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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave – The tall new slides in Hamilton Street park, the kids will love those.

  • Revel: Just moved into our new home and love it.
    Rant: Street noise is a little louder than I thought, it’s the corner house so we are getting hit from a couple different sides. Any recommendations for a fast growing privacy and sound blocking trees, shrubs? Or a landscaping company that could handle the job?

    • epric002

      not aware that shrubbery will do much. try a white noise machine/app. also, are your windows old? when we replaced our windows this spring we were amazed at how much quieter the house is.

  • rave/rant: furloughs are reduced. I’m happy to save some money, but the entire furlough process has been absolutely ridiculous and embarrassing (“I hope they plan war better than this!” but I know they don’t, after listening to the stories of my husband and our friends after many deployments!)

    rant: still pissed about the cars in our parking lot being spray painted. I can’t believe kids have nothing better (i.e. productive) to do.

    rave: glad it’s not so hot out these days.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty insane that the kids did that. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that before in my time here in DC.

      Are you guys considering fencing-in the parking lot? Unfortunately, I don’t think this will be the end of your troubles with cars being defaced. Good luck!

  • KSB

    Rant: DCPS and Charter School lottery nonsense.
    Double Rant: Becoming the people I never thought we’d become and seriously contemplating a move to the ‘burbs for access to decent schools. Ugh. I hate myself right now.

  • Honestly, I was as city girl through and through, for my entire adult life…until I had a kid. The suburbs aren’t that bad, really. There’s no shame in wanting the best for your family.

  • Rant: On the red line platform of the Fort Totten metro station, I walked up the escalator and leaned against the cement barrier of the escalator, waiting for the next train to come. This lady stands a little too close to me for a wide-open metro platform, so I move over a little, thinking her and her beau also want to lean against the wall. I move, and she bursts out laughing and saying to her partner, “See, all you have to do is get real close to them to get them to move.” Yes, getting super close to people–ANYONE– will get them to move, but I have been fuming all morning because I know you actually meant, “See, all you have to do [to white people] is get real close to them to get them to move.” I said to her, “I moved so you two could be closer together. (i.e., I can GD hear you, you twat)” Which of course made her laugh even more, seemingly proving another point to this guy.

    Dear crazy lady: Screw off. Any person of any color would move away from someone who is 3 inches away from them on a relatively empty metro platform. Thanks for the 7 am stereotyping about all white people, though. Really made my morning. JESUS. Rant over.. thanks PoPville for having this open forum to vent about this stuff.

  • there’s not much space to have the lot fenced in, and the Association is pretty hands off on stuff like this – I’m a supporter of video cameras for security, but they are very against it, saying they don’t do anything to prevent crime or anything like that. So…I can’t do much! But yeah, stuff does happen we had our rear windshield bashed in and the trunk items stolen, but luckily we keep nothing useful in there). It’s just the blatant disregard for other’s property that I’ll never understand. They learn it from somewhere!

  • To anon at 10:04: Two white noise machines I swear by: The Marpac Dohm and my Whirlpool air purifier. Both have worked wonders when a neighbor across the way decides to have late night parties.

  • Rant: Follow up on yesterday’s post: Now I feel like I’m being stalked. Last night she was texting me from a place less than 2 blocks away from where I live! asking me to meet her there. I think the problem is that she drains me out of all my energy, and I really needed to be by myself last night to get my energy back!
    Rave: I was enjoying my alone time so much I didn’t even notice she was texting me.

    • epric002

      are you dating this person? i thought you’d only been out with her once. sounds like you need to to be explicit in your (apparent) lack of interest in her.

    • Just tell her you’re not interested?

    • Emmaleigh504

      Sounds like you are not into this person and you need to break it off.

    • can you get Jack5 her number?

    • Have you read Quiet by Susan Cain? To over simplify and paraphrase: Extroverts are energized by social interaction, introverts find it draining. Speaking as an introvert married to a super extrovert, i can tell you it can work, but the extrovert has to give the introvert space and down time. Just tell her to back off. she doesn’t know where the boundaries are unless you tell her.

      • epric002

        +1 highly recommend quiet. also agree that as an introvert you need to get/be comfortable with setting boundaries for yourself with regard to alone/downtime.

  • It is sad that kids have nothing better to do, but if the commentors on this web site are a good sample of public opinion its not at all surprising. Every time someone suggests building something that would provide teens with something to do in their free time people start complaining about how the neighborhood would be overrun by those no good youths. There are no multiplexes in the eastern half of the city. There are no bowling alleys save the one in Chinatown. Mini golf is limited to a bar on H street and and a hard to reach, run down course at East Potomac Park. From what I’ve seen of community centers and youth centers they could use a great deal more funding. In places like Columbia Heights where they have installed turf fields that are suppose to be available for community use they keep the gates locked most of the time(not that this stops people from using them anyway).
    Unless I’m missing something big, it seems like the teens of this city, specifically the poorer and often minority teens, are drastically under served.

    • I don’t know, there does seem to be a lot of summer programs in DC but I would guess they would have to seek them out. I don’t see kids who find vandalism as fun deciding “you know what, I’ll go bowling instead!”. School should be a 12 month system so the above wouldn’t even be an issue.

      • This. 100%. Year-round schooling could really be the thing that puts DC education on a better path. Keep kids in the classroom and spread out 2 week breaks throughout the year.

        • that, and it would REALLY help parents who can’t afford all the extra summer costs associated with the insane summer break. But, teachers unions would never agree to this.

          • Who knows how the teacher’s union would react. I’m thinking that they might embrace, considering that they’d have the same amount of time off spread throughout the year.

            Here’s some interesting tidbits:
            “At-risk students are those who come from a low-income family, have a disability, are of an ethnic minority, or are influenced by something else that may cause them to perform poorly in school. In 1994, a study of three year-round schools showed a substantial gain in academic achievement for at-risk, low performing students. More frequent, short breaks provide struggling students more time for help. These breaks can be used for remedial courses, tutoring, and enrichment, if needed.”

            “Another plus for students is that instead of failing an entire year of school, a student would only fail 45 days on a 45-15 plan, making it so that the student doesn’t fall behind as much as a traditional school calendar.”

            I think those two things could have a huge effect on increasing graduation rates in DC, which are ridiculously skewed along racial and socioeconomic lines. Holding a kid back for an entire year is seriously demoralizing for an immature child and encourages them to completely withdraw from the educational process.

  • Stop seeing her. Problem solved.

  • mtpgal

    Rant: I am the worst tomato grower on the planet. As of today we have three green tomatoes (two of which are tiny). Those of you who are getting huge tomato hauls please take pity on me and share your secrets! Type of fertilizer? Pots? Care? Help!

  • Sounds like you’re very introverted and she’s very extroverted. Your personalities really don’t seem to mesh.
    Things are not going to work out, you need to break things off with her. IMHO.

  • Give me her number…problem solved.

  • Rave: Fun second date planned for tonight.
    Rant/Rave: I met this guy through work (no conflict of interest…I wouldn’t be going there) and I think because of that he’s standoffish. I appreciate that (because if he wasn’t then I’d be worried he wasn’t invested in his career) but it’s also hard to tell if he likes me.
    Rant: I feel like I’m in middle school 🙂

  • Where on Hamilton?

  • rant/rave: met up with this guy last night who I had a casual thing with, but had been contacting me a bunch recently just to chat so I said we should hang. Even though I told myself I wasnt going to let anything happen, I broke that promise. Totally worth it though
    rave: i wanted to meet up because I wanted to get a feel on the situation in person. I know what the situation is and hanging with him reminds me that I’m totally ok with that (sounds mean, but isn’t)
    hopeful: that he doesnt really contact me. Its easy to take it for what it is if we don’t really chat. That way, I can continue on my path without sounding lame and having to explain why i don’t just want to chat with him

  • Not sure this is going to land on the right comment place but anyway. The problem is that I showed a little interest at some point, and now it’s out of control. I know I have to end this situation, I’m just venting! Thanks for your support and funny comments!

  • Rant: Tried resetting password and checked the spam filter — still no PoPword in the mail and still consigned to sitting on the back of the response bus. Cant we just do a dead drop at a secluded booth in El Chuck or something?

  • “I don’t see kids who find vandalism as fun deciding ‘you know what, I’ll go bowling instead!'”

    Well-off suburban teens that vandalize also do normal kid stuff like bowling. I know a lot of kids from places like Fairfax County that would engage in petty crime because they were bored with bowling and movies, their parents weren’t around, and they had nothing better to do. Kids used to go from playing with toys straight to working, but now there’s this gap where they’re too old to play but don’t have jobs to keep them out of trouble. And all their parents are too busy working and commuting to keep an eye on them. So teenagers either turn to senseless crime, risky behaviors like sex and drugs, or they sit inside playing videos games and getting fat. I agree that year-round schooling is a sensible solution.

    • DC CapHill

      Well-off kids have well-off parents, who can pay for their kids vandalism, so that’s one distinction I make. I also don’t think the sole motivation is “fun,” I honestly think some of these kids are just mad at the World, because of their circumstances and terrible upbringing. If you’re mad, you lash out as a way to get attention. It’s sad, but true.

      I’m well in favor of year round schooling, and I’m also a solid proponent of a Summer Jobs program that actually works. I recently saw a figure that African-American teen employment is at an all-time low. Someone has to give the disadvantaged a chance, and the Summer Jobs program did just that, and after they graduate, they would hopefully be more inclined to return to their old Summer Job employer and seek regular employment.

  • nope! I know better than to randomly stalk people who dont show interest.

    I do look forward to the day when we notice 2 people are venting about each other…I have a feeling it would be emmaleigh’s soap opera dream (who am I kidding, mine as well)!

  • DC spends a ton of money on it’s young kids. It’s up to them to find something to do. I grew up poor, in a poor neighborhood and we NEVER lacked for something to do outside school months. When we were young, we’d go walk or ride our bikes all day. If it was raining we’d play board games in someones house and sometimes we’d just zone out and watch TV (back when there were like 4 stations). I get that it “takes a village” but seriously, what do we REALLY owe these kids that don’t do anything all day? For young ones, go play..use your imagination. For the older ones…get a job, mow lawns, ask a local business if you can do something around their shop for barter or money. Seriously. This “under-served” stuff is aggravating when we’re talking anything other than making sure these kids are fed and have a roof over their heads, clothes to wear and a good school to go to….they live in/near a world class freakin city with a TON of stuff to do (much of it free!) when they’re not in school. It’s up to THEM and THEIR PARENTS to access it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Lots of folks on my twitter feed are headed to New Orleans and I’m not.
    Rave: I’m at work!

  • ugh..that last was in response to Anon @10:25. POP..not sure why comments aren’t showing up under what I’m replying to, but it’s happening all the time lately.

  • Rave: Weathered my summer depression and I’m still here. A lot of friends helped out with support in spades throughout the weeks and made sure I was OK. Also settled in with a therapist I rather like and is very helpful. I’ve still avoided medication, prescribed or self-medicating, and have gotten really active. I bike almost every day now, hitting the gym and going hiking on the weekend. I’m managing to keep a pretty busy social calendar and make sure I’m not at home out of misery. And this Friday I have a date… woot.

  • Rave: One more day until I can spill the beans.
    Rant: Have to go through one more unpleasant conversation before i can do so.
    Rave: The to-dos on our checklist are piling up as soon as we can cross them off but they’re towards an awesome goal that I’m so excited about.
    Rant: Blood clots. (Not me…but I’ve been through it before)
    Rave: Catching them early so they can be treated.

  • Rave: Great visit with friend visiting from Spain – its great to have friends from more than 20 years
    Rave: Toe definitely not broken – just stubbed/sprained. Swelling is way down and bruise is fading.
    Rave: Wednesday!

  • Rant: I have to let someone go. I’ve never had to terminate an employee before and it’s nerve wracking. But it’s gotta be done and there are six months of notices, warnings, and discussed solutions on record. I just don’t understand how someone can care so little and not try at all. I am really hoping I can fill this position with somebody who actually shows up and wants to do well at a job. Where are those people?

  • I don’t know your specific issue, transparency was mine (pointing @ you Oyster) That said, the lottery is better than the old process when people used to camp out to be first to hand in forms. We had to go private pre-k (no luck in lottery) the next year we got into so-so kindergarten (but the parents made it work painted class room etc.) the following year we got 1st choice in lottery for 1st grade then 2nd child got in same school, sibling preference. We had our kids just ahead of the DC baby boom. Now there seem to be 0 out-of-boundary spots for top Ward 3 schools and that has heightened competition at good charters.

    • KSB

      Basically got blind-sided by a dearth of kids whose older siblings were offered spots which enabled them to jump the wait list line and actually bump us down several spots. We’d been told that our (top 15) wait list number was all but a sure bet and that’s turning out to be glaringly, obviously not true. Really exhausted from playing the game all year and essentially striking out in the bottom of the 9th!

  • We just became those people…and surprisingly, it’s not as bad as you think it will be. VA is actually pretty awesome (yes, I really just said that!). You’ll get more space and your dollar will go further in terms of realestate. Lean into the burbs, they aren’t that bad. Still haven’t changed my plates to VA yet – I think that’s the hardest part of the transition. I don’t want to look like a lost VA driver in the city!

  • A marketing/development admin. The pay isn’t great and I can’t do anything about it – I fear that’s what’s keeping recent college grads or good folks from applying.

  • Anonymous @11:55: I guess you don’t commute to the city? Or you’re so new to VA that the unpleasantness of it hasn’t set in yet? The worst three years of my life were spent in Annandale. The traffic and congestion and unfriendliness of everyone was soul-crushing. Absolutely no amount of space or money saved is worth that hell. Unless you’re talking about the more urbanized parts in Arlington and Alexandria… but those are more expensive than most of DC so I’m guessing you’re not.

  • @Anonymous 11:40 in reply to saf — My first question was going to be “How’s the pay?” Seems like that’s the culprit right there. You may want to take this up with your boss.

  • Yeah, any thoughts at what good, entry level pay should be for an admin?

    • I made $35K as an admin/program assistant at a small but decently-funded nonprofit when I first came out of college. Granted this was in 2000 (when the economy was much better) and in a different city, but also a high cost-of-living city so salaries are probably similar to DC. At my next job (also a nonprofit), the admin/program assistants made in the $28-$33K range. I think it can really depend on how attractive the job might be to job-seekers–which is a function of the economy and availability of jobs but also the nature of the job. For instance, I’m sure there are a number of junior Hill staff who are making less now than what I made as a 22-year old 13 years ago…but that sector can get away with it because there are a bajillion ambitious young people who want to get a foot in the door and are willing to take whatever pay they can get.

  • don’t stew over it. some people are just idiots.

  • @ JinDC — Where are the break-ins happening?

    • betwen logan and shaw. Our car was broken in to once, the vandalism was spray paint. Our car was broken in to in our old hood, too (Dupont), so I’m used to that- it’s annoying more than anything and we don’t leave anything in our car.

  • 14thandChapin

    Random: Anyone had advice for dealing with ‘Exs’ in a relationship….i have no idea what im doing but i am all over the place!

  • Rant: we are also pretty miserable tomato-growers, as it turns out. but as of last week, we did have a few measly tomatos on the plant – most in shades of green – and then poof! they were all completely gone. empty plant. the plant is in our backyard, behind our 6′ wooden fence, not easily visible from the tiny walking alley behind… hard to imagine someone would care enough (or observe our back yard closely enough) to come through our fence gate to pluck our tomato plant clean…. But this harvest is too neat to be the work of squirrels. who steals tomatoes from a secluded back yard??? Yes, we now have a lock on the gate.
    Rave: mom is coming over after work for wine and gossip

    • Squirrels or birds. I had a bunch of baby plants destroyed by birds – it looked like someone had cut them all at the soil line with a pair of scissors. I too wondered if a person had done it – until i saw one of the birds in action. Don’t underestimate the wildlife!

      • Emmaleigh504

        +1 Starlings were snipping off my seedlings all Spring. Looked like someone took scissors to them, but I knew I was the only 1 with access since they are 3rd story window pots. Then I saw one of the little cusses on my pot snipping a plant. Infuriating.

  • Revel: I just got back from a great trip and while on the trip I met someone who is really amazing. She has some traits I’m not usually fond of but for some reason I felt really comfortable with her and we really clicked.
    Rant: She lives in another country…just my luck.

  • Rant: My fully loaded SmarTrip card has been acting up at the faregates recently. I hate being the person who holds up the line to enter/exit and has to sheepishly back out of the gate to try another.

  • I dunno. I grew up in NOVA and because there is NOTHING to do there as a teen, I spent free time driving way too fast, stealing lawn ornaments, and other such nonsense. If it weren’t for sports, I’d have been a druggie. I think having some sort of art / writing / athletic activities or a place to go other than home would have really helped me. Not sure what is being proposed, but expensive activities like bowling would have been cost prohibitive for me. I can barely afford to go as an adult.

  • epric002

    rave: blue apron dot com. have i raved about this before? it’s the most amazing thing to happen to my cooking. VERY excited about next week’s menu.
    rant: was cranky to my husband this morning for a not terribly good reason (he made me wait/late).

  • Hey Anon 12:49, do you have anything new in your wallet that might be interfering with your SmarTrip? I was thisclose to replacing my defective SmarTrip until I remembered that I’d recently received my car2go card. I moved it to the other side of my wallet and my SmarTrip worked perfectly again.

  • Squish, I HATE when people do stuff like that. A couple years ago I was waiting at a bus stop at 8th and H and some guy was accusing me of being afraid of black people. His reason? I had turned around, startled, when I heard sudden yelling behind me (which turned out to be coming from him, a black man). So it’s racist to have a normal reaction to something? Give me a break.

  • My girlfriend grew up in NoVA (Fairfax County), and still keeps in touch with a lot of people from high school. If they and her twin brother are to be believed, it was typical for teenagers to shoplift, vandalize things, and drive without licenses. Even the honor students did stuff like that. I think a lot of the parents had demanding careers that kept them in the dark about what their children were up to. I grew up in a rural area, much more boring than NoVA, but everyone’s parents spent more time them and made sure they had ways of entertaining themselves that weren’t illegal.

  • specifically where? between logan and shaw is pretty vague.

  • Just tell her she stinks and you couldn’t stand the odor. That’ll shut her up.

  • Rave: Was walking down U Street and the smell coming out of &Pizza made me turn around and go inside. How could I have possibly been so rushed that I never tried this place out before. I ate one pizza in there and got another to go. Yeah, I know it’s assembly line style but it’s a delicious assembly line.

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