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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • epric002

    rave: volunteering at the WHS last night- oodles of sweet kittens.
    rant: so many irresponsible or cruel pet owners. please spay and neuter.

    • +1 on your rant. Makes me really angry how many people don’t spay/neuter their pets. Even worse are the ones who actively try to make a profit on the resulting kittens/puppies.

  • Has trash becoming a bigger issue around Col Heights metro (west side of 14th)? I don’t ride the metro often (usually biking) but today I literally had to walk around garbage around the walkways. Normally, there is some garbage on the sidewalks here because the 7-11 patrons seem to consume whatever they buy and toss their containers onto the sidewalk within a block but if today is an indication, then it’s out of hand. Is WMATA responsible for picking up trash around the station or the businesses or the city?

  • Revel: Black Cat 20th anniversary show in September with Shudder to Think and Tuscadero and Mary Timony. Ah, the memories of going down there as a teenager, in a car because the Green Line wasn’t finished yet, parking somewhere on desolate 14th Street with only the laundromat and liquor store open across the street and hoping the car would still be there when the show was over.
    Rant: I was a teenager and didn’t know to buy property there at the time.
    Rant 2: Thanks to the Internet it’s pretty much no longer possible to find out about a show on the day it’s happening and still get tickets at the door, which was the only cool way of doing it back then.
    Rant 3: Oh dear heavens I’m old

    • And remember the OLD space that Cat was in? Now it’s an overpriced furniture store! And the 9:30 club was actually at 930F (and where the spy museum is was a porn shop and the “ladies” that hung out in front were very, uh, colorful and the portrait gallery was abandoned) and the current 9:30 was WUST Music Hall. And people weren’t updating their profiles during shows, they were actually watching the band.
      I’ll be streaming a riot grrl palylist on Spotify if anybody needs me.

  • Rant: Spent the last 30 minutes at work tracking a monstrous house centipede that was hovering around my desk.
    Rave: Confirmed kill at 10:14am, all systems returning to normal.

  • Rave: 3 day work conference at the Gaylord hotel with a sweet atrium view in my hotel room.

    Rant: 8:15 am meetings??

  • I’m so excited about those shows! And Ted Leo, too!

  • Rave: Vacation in Montreal for four days was fantastic. For those who threw out food suggestions, here’s a roundup of where we ate- Mai Xiang Yuan (best dumplings I’ve ever had), Le Jardin di Panos, St. Viateur Bagels, L’Express, Olive and Gourmando (for breakfast pastries and took sandwiches to go), Resto La Banquise, Myriad Cafe, and Reuben’s.

    Rant: Vacation is over and work is at full throttle.

    • andy

      We didn’t get to the bagels! Were they the world’s greatest?

      • They were very good. I like the slight sweetness they get from the honey they are boiled with. I thought the menu had some failings though, I really wanted to taste the bagel mostly on its own, but still have a decent breakfast, but really the options were bagel sandwiches or bagels with a spread. I wanted eggs with something-maybe bacon- and a bagel, but it wasn’t possible. I made sure to nibble the edge of the bagel to get an idea of just that, it was very good. I would have bought a bag of six at the airport, but apparently the stand closes by 7pm.

        I haven’t had a NYC bagel in years, so I can’t really compare, but these were solid.

    • Jealous! Montreal is such a fun town.

    • I totally forgot, apparently the Bixi system, Montreal’s bikeshare, has a bike from many cities that use Alta bikes. The afternoon we got there we saw a woman on a Capital Bikeshare red and yellow bike and we freaked out. The poor woman must have been so confused. We saw Melbourne, Ottowa, Nice Ride Minnesota, and who knows which other ones they have that we didn’t see. After three days of keeping my eye out for a red one, I found the Capital Bikeshare bike at a dock we were about to use!

  • Rant: Neutral Milk Hotel pre-sale tickets appeared sold out as soon as they went live.

  • Rant: Today is my best friend’s last day in DC. I definitely started crying on the bus tomorrow. Saying goodbye tonight is going to be so hard. I might be pretty weepy for the next few days.

    Rave: Having such an amazing friend and knowing that even with distance we will stay close. She’s family at this point.

  • gotryit

    Rant: frustrating late night work calls last night and first thing this morning.
    Rant: 1/2 caffienated coffee is not as much fun
    Rave: less caffienated does feel better, just not at any given moment
    Rant: I don’t think my rave makes sense. Needs more coffee.

  • Rant: The guy in that picture yelled at me when I tried to take a picture of him painting that exact thing.

  • If it makes you feel any better, you’re not missing much. They don’t exactly put on the best live shows. Lots of moaning and howling by Magnum, and little else. Their records are much better than the live product.

  • Oh god those the worst bugs ever. I lived in a ground floor apartment in Brooklyn back in the day that was infested with house centipedes (I shudder to think about all the roaches that were available for them to eat…) I once tried to kill this huge one that was on my bedroom wall and the thing jumped out at me like it was trying to attack me. I spent a few minutes freaking out thinking it was in my clothes, but I couldn’t find it. Definitely did not sleep that night.

  • Blithe

    Rant: Bug attack.. Yesterday I got swarmed by gnats. A few minutes later, my face was red and itchy. Claratin and cortisone helped. Is it even possible to be allergic to gnats.? ( I googled it. Yes, it is. ) Pretty weird.

    Rant: I’ve joked about being “allergic” to the outdoors. I’m horribly afraid that it might be true. Gulp.

    Rave: I saw a white squirrel yesterday. I’ve long- admired DC’s black squirrels, but this is the first time I’ve seen a white one.

    Rave: Having fun planning healthier meals. Today’s lunch will be lettuce mix with crab cakes. Still a bit too high in salt, but I’m definitely making progress!

    Rave: Spending time with a good friend of many years — and her very charismatic pup! Definitely a treat!

    • There was an albino squirrel in my neighborhood a couple years back. So cute! I looked forward to him every day and was pretty crushed when he was, well, crushed in the middle of the street.

  • jack5

    Rave: I finally can log in to POP! I reset my password… Hopefully replies will be threaded this time! Happy Day! 😛

    Rant: It seems that even though I haven’t opted into any PEPCO savings plans, they still cycle my A/C off every morning at sunrise and I wake up in a warm house… Not sure about how to get them to stop doing this.

    Rave: Seems like traffic and parking has been easier lately, I’m wondering if Ramadan has an effect on that. My best friend is Muslim and I have barely talked with him all month because he has no energy. I can’t imagine the sacrifice involved, barely made it through a day last year of fasting (couldn’t go without water).

    Rant: I sometimes wish I could install a 10 foot privacy fence in my front yard to avoid the panhandlers, kids, arguing couples, and nosy neighbors on my block… I can barely enjoy good weather on my doorstep before someone ends up being “overbearing” in front of my house. Maybe it’s just me being grumpy, I like normally conversational neighbors, but my current neighbors come from a different planet, so I generally avoid them.

  • I love all of all of this! So pumped for this show!

  • Rant: Jack stood me up for our date!
    Rave: I got out of having to go on a date with a creepy old man!
    Rant: now I have to buy dinner for myself! Is intern happy hour still on?
    Rave: I get to eat with someone who doesn’t put metamucil in his coffee, or smell like Vicks vap-o-rub!
    Rant: I am NOT getting college credit for my internship!!! SO not worth it!

  • Got you beat, Old Fart. Used to do the same thing at the 9:30, long before there even was a Black Cat.

  • Rant-Starting my day off with a call at home from the office wanting a status. It was about a request that came in after COB last night, which of course was for something happening first thing in the AM today.
    Rave: It was already handled, of course, and this made me look really good to my manager.
    Rave: Long weekend starts tomorrow, with amazing friends that I haven’t seen in way too long.

  • Anybody else drill into the statistics of the post article touting D.C. improved profciency scores in the public schools? The number they were exalting … now 47% of the students are proficient in reading. A little more in math. I was stunned that the number was so low. Along racial lines, the divide is huge. 92% of white students are proficient vs. 44% of black students. Hispanic students are in the low 50s. The hispanic number struck me because the parents of many of those kids probably do not speak much English at home. Of course I am assuming the test is administered in English.

    • andy

      The number for Hispanic students has grown significantly. The achievement gaps are really serious though, and I don’t think it reflects only ELL issues.

      Our son is going into preschool so we hope to get involved.

      I’m still happy that the scores are better. The improvement helps change mindsets. DC is not some unsolveable basket case.

  • I know what you mean. We live on a relatively quiet block except for the house directly next to ours (of course). Groups of teenagers hang out on the porch, sometimes spilling out onto the sidewalk and are loud and generally disrespectful. I guess I should be happy they don’t ever use their backyard so I can go out and enjoy mine in peace!

  • Rant: people who let their children run wild in restaurants. We went out to eat last night and a couple was sitting with a friend and five young kids. It was an extremely busy, crowded and narrow space, and they were allowing four of the five kids to gallop around, knocking into people waiting for their food and restaurant employees. The kids continued to do this for the entire time we were there, and the parents were too engrossed in conversation to care. Not only is this extremely annoying, it’s dangerous. Why oh why is this tolerated? When I was that age, my mother would have never let me behave that way!

  • rant: no garbage or recycling pickup this week. was there some holiday i didn’t know about? all of my neighbors put there stuff out, too and now it’s just sitting around festering.

    rave: cooler weather == long bike rides!

  • Which block do you live on? Just wondering if your noisy neighbors are our noisy neighbors…

  • 14thandChapin

    Rant: SoooooOoOo tired, Also i dont understand why the busses on the S lines are so crowded every morning now…i feel like it is getting worse during the summer? I might make a commitment to bike to work for a month straight, so sick of the vultures that wait for the buses in the morning.
    Rave: Saw michael kiwanuka @ 9:30 club last night with my older brother, it was a nice little show!
    Revel: Nothing at the moment but today is going by pretty quickly and is almost the weekend…which i have no plans (ahhhh thats nice)

  • I think the traffic is also just late summer in DC. It will get even lighter after Friday when Congress goes away. The when it all gets worse again when they come back in September and all the schools have started up again. Still it’s nice while it lasts.

  • That was supposed to be a reply to Jack5 at 10:05 AM.

  • Rant: My +1 was supposed to be going to epric002’s earlier thread on WHS.
    Rave: Who cares 🙂

  • rant: no sleep, no coffee, no fun. Kind of hate everyone today.

    boxing gym shutting down – what am I supposed to punch now?

  • Rant/Rave: I’m acting for my boss next week. I’m flattered at the opportunity but worried something will blow up and I’ll be nervous about how to handle it.
    Rave: Best group text conversation ever last night – it devolved from talking about credit cards, to my one friend in Philly signing up for sugardaddy.com because she’s super broke, to my other girlfriend texting us a boudoir photo because she forgot one of our guy friends was still in the conversation. It was a great source of laughs throughout the evening!
    Rant: The poor woman who got punched by the biker 🙁 I hate people who are jerks.

  • I know right. I had 3 people on it and right at 10am…no tickets available! now planning a trip to Porto Portugal to see them…think that may be the only way!

  • skj84

    rant: family drama. I have a family member who just does not know how to problem solve and takes it out on the rest of us. She was very nasty to me yesterday, borderline verbaly abusive and im tired of being treated like dirt.

    Rave:Fun party after wok today.

  • YES!!! We were at a Chinese restaurant a few months ago and some A-hole parents let their kid run around and mess with all of the condiments on the other tables. The kid put all of the soy-sauce dispensers in his mouth and sucked on them. I’ve sworn off of using table condiments. Some parents need to be punched in the face.

    • epric002

      +1 for not using table condiments. i saw a photo of a kid licking a parmesan cheese shaker in a restaurant (thank you, STFUparentsblog) and haven’t touched the things since. disgusting.

  • What do you all think? Is DC going to get 6 Wal Marts? Will Gray veto the LRAA? Should he?

  • anonymouse_dianne

    Thanks for volunteering – I am trying to sign up for an orientation at NY Ave. But please don’t be so judgmental of the public. Do you know how much it costs to get a cat spayed? Try $280. We need more free or almost free sp/euter clinics that are open when people are NOT at work. I have 4 extra copies of Redemption if anyone is interested.

    • epric002

      good luck with your volunteering anonymouse- their orientation process takes forever, but i’m very happy i stuck it out. but i stand by my rant about not spaying/neutering- that is the only way to reduce the population of stray/homeless animals in this country. i wasn’t aware that the hours of spay/neuter clinics were part of the problem- there are lots of things that are only open during business hours, unfortunately.

    • The Washington Humane Society has a low-cost spay/neuter clinic; spay/neuter for cats is $70: http://support.washhumane.org/site/PageServer?pagename=spayneuter_appointments

      Unfortunately they don’t seem to have weekend hours, but animals with appointments can be dropped off between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m., and then can be picked up between 3:30 p.m. (for dogs) or 4:30 p.m. (for cats) and 5:30 p.m.

      And I agree with epric002 — spaying/neutering is part of being a responsible pet owner. WHS lets people adopt spayed/neutered cats for $85 (usually TWO cats for $85!), and rescues generally charge $95-$135 for spayed/neutered cats.

  • People can adopt a cat or dog that’s already been spayed or neutered. Problem solved. And if people can’t afford the costs of medical care, having a pet is probably not the right decision for them.

  • I am the photographer. I asked him politely if it was okay and he said, “Yes, but I like it when people ask me first.” Obviously I was behind him but he sensed I was there. He was gruff but in the end, a little courtesy was all he wanted.

  • I am the photographer. I asked him politely if it was okay and he said, “Yes, but I like it when people ask me first.” Obviously I was behind him but he sensed I was there. He was gruff but in the end, a little courtesy was all he wanted.

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