Permit Issued to Tony Shallal, Brother of Busboys and Poets Andy Shallal, for 3622 Georgia Ave south of the Petworth Metro

3622 Georgia Ave, NW

In April a reader shared some scuttlebutt that a cigar store could be coming to 3622 Georgia Ave, NW next to Lion’s.  Haven’t heard anything else on that front but on Sunday I did notice a permit posted for retail sales.  But what could be more interesting is the agent name – Tony Shallal.  Tony has confirmed via email that he is the brother of Andy Shallal owner of Busboys and Poets. Regarding plans for the space, he writes:

“We are still in the talking stage with several people, retailers, restaurants and nonprofits. The space will have 3600 sq/ft with an upper level outdoor deck, and exposed brick walls. It should be a cool space for a cool tenant.”


Whatever happens, it is nice to see the rundown space finally get fixed up.


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  • While I wouldn’t turn anything going into that space, it’d be great to get some kind of retail in that strip to help start diversifying things a little bit.

  • I wonder if Tony Shallal is to Andy Shallal as Jim Belushi is to John Belushi.

  • Re: retail spaces – Curious as to what, if any, retail people think could be supported here. It seems like people talk a good game about wanting to buy from neighborhood businesses but when push comes to shove don’t do it becuse they want to pay WalMart prices.

    • jim_ed

      I would look towards what Willow on Upshur does. It sells unique, interesting things at a reasonable price point, and by all appearances does very well.

  • The main point is that at least construction will start and a building that’s been blighted for over/about 15 years will hopefully be updated nicely. So many business opps. on GA Avenue, I can’t wait until more people invest, once its occupied, it will be even bigger than 14th street and U street combined.

    I’m wondering what the heck is going on with The Blue Banana, there hasn’t been movement on that spot for ages… legal dispute?

  • Blue Banana is turning into a new bar — a “K Street-style lounge” is what I heard. Not sure if the ownership is changing or not.

  • What is a “K Street-style lounge”?

  • @ 11.07 Anonymous – lots of cocaine

  • Hahah, K street style lounge?!? That would be a bad move. The strip there has some of DC’s most down to earth bars. It would be a shame to make it a douche haven. Chez Billy’s is amazing too, if only they would install a good sound system, they’d have some legendary dance parties.

  • gggggggyeeeaaahh!!!

  • doh! that was suppose to be a reply to the “lot’s of cocaine” comment – FAIL –___–

  • won’t be a douche haven, because that concept will never ever work in that location. There is a reason “K St style lounges” are down on K St.

  • The folks at D.C Reynolds said that Blue Banana is rebranding.

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