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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: The weather yesterday and today. The park was awesome yesterday afternoon and my walk to the metro this morning was glorious.
    Rave: Favorite pair of jeans that Gap doesn’t make anymore fits again, woo hoo!

  • Rave: fantastic weather!!
    Rave: no rants!!!

  • Rave: last physical therapy appointment this morning – now I can go back to jogging and working on losing weight.
    Rant: Trying to remember to bring everything when you have PT at 7am. Totally rocking the sports bra today since I forgot another one.

  • Raves: Finished addressing, stamping, and licking all of the Save the Dates, had a lovely day at the Takoma Park farmer’s market, and found a dress at Macy’s for a couple upcoming weddings we’re attending in September and October.
    Rants: The peaches I bought yesterday are already bruised (WTH), and the wedding we’re going to in Maine costing us about $700 to attend. Also, the weekend wasn’t long enough, and I got a terrible night’s sleep last night.

  • epric002

    rave: this amazing weather! slept with the windows open last night- aaaaaah!
    rave: TONS of yard work accomplished yesterday in this amazing weather!
    rave: rodrigo y gabriela last night: just awesome.
    rave: signed up for 2 yoga classes this week.
    no real rants. happy monday popville!

  • Rant: Has anyone else seen the brick they’re using on the facade of the Louis building at 14th and U? Walking by this weekend, it looks like they’re alternating between yellow and red – it’s going to look striped. The renderings don’t really capture how ugly this is going to look. I guess I should have known from their gaudy web site and publicity materials that aethetics were not a priority, but still – DC is going to have to live with this building for a long time. Can’t we at least get something that looks a tad more uniform in the brick department? Like the building across the street, for example?

    Rave: Nice weather, garden doing very well despite a few evil caterpillars.

  • Does anyone know what the old busses in Bloomingdale, on Florida and R st. NW, are doing there?


  • Rant: Purse strings are crazy tight until payday on Friday. Where does my money go?
    Rave: Friends who pay you back when they say they will, no fuss, no drama.
    Rant: Dudes on the Metro who spread their legs out so far that you’ve got one square inch to try hang on to. Your junk ain’t that big, but just so long as YOU’RE comfortable, big guy.
    Rave: Congressional Recess and boss on vacation out of cell phone range!

  • Rave: I am seriously loving this weather!
    Rave: Last day is one week from today. I’ll be working for an awesome nonprofit and for a team that has the same working background as me.
    Rant: Having to explain things that are so basic for the umpteenth time.

  • Revel: Was privileged to witness the birth of my friend’s first child this weekend. Talk about an experience that will put work and wedding-related angst in very quick (and much needed) perspective. What an incredible, powerful experience. What an honor.

    Rave: I got lots of sleep this weekend and even had time to bake and cook.

    Rave: Fiance is home from a week long trip. Nice to have him back and have an ally and partner in planning and getting the next few months organized and settled.

  • Rant: Working on Mondays when the weather is nice. At least I have a job…

    Rave: Great gatherings with friends over the weekend, felt a bit left out now that most conversations are about kids and wives when my experience is doing random things solo, dating 22 year olds, and having completely bad financial priorities when compared to theirs.

    Rant: Redskins/Vikings game is in Minnesota this year, it’s been an annual tradition for us for the past 3 years 🙁 gotta find another live game to go to damnit.

    Rant: Technology rarely solves problems these days… It mostly adds extra expense, monthly recurring fees, and frustration when it doesn’t work as expected.

  • Quotia Zelda

    Rave: Back in the office after vacation and business trip. Both were great, but it’s nice to back in my regular routine again.

    Rave: Fun weekend with my mom and sister visiting.

    Rant: Need one more day off to recover from the fun.

    Super Rave: My grandmother’s amazing earrings 🙂

  • Rant: Shitty weekend. Mid-summer depression’s hitting me hard.
    Rave: Throwing a DIY taco party this weekend. Anyone have a good Al Pastor recipe?

  • Rant: I wish people would stop saying summer is over. I don’t think of summer as being over until the Tuesday after labor day. We have a month to go.

  • pablo .raw

    rant: got really sick on Friday, couldn’t even go to work but still
    rave: had to do two photo gigs on Saturday although I was feeling really weak. Clients are happy 🙂
    rant: because of that I was forced to mostly stay home
    rave: which was totally fine since I spent time playing the new guitar 🙂

    • pablo .raw

      I guess this is a rave :), a group of young guys on the metro talking to me:

      guy #1: “Where did you get that hat?”
      me: “….don’t remember, bought it a while ago”
      guy #2: “that’s pretty f*ing sweet!, oh! where did you get those shoes!?”
      me: “I think Marshalls..”
      guy #2: “I’m googling it right now”
      ….they exit the train…

    • Blithe

      New guitar: sweet. Forced to stay at home with said new guitar: WAY sweet! It’s a bummer that you got sick — but I do appreciate your timing! Hope you’re feeling better!

  • RANT: the work drama llama strikes again.

  • Rave: 2 weeks with no supervisor!!
    Rant: Supervisor who rushed me to get 15 billion tasks done before they left didn’t review/move the packages forward. More work for me when they get back.
    Rave: Jay-z’s songTom Ford-luvin’ it!
    Rave: bed + mattress tomorrow. No more air bed for me.

  • I don’t think of summer being over until it’s no longer hot. Which means we have until mid-October.

  • Rave: Awesome Rod y Gab performance last night!!
    Rave: Great weekend full of incredible people – dinners, brunches, lunches all with great people.
    Rant: Very social weekend meant I couldn’t dig into my new book from the library I really wanted to curl up with!!
    Rave: 1.5 hours tonight on the metro to catch up on my reading 🙂

  • Rave: wonderful weekend with my GF in southern Virginia. Had a great time. Went to Saude vineyards (gorgeous surroundings, but the wines were not very good), antique shopping, and had a lovely dinner at Merroir. Also did a day hike at the abandoned plantation and spent yesterday sunbathing on the plantation’s secluded beach by ourselves on the James River.

    Rant: Waves were crappy down at Croatan/VA Beach. AGAIN. Still, I caught a few rides and had a nice Friday at the beach. Lost my surfing hat to Davey Jones 🙁

    Rant: building management was giving me crap this morning about parking my scooter on the sidewalk. Ugh.

    Rave: lovely weather! my three week long vacation starts next week!

    Rant: So much work to do before my vacation begins.

    • I love Merrior. And anything RRO does, but still, great location + great food = some amazing evenings. I”m glad you had a lovely time!

  • Rant: Check Engine light popped up on my car.
    Rant: Landlord wants to raise my rent 100/month. Can people actually afford to live in this city anymore?
    Rave: Great friends and a great weekend
    Rave: Headed to Charleston for a work conference for tomorrow! Never been, can’t wait!

  • Rant: My sciatica is acting up. I feel like such a grandma saying that, and I’m only 31! Unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with various back issues since I herniated a disc 11 years ago.
    Rave: Pilates means that I only have back pain flare-ups every couple of years, instead of a few times a year.
    Rave: The beautiful weather.

  • gotryit

    Rave: Bought a table saw.
    Rant: Fingers beware.

  • Rave: Wonderful weekend with friends and colleagues – so busy though
    Rant: Broke my toe yesterday
    Rave: Toe already feels better – here is to hoping I can run tomorrow.
    Rant: Beiber – worked that show and that tween madness was insane.

    • Jeez, I’m no doctor but if you can run on it tomorrow then it’s probably not broken. Conversely, if it really is broken you shouldn’t be running on it tomorrow.

  • I have a few ballerinas in the family. You can definitely run on a broken toe as long as it’s taped to the toes next to it.

    • +1. I danced competitively from childhood all of the way through college, and I can’t tell you the number of times I danced on broken toes. Doesn’t always feel good, but you can still do it.

      • Wow, okay then, yes, one can literally run on a broken toe. One can literally run on a broken leg too (it’s painful though!), so I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t mention that. As someone who runs seriously but non-competitively, and as somone who has fractured a bone and tried to continue running on it with bad results, I humbly suggest it’s best to take a break from running and let things heal. That is all.

        • Wow, hostile much? Calm down. It ain’t worth it dude.

        • Thanks – I have a couple marathons and a half this fall so don’t want to be on the couch for more than a few days. I’ll see if common sense or stupidity wins tomorrow.
          Thanks for concern and advise toe people!

          • Yeah totally understandable. I ended up having to sit out three months (including a marathon and a half) a couple years ago because I tried to run through an injury instead of letting it heal, so that’s where I’m coming from. It depends on the injury of course, but I now fall into the “don’t be a hero” camp. 🙂

  • Rave: I had a great day hanging out with the bocce team and hitting up some of the dog days drink specials.
    Rave: I had a great time shopping the outlets, tax free, with a friend yesterday.
    Rant: back to work at a crazy place.
    Rant: having to always be the one that has to email out the bad news/stuff that makes us look incompetent.

  • I haven’t touched my guitar in months… Can never find the time unless friends come over…

    At least I had time to throw a video together for a few rock tracks I produced/recorded a while ago…


    That’s actually an acoustic guitar with distortion on it… hah.

  • Rave – Rant: Went to Sandy Point on Saturday! Then I got stung by a jellyfish. (I’ve only been swimming the Bay twice and have been stung each time!!)

    Rant – Rave: They are renovating the closest bathroom to my office, which means walking MUCH farther to find one. But RAVE, they are RENOVATING our crappy one!!!

    Rave: WEATHER! Spent yesterday afternoon people/dog watching in Lincoln Park. And today we’re taking our staff birthday party OUTSIDE!

    Rave: Screen On The Green tonight is Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory! Can’t wait!

  • mtpgal

    Rave: Good lord are housing prices going nuts!
    Rant: At what point will the husband’s argument to sell and buy a house with the proceeds in a cheaper city make too much sense?

    • Quotia Zelda

      My friend and her husband just did this. I’m sad that they’re no longer in DC, but their standard of living is now about a million times better. I won’t be doing it, for a number of reasons, but a little bit of me is envious.

    • jim_ed

      This is something my wife and I have been starting to think about. Our neighborhood hasn’t even hit the real big time yet, but I figure at bare minimum we’ve got 100k in equity built up in the 12 months we’ve lived in the house. We love this city, but its so absurdly expensive for everything, it makes real financial security seem like a pipe dream.

  • RANT: None of my friends like Boardwalk Empire and it makes me cry. I can’t watch it alone because I can’t cry alone. STOP WATCHING WEST WING AND HOUSE OF CARDS AND WATCH BOARDWALK EMPIRE.

  • go ahead and put in a design bid, bb….. oh. right.

  • skj84

    Rant: Rampant miscommunication at work. I made myself look like an idiot because a manager forgot to pass on some important information. It shouldnt be that hard to talk to people!

    Rave: Half day at work. Woohoo!

  • Problem is most of the cheaper cities are not as walkable as DC. So the quality of life becomes a lot lower even if the house is bigger or nicer or whatever.

    • @Anon 12:07, the walkability issue is always my stumbling block when I think of moving somewhere cheaper. I don’t want the expense or the hassle of owning a car, and it seems difficult to find a lower-priced neighborhood where walking/transit access is convenient, not just for work–there are plenty of suburbs with direct-line commuter bus or rail options to DC–but also for everyday stuff like grocery store, restaurants, gym, etc. I think it also depends on what’s important to you, lifestyle-wise. I did an “extreme” commute for a few years, and it was miserable. I absolutely could not handle it, and I realized that I would rather sacrifice space for a shorter commute.

  • Rant: Never ending renovations, work madness, and a possible bed bug infestation have me in the shittiest of moods.

  • Blithe

    Revel: Rodrigo y Gabriela concert. The concert was wonderful, and the customer service at the Strathmore is startling – I’m not used to getting reminder e-mails. I definitely need to budget for more concerts in my life.
    Rave: The concert will inspire me to practice — and appreciate how lucky I am to be able to take guitar lessons late in life, with truly wonderful teachers.
    Rant: The weather has been wonderful – but with the drop in temps at night, the pool is freezing. I had planned to spend much of August in the pool — as a reward for surviving a very difficult year.
    Rant: My internal thermostat is wacky, transitions from one temperature to another seem to take me longer and hit me harder then most people.
    Rave: My Doc Marten flats. I’m still breaking them in, but I”m loving them. If they last as long as the boots are said to last, I should get WAY below my less-than-a-dollar-per-wearing goal.

  • A wider base provides better balance.

  • Rave: Hummingbirds! I have two that have been coming to my feeder for a few weeks.

    Neither rant nor rave: I’m considering renovating my bathroom & wondering what it might cost. Has anyone renovated their bathroom recently?

  • Broke my toe yesterday, too! It must be going around. “Ring toe.” It and my foot are turning a lovely shade of purple. Sadly, like the common cold, there is no cure.

  • Exactly why we bought in Va. Sure, the prices are still higher than most of the country, but we got 3 times the house that we would get in NW for the same money. Prices in DC are just getting stupid!

  • Prices in Northern Virginia are just as bad as in DC, unless you’re talking way outside of the Beltway (and you might as well sell your soul if you’re going to live out there). PG County is a much better deal.

  • Rave: Beautiful weather yesterday for a ride to Great Falls (my first excursion on the C&O Canal trail)!
    Semi-rant: Beautiful weather meant hordes and hordes of people on the stretch by the Falls, but…we all have to share the trail, so it is what it is.
    Bit of both: Pedaling the crazy-bulky mountain bike feels like a constant grind…BUT happy for its near-indestructible tires, on the other hand! (I was expecting more of a dirt/crushed gravel terrain, and the C&O turned out to be much rockier than I thought.) With my road bike stolen, thought about selling the mountain bike and replacing both mountain and road with a hybrid…but we’ll see. I have a new appreciation for the MTB’s sturdiness.

  • I never sleep Sunday nights. Anxiety I fear.

  • Yep, you get what you pay for. Unless you have some sort of unique situation, moving to a cheaper place usually translates to more mental and physical health problems because you have to drive everywhere. On the other hand, a bigger house doesn’t really improve anyone’s lives substantially. I used to do an extreme commute too– my rent was only $600 a month but I was sick and unhappy all the time. Not worth it.

  • We are thisclose to doing that. Meeting with a realtor this week to see if our formerly pie-in-the-sky dream of wiping out $200K in combined undergrad/grad student loans is in fact possible – it’s starting to look more and more likely!

  • I am currently having mine completely gutted and redone. Total will be close to $13k

  • Rant: None aside from it being monday
    Rave: Got tickets to see Volcano Choir (justin vernons band) at 9:30 club september 12th, just got two free tickets for a pre-screening of The Spectacular Now at the landmark theather (hollaaaa).

  • My wife and I considered relocating three years ago for the same reason but we stayed to be close to family. We even targeted an area. (We both love the Virginia Highlands area of Atlanta near the museum and Piedmont Park) There is a huge cost of living difference (primarily housing) that made private schools feasible if we moved and cashed out equity in our DC home. In my limited travel I have found most cities of a decent size have one or two nice walkable areas with historic homes, restaurants, bars and shops. There is less public transportation in those cities but a downtown condo will usually include parking.

  • I did a full gut bathroom reno 2 yrs ago, and it cost me $17k. this included moving the location of the tub and toilet and rewiring the entire room up to code (previously knob and tube wiring) and I did the demo myself. if you can manage to leave the plumbing where it is, it can really cut down on costs.

  • Sunday night anxiety is an actual thing. I get it sometimes too. I don’t know if it’s not liking your job, or just too much to remember or too much to do on Mondays, but if its the latter, making a list always helps.

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