocks away, I’d love some details.
      PS: Howdy neighbor!

    • I’m curious about that too. The place is absolutely mobbed with tourists on a Saturday afternoon; how was someone brazen enough to do that?

    • I posted in the other thread. MPD-1D didn’t list that Friday night incident in its report. It did list the Saturday afternoon incident though.

  • Rant: Saw bikes getting stolen at Sherman and Monroe Friday night. Friend called the cops, they got there a couple minutes after they took off with the bikes and said they couldn’t do anything until the owners reports the bikes as stolen.
    Rave: Interview today!

  • Rant: Hungover. Second Sunday in a row I polished off a liter of vodka. A little worried that i am on PTO next week.

    • Sounds like you know you have an issue. Now take courage and look into how to address it. Sincerely, best of luck to you.

      • What a weird comment.

        • Weird? The posters said he drank a LITER of vodka and seemed to suggest concern about repeating this in upcoming free time (PTO).

          • +1. I too was thinking, “Whoa, sounds like the OP has a problem,” and was concerned that maybe he/she wasn’t aware that it was a problem.

          • Thanks. Actually it helps seeing my “secret” revealed.

          • I’m working through the same issue, unfortunately without much success. Wade into the water of healing. It will be strange, it may hurt but it sounds as if you are coming to the realization (like me), that this is what you must do. It is your destiny.Look for trusted partners, know your triggers and avoid them and begin your move to a better life.

  • Revel: Nats
    Rant: Braves

  • Rant: Exhausted.
    Rave: From an awesome, active weekend with family.
    Rave: Having incredibly cooks in the family who make dinner for all.
    Rant: Sore…
    Rave: Managed a decent race in the 5 mile family memorial road race and my team won in the family soccer match!!

  • MsNesbitt

    Rave: Made some good progress on unpacking and setting up the new place. Just a few more touches and it will really start to feel like home.
    Rant: Foot pain since March. It’s driving me crazy, and my podiatrist tells me there isn’t much I can do other than stretch, ice, and wear ugly shoes. I’ve done all those things and the pain persists. It’s a weird combination of pains from a stabbing pain in my heel to a general feeling that my entire foot needs to be stretched extensively. May be time for a second opinion. Woof.

    • try a small amount of heel lift. a cheapie solution is to trim 5 or 10 sheets of post-it note, and slip it under the heels of your insoles. Once that achilles strain goes away, try firmer running shoes.

    • Did doc actually tell you what is wrong with your foot or just how to treat it?

      • MsNesbitt

        That’s the other problem. He established I have a neuroma, which accounts for aspects of the pain, but not all of it, and certainly not the heel pain. Anonymous at 11:37am: thanks for the suggestion. Will try a heel lift.

  • Rant: Had a bad date on Friday night that I had to walk out of.

    Rave: Had an incredible date on Sunday and we’re seeing each other again on Wednesday.

    • Oh, do give some details of Saturday night.

    • MsNesbitt

      I’ve been on bad, bad dates — but never one that I left in the middle of! What happened, if you don’t mind sharing??

    • I want to hear about the really bad date! C’mon, share with us (all your anonymous best friends)!

      Jack5 hasn’t been providing any fodder for the Rant/Revel dating game thread – you could be the new Jack5 πŸ™‚

      • Friday night date was at a BDSM club in DC. So I don’t think sharing the details here would be very appropriate. But without revealing too much- we just did not click right away. I offered her a hint at an exit and she didn’t take it. So after an hour and a half of forced conversation (and I mean brutally painful) she went up on one of the tables to have hot wax poured on her. I figured this was my opportunity to slip out since she was distracted. And it’s not like she could’ve gotten up and came after me. So I waked out, drove home, cracked a beer and lounged on my couch in my boxers.

        Sunday’s date however was a nice picnic in Meridian Hill Park followed by Thai Tanic 2 outdoor eating and ended this morning.

  • rave: adopted a cat from the humane society over the weekend! i fell in love immediately and she is a sweetheart.
    rant: i have a lingering cough. it’s been weeks and it won’t fully go away.

  • Rant: My goodness there are some psychotic hostile people on these threads.

  • Rant: almost hit five pedestrians who were blatantly jaywalking (cross against the light this morning) and nearly crashed my bike trying to swerve out of the way.
    Rave: hit a green at every intersection on my commute to work…shaved 5 minutes off my normal commute time!

    • sounds like you are riding pretty wrecklessly….be careful. Shaving 5 minutes of a commute isnt worth hitting someone or running through red lights (i biked today also)

      • Riding wrecklessly is every cyclist’s goal – nobody wants to wreck on a bike!! πŸ™‚

        It sounds like people are walking recklessly, but I don’t see anything in Jerseygirl’s description that seems reckless. If Jerseygirl wasn’t normally stopping for red lights, then hitting a bunch of greens today wouldn’t have made any difference in her commute time.

        • Maybe you didn’t see the disclaimer up top to not correct people’s grammar…

          Man, it feels like a lot of people have a case of the Monday’s today.

          • I did see the disclaimer, thus the smiley face. It wasn’t meant as a dig at the spelling, just a way of making a funny.

        • I highly doubt that is the case…more like trying to pedal as fast as she can to hit the greens AKA yellow or reds and hoping not to get hit….Iv done it before too but just dodge the walkers i mean theres no point in racing and ending up hitting someone (your fault or theirs)…just not worth it thats all

          • how do you manage to infer that i’m riding dangerously when my near accident was clearly caused by pedestrians who were illegally jaywalking? if a ped ran into the middle of the street, while someone was driving at normal speed and you had to stop very unexpectedly, would you then chastise the driver for driving carelessly? forgive me for thinking that random people were not going to run out into the middle of the street, not even at an intersection, while I had a a green light.

      • I try to ride WRECK-lessly everyday! πŸ™‚

        I had a clear green for several minutes, and 2 peds started crossing against their light from the left, and 3 more started crossing against their light from the right — they all came out in the middle of the street (i.e., not even in a x-walk or intersection) from between parked cars. There was no way I could see them until they were in the street, at which point if i swerved right, I would have hit one set, and if i swerved left, I would have hit the other set.

        and actually, I never run reds, and was not rushing to “catch a green.” in fact, at two intersections, I actually slowed down bewteen lights because I figured if i went slow enough, the light would change right when I got there. That saves me time because I don’t have to stop and re-start on my bike, or wait for the endless stream of cars that are turning right to clear before proceeding through the intersection to avoid getting right-hooked. If I get to the light right as it’s changing, I can usually cruise through and the cars will see me. As Another points out, if I were in the habit of running lights, hitting the greens would have made no difference in my commute time.

        geez. there is some cyclist hate here.

  • epric002

    rant: dentists. 7 cavities. are you effing kidding me?! am i the only one who has suffered a marked increase in cavities in the past few years? i didn’t have a single one until 25, and now every time i go they find multiple ones, which makes no sense since i’ve done nothing but improve on my oral hygiene. i’m starting to suspect that new technology is allowing them to find cavities incredibly early and they want to fill them all, even if some of them will never really “need” to be filled. am i totally off my rocker?
    double rant: dental insurance plan is even crappier this year that last year, thanks cheap-ass employer.
    rant: couldn’t save the file i worked on all friday afternoon before i left for the day, so i left it open on my computer hoping that it would still be here this morning. it wasn’t. grrrrr.
    rave: the weather is supposed to cool off on weds. yay.

    • MsNesbitt

      RE: dentists — I don’t think you’re off your rocker. This has happened to me several times. I was told by a dentist that I had multiple cavities that needed to be filled (or fixed or something) and I opted for a second opinion. Both times this happened to me, the second dentist gave me a completely clean bill of health.

    • I didn’t have any cavities until I was 29, and then I somehow developed four of them in one year. Like you I’d improved my oral hygiene in my late 20’s (I’d recently bought an electric toothbrush and was flossing every day) so the cavities were surprising. I went and got a second opinion and confirmed that the cavities were indeed there. As much as I like to avoid unnecessary medical procedures I think it’s best to err on the side of caution and get them filled, since root canals sound pretty awful.

      • Root canals aren’t quite as bad as people make them sound; everyone uses “root canal” as an example of something terrible, so I was really anxious before my first one. They’re mostly time-consuming and annoying, since (assuming you don’t have any needle-related anxiety), you get shot up with a boatload of novocaine and feel nothing throughout the procedure. The drilling sounds are unpleasant, but the experience is basically just like a longer version of getting a cavity filled. OTC painkillers usually take care of post-procedure soreness. That said, obviously root canals are not great for dental health and they (plus the crown) can get expensive. (And an abscess, which can develop around either a cavity or a not-well-done root canal, is something you definitely don’t want…that was a whole world of pain I never even knew existed.)

        • Emmaleigh504

          They aren’t a big deal if they root all the canals and you don’t have freaky 5 canal teeth…grumble grumble grumble.

          • This is true. Last month, my new dentist scanned my x-rays and commented that I have a couple of “interesting” old root canals from previous dentists, meaning that they didn’t entirely fill in the canal. πŸ™ Not much to do but leave them alone and hope they never get infected. Unfortunately, I haven’t come up with a good way to ascertain ahead of time if a dentist is any good at doing root canals. (I figured out that the one who, on my follow up visits, consistently led off by saying “Ummmm…I did a root canal on you…right?” might have been a hack, but alas it was too late by then.)

          • Emmaleigh504

            I knew pretty much right away the root canal wasn’t right because I was in lots of pain. My dentist sent me to a specialist who did it under a microscope. tiny canals suck.

    • A second opinion never hurts, but as someone who’s had numerous cavities, root canals, and crowns, I can say from personal experience that you don’t want to let cavities go TOO long until the point where they’ll require a root canal or even a huge filling (since that increases the chances that you’ll need a crown eventually, anyway). And it depends on the person, but it’s not always easy to tell if a cavity has gotten bad. (I once had a cavity so big that one day I bit into my sandwich and half my tooth crumbled and sloughed off–total surprise since I’d had zero pain/aching whatsoever in that tooth up to that point.) Also, your dentist may have already mentioned this, but as you age, the risk of gum disease increases so it’s especially important to floss every day. Most dental insurances have annual maximums, so if there are cavities that are lower-priority, it might make sense to fill what you can now until you reach your max for 2013, and then fill the others once the clock starts again in 2014 (if your insurance is on a calendar-year instead of a rolling 12-month basis). But…here’s hoping that you can get a second opinion that gives you better news than the first, so you can avoid those 7 fillings!

      • Alternatively, if you can wait until January and set aside pre-tax flex spending funds to cover the cost of the fillings, then it might take a bit of the sting out of the cost.

      • Emmaleigh504

        Question: this talk of maximums made me check mine and I’m almost there, but have a broken tooth. If I get it examined and partially fixed is it going to turn into a pre-existing condition situation? The tooth is a baby tooth so it’s a goner any way, I can wait to fix it. Anyone with experience in this kind of situation

        Gah why is insurance so difficult???

    • I went to the dentist when I was in grad school in 2004 (I was 25) and was shocked to find out that I needed to have 5 or 6 cavities filled – I’ve never had that many before (or since), and a friend of mine had the same thing happen to her around the same time — we blamed it on how stressful grad school was. But reading MsNesbitt’s comment, in retrospect I hope they didn’t scam me – the Student Health Services at my school were pretty terrible given how prestigious the school was – I assume that the wealthy undergrads got quality health care through their parent’s insurance plans and the rest of us were left to put up with sub-standard treatment.

  • Rant: Upstairs neighbors are LOUD. Living in an apartment with poor soundproofing sucks and repeated requests to lay down rugs are unheeded – every footstep upstairs is jackhammer-loud (I now hang out in my apartment with earplugs, which gets uncomfortable after a while). Additionally, they are terrible cooks and my apartment constantly stinks of burnt, spicy meat. Last night I think they burnt a teflon pan and I woke up to an acrid smoke-filled apartment this morning (lucky it was my day off and I was able to hang out with all the doors, windows open to allow air to flow thru). The only good thing is that they are forcing me to save my pennies for a downpayment to buy a place. The sad thing is that at the rate I’m going, I’ll never be able to catch up to DC’s skyrocketing condo and house prices and will always remain priced out, unless I move to a “transitioning” neighborhood (which can get overwhelming and scary for a small, single female).

    This all makes me rather sad.


    • Eww, the burnt meat smell is the worst. My MIL has downstairs tenants and her house gets that smell from them all the time. It’s nauseating.

    • Another small, single female feeling your pain about house prices around here and hesitation about living in a “transitioning” neighborhood.

    • I feel you – we refer to our new upstairs neighbor as “the ogre”. He stomps around all the time and it’s SO loud to the point where it makes my dog pace sometimes. Hopefully he invests in area rugs to help, but come further in pregnant/baby here, that ish better stop. It’s VERY hard to deal with in a polite way, though!

    • Buying doesn’t always help. My downstairs neighbor basically runs a nightclub. The bass is so loud that stuff falls off of my bookcases. No amount of soundproofing is going to fix that. And since I bought my place, I can’t exactly move out.

      • All these replies are depressing me even more. Sigh. Yours especially, that buying doesn’t help – the only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that I can always move (to a more expensive apartment!). Basically my entire rant is about how expensive DC has become.

        I’m really thinking about a rave to counteract it, but I can’t due to lack of sleep from all the stomping and banging upstairs.

        • Oh no! I sympathize, I had an upstairs neighbor with a belligerent 2 year old child who would run around and cause our walls to shake (there was so little buffer between our apartments that I could also hear them peeing, and one time the little kid must have knocked over some water b/c I heard the Mom yell at them and suddenly there was water trickling down the wall next to me). It was horrible – we alternately referred to the little kid as “Thumper” and “LIttle Bam-Bam”. Occasionally when the kid was wailing its head off I would turn up my music really loud to drown out the sound even though I’m sure that didn’t help efforts to calm the kid down and get it to shut up and go to sleep. (Reggaeton was my weapon of choice, it’s so annoying, hahaha.)

          Now I live happily in a 1BR condo (which I rent for a little less than the market rate, thankfully) on the top floor of a garden-style apartment in the Palisades – it’s nice and quiet (except for the airplanes, which I’ve managed to get used to). The top-floor 2BR apartment I shared in a rowhouse in MtP was quiet also – there is hope!

  • Had a lovely weekend in Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach, NC. Never been there before and it was a blast. Felt like a little kid again playing in the waves.

    Horribly sunburned.

  • rant: our tenants left the apartment FILTHY. They left items there (too lazy to pack it/toss it, so left it for us), the toilet seat was corroded (two dudes peeing, never cleaning…tends to do that), and when I mentioned it they told me, “you said you were getting it professionally cleaned so we didn’t think anything of it” nevermind that the lease says to clean.

    rant: we didn’t charge them their early termination fee separate from their security deposit. We thought the apartment was in better condition based on how it looked when we showed it for new tenants. so we have no way of getting paid back for our time and the cost of cleaning due to their own filthyness. We’re too nice.

    rave: going home to philly this weekend. Can’t wait. last weekend home as not a mama. Manicure with mom, haircut, going to Handels for ice cream. That’s what I’m talking about!

    • You’re not suppose to give the security deposit back until after you’ve inspected the place after they moved out. If you have to get it cleaned/items removed, you are in your right to withhold some or all the security deposit for the time/services needed to do so.

      • I know, I know – we saw the apartment during viewings for new tenants and it looked fine so we just figured they were clean tenants (which they had always been)….it’s completely our fault for being too nice/trustworthy (again!). But when I told them it was left in unacceptable condition, the response was, “you said you were having it cleaned anyway”. Yes, even if they had left it in nice condition, I’d get it professionally cleaned because that’s what you do for a new tenant.

        It’s just gross.

  • i once heard that insurance providers expect people to have some major dental problems every seven years. i once had a rash of cavities for a couple years in a row and haven’t had any more in several years. so i expect it is only a matter of time πŸ™‚

  • skj84

    Rave: Fantastic weekend with good friends. Had some great conversations, and danced a lot. I love having good company!

    Rant: All day hangover yesterday. Seriously what the hell? Boo to aging or whatever brought headache from hell from.

    Rave: I meet some really cool new people during the weekend I want to get to know better.

    Rant: I also friended someone on facebook who i’m pretty sure is going to turn into a creeper. Will monitor this one closely. I hate unfriending people, but I hate drama more.

    • whats your definition of a creeper? Did you meet him this weekend? If he wants to see you again is that creepy?

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ll hit the unfriend button for you! I love to unfriend people who aren’t living up to my non-creepy expectations on the facebook/twitter/instagram/reallife!

      • still what do you constitute as creepy?

        • Emmaleigh504

          Usually unwanted sexual advances after I have said I’m not interested or pointedly asked about their wife. But I also unfriend for being boring or obnoxious or b/c I feel like it. Or for asking stupid questions like, “What is creepy?”

    • He’s guy who see him self as “a nice guy” who women don’t understand but really is a raging misogynist creeper. At least that’s the vibe i’m getting off his facebook.

    • skj84

      He’s guy who see him self as “a nice guy” who women don’t understand but really is a raging misogynist creeper. At least that’s the vibe i’m getting off his facebook.

      • Ugh. I know the kind you’re talking about — not from personal experience, thank God.

      • We have a lot of creepers in my office – the worst is a guy who winks at every woman he sees. Our boss had to intervene to get him to stop touching women on the arm when he spoke to them. And I’m sure that he thinks he is the nicest guy ever.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Great weekend, and my birthday present from Mr. Zelda turned out even better than I’d hoped.

    Rant: I have a headache and that vague sense of impending doom that means I’m probably coming down with something.

    • Emmaleigh504

      It’s because you didn’t ask for the earrings. If you had the earrings all would be hunky-dory.

      I kid! Glad your birthday was great and you like your gift from Mr!

  • Rant: Joint pain/swelling has been really bad lately. It’s making me feel tired and nauseous. But my crappy Aetna insurance only covers one doctor’s appointment a year. I think I’ll hold out and sacrifice my annual PCP checkup to see a specialist, but is there anything I can do in the meantime?

    • epric002

      you are paying a monthly premium for medical insurance that permits you to see a doctor once a year?!

      • It’s the only one my employer offers now. πŸ™ I have to pay for 50% of any visits after the first one.

        • Explain this to the doctor’s office, sometimes they will charge lower rates if they know you are paying out of pocket.

          • Really? With the shortage of doctors in this area there are some that might do this? Every doctor I’ve ever been to in DC made me feel like they were doing me a favor by accepting my business.

          • Well, they certainly won’t do it if you don’t ask, and they won’t charge you more if you do ask.. I haven’t done this in DC, but have had doctors and especially dentists elsewhere give me lower bills when I inquired or let them know my lack of insurance status.

          • It might also depend on the doctor’s negotiated rates with Aetna. That sounds like a crappy insurance plan, and I’m sorry you have to deal with it, but insurance paying a 50% share might still be better than no share at all IF you’d be paying 50% of the Aetna network discounted rate. (For example, I’ve been to urgent care doctors before that “officially” charge $200 for a visit, but through their agreement with my insurance company, my insurance caps the charge at $100, and then I pay a percentage of that $100. Kind of sucky and unfair, because the people without insurance are essentially subsidizing those of us with insurance.)

        • I recommend at least calling Apex Primary Care in Dupont. they’ve been great doctors and have worked with me on the insane costs my crappy health plan puts on me.

  • Rant: Have we discussed the light change at Calvert and Rock Creek parkway? Its adding like 10 minutes to my commute from the base of the hill. I could probably moon walk up it faster!
    Revel: OBX this weekend!

    • Which way do you go when you get to the top? If there’s a long line of cars, I’ll sometimes take the exit for Cathedral (?) – the one that takes you further up CT.

      • I go to the right towards Connecticut when I get to the top. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this. Its super annoying.

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