Props to the Cops – Robbery Arrests – “she was struck in the face by an individual as a second subject took her purse”

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

“On August 3, 2013, at approximately 2:30 a.m., members of the Metropolitan Police Department and the Metro Transit Police Department responded to 13th and U Street, NW, in reference to a call for an assault in progress. Once on the scene, the units located a complainant who stated that she had been walking east bound in the 1300 block of U Street, NW, when she was struck in the face by an individual as a second subject took her purse. At that point, a total of five (5) subjects attempted to flee the scene by entering the metro station in the 1200 block of U Street, NW. All five subjects were stopped with the assistance of Metro Transit Police, positively identified by the complainant, and placed under arrest.”

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  • ledroittiger

    Nice getaway attempt, you muppets…

  • gotryit

    Isn’t the metro closed at midnight on Sunday night / Monday morning?

  • Let me guess…they were all minors and will be back on the street in no time.

  • I saw the police response to this incident while walking home on U St. Friday night/Saturday morning and thought a bomb had gone off in the metro with the level of police activity there. There were no less than 12 police cars, 4 ambulances and a fire truck shutting down traffic on east bound U St. outside of the metro station at 13th and U. While I’m thankful the suspects were found, knowing now that this was all in response to a robbery makes me question whether that level of response was overkill. Couldn’t robberies like this be more easily thwarted by increasing the number of police on foot patrol in the U St. area, especially on Friday and Saturday nights? I always see 4-6 officers hanging out right at the metro, shooting the breeze with one another, but never see them simply walking up and down U keeping an eye on the growing crowds.

    • I live near here and they often sit right outside the entrance to the metro. I can’t recall ever passing a uniformed officer on foot anywhere on U street itself (meaning I never see them doing a foot patrol).

      So the fact that this robbery happened just steps away from where they normally are- it doesn’t surprise me they were caught (and the fact they were stupid enough to go the metro where those cops hang out).

      If this had happened just 2 blocks east or west in any direction I’m willing to bet they would’ve got away (and of course if they didn’t flee via metro).

    • I think you have to judge the emergency response on what they thought it was at the time, not what we know it was two days later. Maybe it was overkill, maybe not. They don’t have the benefit of hindsight when the 911 phone rings.

  • Aug. 3rd was Saturday.

  • you’re on of those guys/gals that just has to pick it apart… hmmm? what about all the assumptions you are making? maybe it was a slow night? maybe all those police happened to be within a 1 block radius? maybe this is a normal response to an incident involving 5 people + victim? who knows! I don’t… but I do know that the police displayed some force and got these kids. that’s good news no matter what.

  • Yes, of course it’s good news that they caught the suspects, I agree. And I agree that a display like that is a good deterrent. All I’m saying is, if those resources are available, why not make that display by walking the sidewalks, then maybe we can prevent these robberies from happening in the first place, because people like these suspects will know someone is watching. I live in the neighborhood and see that the number of people filtering out of the bars (around 2:30am) onto U St. is increasing – sidewalks are crowded, people are drunk, people get pushy, and there is a lot of opportunity for crime. If there are officers on foot along that corridor they can be a visible deterrent and respond quickly when there is an issue.

  • exactly whats wrong with DC cops, they dont “police” they simply respond to incidents.

  • dc is off the hook with these robberies seen like every day u read the paper or watch the news someone been robbed an its seen to always be in the same areas over & over u street columbia heights adam morgan etc

  • Come on. They actually apprehended the perps in one of these incidents and you’re faulting them for too many resources? Can we just celebrate for a few hours, and pat MPD on the back?

  • You are an idiot!!!! If YOU were the one that had been robbed and assaulted I doubt you would say there was “overkill.”

  • The exact same thing happened to me near 13th and Penn SE on November 29, 2010. I had to run some errands at Frager’s and the Teeter after work. On my way to the Teeter I had the unfortunate luck to run into a group of teenagers who were looking for trouble. I was punched in the face, thrown to the ground, and kicked in the stomach. The four kids must of seen some adults coming so they ran back inside Potomac Gardens. I started running and screaming towards the Teeter while I called 911. Two teenagers were kind enough stay with me until the cops came. One of them even recovered one of my shoes that flew off in the melee.

    The police were so wonderfully kind to me which helped me calm down. One officer even stayed past his shift so he could drive me home.

    The very next day, a certain local Fox news anchor kept calling me to do an on-air interview since an almost identical attack occurred a day earlier (Sunday). The reporter became annoyed when I told him he could use my words but not my likeness or my voice. He accused me of being selfish and protecting myself was not as important as my obligation to my community. I responded by saying something to effect of “an aunt that I dearly loved died a week ago and I only got back to DC a couple of days ago, I have to finish and defend my grad school thesis project, write two final exams, and finish two final papers in addition to my full-time job. Even if I am being selfish, I think I have earned it. Fuck off.”

    I had trouble with PTSD and depression after all of this happened and started seeing a therapist at the Capital Institute for Cognitive Therapy. My therapist was a huge help and the organization overall itself very impressive.

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