Movement Coming to Boarded Up Buildings on N Street in Dupont?

N Street between 17th and 18th St, NW

Every year someone writes in asking about the boarded up buildings on N Street between 17th and 18th St, NW. It is such a prime location that it seemingly makes no sense that they’ve been boarded up for so long. Sadly legal disputes has halted any movement. But maybe some positive movement is coming? Washington Business Journal reports DC sold the liens on these properties:

“1745, 1749 and 1755 N St. NW: Owned by N Street Follies Ltd. and its principal Morton Bender, these three Dupont Circle rowhouses sold for a total of $320,679.64, including $170,000 of surplus. Bender has owned the properties since 1988, but his attempts to redevelop (as an office building, then as a hotel) have run into one problem after another.”

Think this will spur development?

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  • As of October, another developer was approved unanimously by the local ANC to turn this developments into condos. Assuming that developer won the rights at auction, that should be moving forward now:

  • jim_ed

    It takes bare minimum 6 months before you can even start foreclosure proceedings, assuming the owner doesn’t pay his back taxes and interest to the lien holder. Its still going to be a while until anything moves forward on this property.

  • PDleftMtP

    Does anyone know how the last holdout tenants were resolved? I used to work on that block 15 years ago, and for a long time there were just a couple of apartments still occupied after the rest of the buildings were vacant.

  • I guess that explains the ridiculously low price paid for each of these rowhouses. I assume the buyers had over the cash now even though they can’t do anything with the property yet.

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