New Dunbar High School Already Burglarized

100 N Street, NW

Frustrating new for the first day of the DCPS school year. A few weeks ago we admired the new Dunbar High School.

From MPD:

“A first floor window of Dunbar H.S was smashed by unknown suspect(s) and taken were several electronic items. Anyone having information into this matter should contact 727-9099.

RPT DATE: 08/24/2013 02:30
OFFENSE: Burglary
METHOD: Second Degree Burglary (Armed Or Otherwise)
LOCATION: Classroom”

WAMU reports that the electronics stolen were three Dell laptops.

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  • Maybe they wanted to get a head start on their first assignment.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • These thugs should be required to read First Class: The Legacy of Dunbar High School. It’s an amazing story of the history of DC public education. And, then require many hours of community service to clean the school and maintain the grounds. They have to be taught to respect property of others. Since it’s the community’s responsibility to raise these kids, we have to do the teaching.

  • Maybe it was someone from the general public who is tired of being told the can’t access the tax payer funded pool?

    • Lol, you think you should have access to all tax payer funded property? Go to one of the other two dozen public pools in the city.

  • It is just really sad that some idiots would do something like this that’s why you can’t have nothing and I hope they find whoever is responsible and hopefully the laptops can be tracked or traced.

    Now they need to have 24 hour police presence in and around the school because the idiots might try to come back.

  • Why are these laptops not locked down?

    • Exactly they should have been locked down and hopefully need a code or something to get into and unlock it

    • that was my first thought as well, perhaps they used wire cutters and should be on the lookout for laptops on CL with the “I lost the key to lock” in the ads. There are also master keys to these kinds of locks too.

  • So, what? We shall all overcome, anyway.

  • Yesterday I read a thoughtful article about the effect of low-skill immigrants on the economy. I forget whether it was WAPO or NYT. However, one of the comments was that it had the the greatest impact on African Americans. One of the statistics they cited was that there were 66,000 ex-offenders in the District (WOW!), and that half of these were unemployed.

    However, I think the unemployment rate is exaggerated, since a significant number of these allegedly unemployed are professional criminals.Ex-offenders have a hard time getting jobs, and what it left for them to make a living is to mug people, steal cars, or burglarize schools.

    If you are ever mugged, it is amazing that the police know who these people are. You give them a description, and they say “That sounds like ‘Wackman” or Jimmy or Dewayn”. It is the same perps doing the same crimes over and over again. The police and prosecutors just have a hard time getting convictions, particularly for juveniles.

  • Please…this is far from surprising. This has happened every year for the past 4 or 5. In fact, it is done so predictably I imagine there is one gcrew responsible for most if not all.

    Every new library or new school or one that has undergone fundamental renovations in certain neighborhoods during this period has suffered from the smash and grab. DCPS has had more than 230 computers stolen since 2009.

    DCPL has had 10 smash and grabs in the past two years, all in new or just reopened libraries.

  • I just borrowed this from the DC library! Can’t wait to read it. So sad about this start to the school year.

  • This was in response to Anonymous at 11:02am. Nesting issues strike again!

  • How long til they break into the new Cardozo High School?

  • I would think that catching the thugs who did this would be pretty easy. Seeing how this is a new state of art school building it should also have state of the art security system that recorded who did this and they should have pictures and video of the culprits and be arresting them now.

  • The problem is the low income housing in parts of the city (such as in Columbia Heights). They need to be replaced with mixed housing. The model of putting low income housing together has shown to have a negative effect on social development.

  • Does anyone know if the school has security system or whether they have any safeguards against theft like this? I’m alarmed by the number of laptop thefts cited by Apple above (230 since 2009)…

  • Since the laptops were Dells, they may not work at all in matter of months anyway.

  • This isn’t the way we want to kick off the school year, but come on…my guess is Bethesda-Chevy Chase High has ad a few laptops stolen and it wan’t blog worthy news.

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