New Italian Restaurant, Lupo Verde, Hoping to Open the Last Week of September at 14th and T St, NW

1401 T Street, NW

The new Italian restaurant, Lupo Verde, has made a ton of progress at the northwest corner of 14th and T Street, NW. Their website says the restaurant will be “Rustic Italian Cuisine” from the folks behind Station 4 in Southwest Waterfront, Tunnicliffs Tavern by Eastern Market, and Ulah Bistro on U Street. I popped in for a quick peek and was told they are on track for an opening the last week of September. Updates when they get closer to opening.

14th and T Street, NW

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  • After being purchased 10 years ago for $975k its nice to finally see this property being put back to use again. It must be very nice to have the funds to let something sit that long vacant.

    One thing though I’m not a fan of painting brick buildings but this one definitely would look better with a coat of paint on it.

    • Considering how they did all that repair or rebuilding work on the street level with no attempt to match the old brick whatsoever, I bet they’re going to paint it.

  • I love Italian restaurants, really, I do. And I am glad that this building will finally be occupied. But it has to be said: Doesn’t 14th street already have too many Italian restaurants? What about some other type of food? Indian? Chinese? Or how about no themed restaurant at all? One that just serves good generic food?

    • Great point Mary, you should definitely put your money into a “generic” restaurant on 14th street. Let us know how that goes.

      • Oh come on, you know what she’s talking about. I always have trouble describing that kind of restaurant, especially to visitors from another country. If I say American they think it’s just burgers and fries.

    • is there not enough good generic food on 14th street? drafting table, the pig, busboys & poets, garden district (aka the standard), birch and barley, bar pilar, lost society, saint ex…. I could go on but why?

  • Wow, I would never have guessed that the same folks that own Tunni’s own Ulah and Station 4. Such completely different places!

  • Okay … enough with the Italian restaurants! Geez!

    • I sort of agree – is it much cheaper to run an Italian restaurant than any other kind? Aren’t there like 4 or 5 that will have opened along 14th St this year?

      I’m in the ‘bring an Indian restaurant’ camp! There is Chinese on 14th St (Great Wall) which is really good.

      • I don’t know if it’s cheaper per se, but making/prepping pasta is relatively quick and easy to do. Maybe less initial prep and diner volume guesswork than other types of cuisines? Also, Italian is fairly inoffensive to most diners, so that’s likely a factor as well.

  • andy

    What is the difference between “rustic Italian,” as a non-specific, non-regional genre, and “Italian food mom and dad will recognize from the Olive Garden?”

    Snarky, yes, but I would love to know what their answer is.

  • I’m just glad that this place is finally home to something – anything. I wonder what the hold up was…

    I’m perfectly fine with Italian. It does seem to be true that once something arrives in DC, it is immediately overdone – froyo, cupcakes, donuts, small plates, tacos, and now Italian. The capacity of DC’s entrepreneurs to do what they think is cute instead of providing what people really need/want never ceases to amaze me.

  • Mary – There is already a Chinese restaurant on 14th Street- YUMS. Additionally, there is a new “generic” restaurant opening on 14th — Teds Bulletin. Additionally, a new Indian restaurant just opened on P Street between 16th and 17th.

    • Seriously Anon… I count 8 italian restaurants with 5-10 min walking distance from here. You have to admit we could use something else!

    • LOL, Yums. Yeah, that’s got amazing food.

      Just up the street is Great Wall, a much better Chinese option.

    • FWIW I walked by the “new Indian restaurant” last weekend, even though it’s just a downstairs Heritage (and Heritage is awful), it had a handwritten “closed” sign on printer paper hanging on the door…

  • Green wolf?

  • what we actually *could use is a good sushi restaurant!

  • Based on the food a Ulah, more mediocrity for our neighborhood. The good news is, with so many options hopefully they will step it up a bit, but its’ doubtful, we’ll see how long they last. I wish Al Crostino could’ve relocated here but it’s too expensive for her. She is going further east.

    • Ulah isn’t that bad. Especially because the half price Groupon that usually floats around every other month….. Although I admit now that I’ll never pay full price again even though I live right around the corner. At least the building will be cleaned up in case of failure at 14th and T. The recent wave of new restaurants on 14th will have quite a few casualties in the next year, IMO.

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