New Soccer Field at Upshur Park/Rec Center Almost Ready


Thanks to a reader for sending. The soccer field is located across from Powell Elementary on Upshur Street between 13th and 14th.

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  • andy

    Just in time for my kid to start school! Nice!

  • Is this some sort of trick photography or is the field really small?

    • It is small, maybe the size of the smaller pitch at the new Raymond Rec Center. It also seems to slope significantly from side to side, better than sloping from goal to goal I guess.

  • Does this mean we can have Meridian HIll Park back?

  • I think they graded it so it’s less slopey.

    • I’ve been jogging by it a few times a week, and it looks to me like it’s pretty level. They spent a while grading before installing the turf. I think this is a great use of some space that was otherwise sitting unused.

  • I’m so happy about this! I see guys playing there everyday after work and it was just a pitch of dirt, no grass at all. I hope those guys can continue playing there and the field is not just for the school.

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