NBC Washington: Structural Problems “may force a complete closure of a busy stretch of the Red Line for weeks”


NBC Washington reports Metro Could Close Portion of Red Line for Up to Six Weeks:

“Structural and maintenance problems at the Friendship Heights and Medical Center stations may force a complete closure of a busy stretch of the Red Line for weeks, News4 has learned.

One Metro source said the repair process — and the corresponding shutdown — could take a month and a half.”

God help us if this is true…

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  • Holy Guacamole (caps for the guac, b/c i’ts holy, after all)!

  • Blithe

    OMG. This puts the “weekend track work” in perspective! 🙁 And just last weekend I was basking in the joys of a “normal” weekend schedule on the Red line. Thanks for the head’s up PoP!

  • Well, London had to shut down the ENTIRE Central Line for about 6 months after a derailment, not just a few outer stations. They managed, although the Tube has a lot more inter-connectivity. I feel for people who live out beyond Friendship and rely on Metro for work. The inevitable shuttle bus option would probably suck, but at least it’s not a shut down of the core stations. I couldn’t imagine the impact if they had to close off from Woodley to Metro Center or something.

  • The problem is at Medical Center according to WaPo. Closure is one option. Better they do something practice than something worse happens. It will inconvenience me, but 6 weeks is not a big deal. But it does mean 6 weeks of whining, which would be the worst consequence of this.

  • Oh NOoooZorzz!

    You mean the water that has been seen flowing unaddressed through various Metro stations for years and the resulting (“Evil”) stalactites which hang overhead (ready to kill us a la “Crossbow” style – the old arcade game) are something we should be worried about?

    I’m calling BS.

    Wouldn’t the Metro system have alerted us to this danger (i.e., the COMPLETE COLLAPSE of the METRO SYSTEM) years ago had it been a threat?

    Next you’re going to say the cracks in the concrete structure (all around, notably overhead), broken escalators and elevators AND fare gates, perpetual track maintenance, inaccurate schedules, station manager prostitution rings, et al. are signs that this was due to happen.

    Again, BS. You must be a liberal troll!

    What next!? Are you going to claim that WMATA is going to use the the closure of the Friendship Hghts. Station as a reason to implement their (or others’) plans to re-design that same Metro Station?


    With the expanded Bike Share program this UNFORESEEN inconvenience is easily avoided.

  • I’m sorry, what’d you say? I couldn’t hear you over the bullet hole I just put in my head.

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