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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: The Dolles picture!
    Rave: TGIF
    Rave: Fun cover band tonight with the lady-friends
    Rant: It’s not 5:30 yet
    Rave: It will be soon enough!

  • Rave: small get away to NYC for the wekend, will be partying like crazy
    Rant: i have to leave the motorcycle in the garage all weekend…. no riding fo rme

  • I hope all from PoPville who were having surgery this week made it through surgery safely and successfully and on their way to feeling better soon!

    Rave: Awesome, packed weekend full of friends, food, fun, and Rodrigo y Gabriela!

    Rant: Wishing I lived closer to family – my cousin just was mugged at knife point (knife at her throat, threatened to kill her) and I wish I could be there to comfort her and help her recover.

    Rave: She is surrounded by loved ones and is a strong and caring woman who is going to therapy and getting help to figure out the best way forward.

  • rave: weekend! Spending it supervising husband moving furniture to clear out dinning room-soon-to-be-nursery. Hoping to see the Way Way Back at some point.
    rave: friends who moved away to Cali are coming in to town.
    rant: I can’t have some of that taffy. I love me some salt water taffy. So good.
    rant/rave: Congressional recess. House/Senate will be in like 10 days in September, so odds that there will be a shut down? I’m already losing so much money being furloughed, but I’ve sort of just dealt with it. A shut down would SUCK on a variety of levels. Though, I find furloughs funny when people are realizing how little productivity is going on. NO SHIT!

  • RANT: Anyone have a periodontist recommendation? Preferably one who practices LANAP (laser version of traditional periodontal/gum surgery).
    RAVE: Friday!

  • Rave: T-G-I-F.
    Rave/possible future Rant: Got a refund check from our escrow account since we’ve been overpaying our mortgage over the last year! Need to call them and make sure its legit, or if they decided not to pay our property taxes out of escrow..
    Rant: I’ve got those little black bugs swarming around my outdoor basil plant. I’ve tried watering less, but I don’t want to kill the basil. Any idea, PoPville?

  • Rant: If you are one of those people who sticks gum to seats or tables or disposes of it any other place besides a trash receptacle, I CURSE you that on your wedding day as you wear your gaudy monstrosity of a dress (because if you put gum where it doesn’t belong you obviously don’t have any taste) you sit in gum and have to walk down the aisle with a massive gob on your train. And if you won’t be the one wearing the dress, I CURSE you that you will be the one to sit in gum and all of your superstitious in-laws will see it as a sign from the gods that you are marked by the devil. Consider thyself cursed.

  • Rave: Boss has been out of the office for over an hour. Ah, peace and quiet. To surf the interwebs.

    Rave: Something relatively AWESOME happened yesterday! My dad passed away in 2005. Just yesterday I found his name in a book that has been sitting above my desk for the past year and a half. How crazy is it that I land the ONE JOB in which my Dad can literally be watching OVER me? Still flummoxed!

    Rave: Just realized that the NSO is performing Singing In the Rain at Wolf Trap TOMORROW NIGHT! I need a date!

  • novadancer

    rave: last day of week long conference in Kentucky
    rant: food has sucked – no veggies/fruits, all high fat/carbs. I feel disgusting!
    rave: no plans just hanging with the hubby all weekend and hopefully a bike ride or hike!

  • BEST BEST BEST Periodontist- Dr Cram http://www.drcram.com/

  • msmaryedith

    Rant: A friend just had a miscarriage. I know a few of you on here have talked about your own miscarriages. Do any of you have suggestions for a book that I could get her that might help her?

    • KSB

      I’m so, so sorry. I had a late miscarriage last year and a friend sent me Nancy Tillman’s “Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You.” It’s a children’s book but it is achingly beautiful and so meaningful to me. It’s a really tough process – please keep checking in on your friend.

      • msmaryedith

        Thank you, and I’m so sorry for your loss. I just told her that I’m going to check in, but don’t want her to feel like she has to respond (she said she doesn’t feel like talking about it, and doesn’t want to see people right now). If you have any recommendations about what sort of interactions or words or gestures meant most to you at that time, I’d really appreciate your suggestions!

        • KSB

          Well, there were big gestures – my office sent a ton of food and some friends sent flowers – but I think the most meaningful were the cards that arrived by mail. Since there really was nothing anyone could do or say to ease the emotional or physical pain, knowing that people loved me and took the time to find a card, write a note and mail it to me was incredibly sweet. Saved me from having to respond to a text or have a voicemail linger on my phone. And the simple reminder to be gentle with myself was one I needed to hear. It wasn’t advice but just a reminder. You’re a fantastic friend, msmaryedith!

          • msmaryedith

            Eek, I’m not. I had actually recently forgotten her birthday, so I feel like an awful friend! She was not far along at all, so she had not told almost anyone. I think in some ways that makes it easier (not too many people to have to tell about the loss), but it also means most people have no idea what happened and wouldn’t know to check on her. Just so sad to think of her going through it without much support. I just sent her that book (and a couple of little things for care package), so thank you again for the suggestion. It looks so sweet.

        • msmaryedith

          Thanks Anonymous at 2:08, below! That is pretty much what I have said to her, so hopefully it sounded sincere.

  • Rave: Friday, Friday, gotta get down on a Friday

    Rant: I have that song in my head.

  • Allison

    Tons of Mixed Feelings: I’m back from taking the bar exam. Glad it’s “over” but I won’t know until November whether I passed. Due to panic attack, I didn’t sleep at all (as in zero minutes total) the night before the first day of the exam and wrote all of my essays in a state of adrenaline-and-coffee-fueled delirium; I’m not entirely sure that what I wrote was remotely coherent. Multiple choice day went okay, though. I now have to dry all my tears, pick up the pieces of my adrenal glands, and steel myself for the very real possibility of very bad news in November. It is going to be the longest three months ever.

  • Rave: crossed the final hurdle in the dog adoption process. We will be starting our foster-to-adopt with the little guy in two weeks!

    Rave: getting married in 9 days!

    Rant: husband to be still hasn’t picked out a wedding ring – the one he really likes is made by an artist that can’t deliver it until October. any suggestions for last minute, affordable (probably titanium) placeholder rings for men that we could pick up this weekend? most of the in store stock in downtown DC is platinum – not especially affordable!

    • epric002

      try cascadiadesignstudio dot com. we got my husband’s titanium band for about $60. you can pay for expedited shipping.

    • epric002

      also, congrats on the pending doggie! does s/he have a name?

    • andy

      I think I got my titanium band from one of the downtown department stores. nothing special. getting married makes it special. MAGIC!!!

    • KSB

      There are a few jewelry stores in Union Station – I got my pregnancy ring at one of them (the one I wore when my fingers were puffed up beyond normal wedding ring size!) And my husband found his wedding band on Amazon. He was really particular about what he wanted and found the exact ring. Not terribly expensive, either.
      Congratulations all around!

    • If you can make it to the suburbs, the Gem & Jewelry Show will be at the Dulles Expo Center August 16-18. You can find nearly anything at wholesale prices. We got my engagement and wedding rings there for well below retail price. You have to haggle a little bit, but it is totally worth it.

  • Rant: I really want to head up to PA this weekend to hang out at my family’s cottage (not really ours, but I thought it was until I was 22 and realized it was another family that’s very close to ours and lets us use the cottage), but I have so much baby related stuff to do that I just can’t afford even one slack weekend. I’d also very much like to see my grandparents who, health-wise, are not doing well. I’m really hoping they both hang on for at least a few months more so that they can meet our baby.

  • Blithe

    Okay — so that will be at least 3 of us from Popville at the Rodrigo y Gabriela concert. I’ve never heard them live. This will definitely be a major highlight of my weekend.

  • There won’t be a shutdown, leadership on both sides are working on a CR now. The talk from Cruz, et al, about shutting down the government over defunding Obamacare is just bloviating.

  • There won’t be a shutdown, leadership on both sides are working on a CR now. The talk from Cruz, et al, about shutting down the government over defunding Obamacare is just bloviating.

  • Don’t know if he does the laser thing, but I very highly recommend Dr. Boquel.

  • Rant: I want to get out of Defense but still do engineering and still be in the DC area. Seems like there are few opportunities.

  • +1. That picture makes me happy.

  • Rave: “Bloviating”

    • Allison

      Haha, love the word bloviating. To me it sounds like something horrible that would happen to a cow. Rancher helping cow give birth to a calf: “Bobby! Go get the vet! She’s a’ bloviatin’!”

  • Scrillin

    I seent them at Wolftrap two years ago, it was boss.

  • nettie, smokers who drop their cigarette butts onto the street, sidewalk, etc. are just as bad.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Dog Days of August celebration this weekend all along 14th … come see the amazing Washington Animal Rescue League Mobile adoption truck at City Paws (14th and T). I’ll be there. Great deals on food too – donuts and lemonade.

  • rave: Friday, listening to good music, just bought a coffee to treat myself.
    random fact: i sent a card to 2 friends 10 days ago (new job, engagement) and neither acknowledged receipt. Not a big deal, but i wonder if the cards didnt get to them? One of them was so cute!
    rave/rant: going to karaoke tonight and i HATE karaoke. Its a friends bday so I’m not going to bail. Looks like I’ll be drinking alot? Also i have a lot of trouble spelling karaoke (thanks spell check).

    • andy

      Karaoke: maybe the story of the name will help your spelling? Stories are supposed to help form memories.

      Kara, like karappo, means empty in Japanese.
      Oke is a Japanese approximation of the “Orche-” part of “Orchestra.”

      With their powers combined . . . kara + oke = empty orchestra, i.e., backing instrumentals without vocals, so that YOU (and you and you and you) can sing your favorite songs, not just sing along with the real singer!


      There will be a spelling test on Monday.

  • Revel: Finally got an email confirming that my visa has been issued. Looks like I’m officially moving to the UK. I’m so relieved that the wait is over!

    Rant: Having to be stuck inside the office when I want to be outside and enjoying the sunshine.

  • 14thandChapin

    Rant: Has anyone seen the trailer for this new movie The Spectacular Now? I have nothing to do tonight and would love to go see it (huge 500 days of summer fan) and i love movies in this genre…not embarrassed to say it, but it came out today in LA and NYC. What about DC?! Guess ill have to wait
    Rave: Its Friday and its been a slow week although pretty busy after work week. Ready to relax tonight, check on my garden, do some shopping on saturday, go out for a friends birthday saturday night, pickling/fermination class sunday morning. Should be a good weekend 🙂

  • Allison, I have been in your position so I can say from personal experience how emotionally tangled the feelings of completing the exam are. I will say that the three months go faster than you think. Just go about living your normal life, keep busy, and take extra GOOD care of yourself. That underlying feeling of panic will dissipate soon and is unlikely to reemerge until November when you get close to results time. And remember, whatever happens: It isn’t the end of the world. (Easy to say, I know, but it is true.) You are smart and resilient and can make it through November and beyond!

    Please take extra special, nurturing care of yourself this weekend. And get some sleep! I’m wishing you luck.

  • To Allison -I know this won’t help right now but when I took the bar exam three years ago I was CONVINCED that I did not pass. Whenever people would mention it after, I would have to excuse myself, because I was so upset that I had spent so much time studying and hadn’t passed. Couldn’t sleep in the days before we got the results. But then, I passed! And from the week after until the few days before we found out, I moved on with my life – sure it was hanging over my head – but there was nothing I could do about it, so I planned other things to do and think about.

    All that to say, it may not be as bad as you think, but if it is, it’s still not as bad as you think. Either way, please don’t spend the next three months worrying about it. Easier said than done I know, but it’s so not worth the angst in the long run!

    • Allison

      Thanks Anonymous. One of the worst parts about feeling this way is that I was so confident and prepared, and practically sabotaged myself with my own anxiety with just hours to go. I put my husband through so much while I was preparing for this exam, and the thought of putting him through two or three months of that again makes me feel terrible.

      • epric002

        god/goddess/universe/whatever, grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

        good luck.

  • Rave: Cuba AND Ethiopia – my work schedule for March of 2014 is now full!

    Rant-ish: My work schedule for other months is not so full

  • Rave: furlough day. I’m treating it as a work day, working for myself. I can’t believe how much of my honey-do list I’ve gotten to already. I might even be able to knock off work early today!

  • Rave: Leaving early today!
    Rant: Have 2pm doctor appointment re: colonoscopy
    Rave: It’s only the consultation to start the colonoscopy process – it’s not happening today.
    Rant: We’ll be scheduling the colonoscopy. And the unpleasant preparation.
    Rave: The first colonoscopy was A-OK, so hopefully this one will be as well.
    Rant: Far too many uses of the word ‘colonoscopy’ in one post.
    Rave: One last rave – I am taking Monday off!

  • Rant: If I get called a hipster one more time in this city I will tell them to go to Brooklyn and they will realize I am just a normal dude.

    • andy

      do you have a mustache/male nose ring/tight pants/fixed-gear bike/arm tattoos/a haircut shaved up the sides/hornrimmed glasses/etc.? nobody should insult you, but if you don’t like the label . . . . .

  • darn it! I saw the trailer for the spectacular now yesterday and was SO excited to go see it as a lazy Sunday activity. thanks for the heads up that its not here yet, annoying though! But yes, it looks really good to me as well

  • I guess my hipster traits would be wearing cut offs , plaid shirts , tight jeans , band t-shirts(I dunno if thats hip or not). I just walk around sometimes and I have been yelled at terms such as “hipster” and “gentrifier”. The ones that call me hipster or mostly bro-ie looking dudes so I guess they have a problem or something. This city isn’t very hipster at all and I don’t care but my experience with more hipster cities is that people are more open and will start a conversation even if you aren’t in the same social circle. I came here alone and have had a horrible time trying to find a right place to talk to ppl without feeling weird about it. After being here for about a year I just feel like they took all the gifted honor kids from ever high school and dropped them off in DC 8 years later. I am just ranting I have no idea what I am talking about at this point.

  • Rave: First time reading PoP/Popville in MONTHS! So glad to be back in the know.
    Rave: Spending a week in CA helping my brother with my 3.5 year old nephew and 1.5 year old niece while my s-i-l is out of town. Happy Auntie On the Hill!!
    Rant: S-I-L said her folks, who live in DC area, are thinking of moving out here. Her sister and husband also live here. Equals less chance of bro and family 1. moving back to DC area/east coast and 2. visiting as often. Sad Auntie On the Hill 🙁
    Rave: Things going well with starting my own business. So much to do, but so far so good!
    Happy weekend to all in Popville!

  • By the authority vested in me by many years of living in Brooklyn (though not in Williamsburg or “East Williamsburg,” aka Bushwick), I hereby pronounce you *not* a hipster. If that makes you feel any better. 😉 In addition to the characteristics you listed, you would at *least* need to have some ironic facial hair (either a prodigious beard or a mustache, I can never keep track of which one has cycled back “in” in hipster-dom), ride a fixie, and wax on incessantly about riding said fixie.

  • What is your business?

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Surgery done and I’m not very sore.
    Rant/Rave: The anesthesia was the worst part of the surgery. I was in recovery sick as a dog for hours.
    Rave: My surgeon looked hot in his mismatched scrubs.

    Hope everyone else having surgeries is doing well. Thinking of you!

  • @bmoredc haha thanks. I do ride a road bike but not a fixie.

  • Rave: Somebody cleared all of the weeds, brush, and nasty ailanthus (“tree of heaven” — a particularly fast-growing weed/tree) from the side lot on the northwest corner of Georgia and Harvard, next to the vacant storefront that’s next to Harrar’s. That side lot looked terrible — I’d done some work on it myself in January, but the weeds came back with a vengeance in the spring. I was planning to write to PoP to nominate it for a Horse’s Ass Award.

  • Anonymous 12:35: don’t let it get to you. In this town, “hipster” is over-used, means different things to different people, and so really doesn’t have much meaning at all.

  • For me, the nicest thing was to have friends who said “I’m here if you want to hang out as we always do but I also understand if you want some time alone. I’m really sorry for what happened and I’m thinking of you.” Please, please don’t say anything else especially anything that might be construed as blaming her for what happened. I don’t know any good books, the one thing that did help, was a few of the miscarriage boards in the pregnancy apps on my phone.

  • Emmaleigh – I hope your felling better soon!

  • ThomasRufus – how long did the process take you? I’m applying as well but there have been snags due to biometric data…

  • FWIW, I’m a firm believer that those moments are true communication from your loved one to you. They want you to know that they are still with you and from the way you’ve reacted, you understand that, too. Such lovely moments when they happen.

  • sorry anonymous ‘hipster’ – i think in dc people think, ‘well, he’s not wearing khakis….hipster!!’ i love dc, but it’s tough for friend-makin’.
    i’ll look for ya, i’ll be wearing plaid too .

  • RAVE: As a transplant from Sussex County, Delaware, just west of Rehoboth Beach, now living in DC, thanks for the Dolle’s pic!

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