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  • anyone know if the new petco will have a banfield vet there, too?

  • I currently bike from my Columbia Heights place over to the Unleashed by Petco store off Wisconsin Ave in Georgetown on a regular basis to get litter refills. As far as I know, the Petco stores are the only stores in the city that have refillable litter, and I refuse to buy a container that is capable of holding 25+ lbs of litter to just throw it away after one use….It’ll be nice to have a store a bit closer.

  • anyone have any idea when this is opening?

  • Anyone know if they’re closing the one in Cleveland Park once they open this one?

  • My wife and I live about 5 blocks away and have a lab. I hate to say it, but until the cops clean up the area we will not be visiting. We avoid this area as much as possible. You literally can’t walk into a store without being harassed by individuals just hanging out on the sidewalks. The congestion is what it is… But until the police get proactive and a higher up makes cleaning up this area a priority, we along with our friends won’t be heading that way.

    • Do you mean harassment aside from the annoying people selling things on the side walk? I ask because I haven’t experienced this. I’m always annoyed at hoe crowded the sidewalk is and that people are allowed to set up tables in such a congested area, but I haven’t been harassed in that area in a looooong time, like pre-Target or early-Target time frame.

    • Really? I walk along Irving there all the time (from 16th towards 14th) and I’ve never had a problem. Around the Target can sometimes be a pain though…

  • Does anyone know the estimated opening date? I’m excited to have a grooming alternative to Planet Pet and Doggie Style, which both seem to vie for who has the worst service…

  • Does anyone know whether they will be selling tropical fish and aquarium supplies? The one in Cleveland Park stocks traumatized, barely-alive fish full of infections. There is a good independent shop in Silver Spring (Tropical Lagoon), but they are kind of far. Still, it would be nice to pick up aquarium supplies right in Columbia Heights…

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