More Union Market News – Seafood Market and Cafe, District Fishwife, and new “chef driven” Restaurant Coming Soon

1309 5th Street, NE

Earlier in the week we learned that RIS would be opening a stall in mid-November and it:

“will feature a larder of staples for any chef or home cook: stocks, sauces, soups, prepared foods and baked goods, along with daily offerings of “Ris Bowls” – hot stews, creative salads and nutritious children’s foods.”

The Washington Post also reports that and a new seafood market and cafe called the District Fishwife will be opening in November:

“the District Fishwife, a 440-square-foot seafood market and cafe that will deal in sustainable fish. Lewis is expected to sell locally sourced products — rockfish, blue crabs, oysters — while working with distributors and wholesalers to find sustainably caught tuna, wild salmon and sustainably farmed barramundi. She also wants to push small, oily fish.”

And on top of that a liquor license application was recently posted for a new restaurant:

“A chef driven,, farm to table, full service restaurant serving local, fresh and seasonal inspired food. Total Occupancy Load #199, number of Seats #120, Summer Garden seating- joint use in common area. Including Entertainment Endorsement, Live and Recorded music and jazz.”

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  • justinbc

    Nice! Really stoked for the fish market.

  • This food court keeps getting better! I’m so glad that the tenants of the DC Farmer’s market were evicted to make way for this Food Mecca (TM). Hail Corporate!

  • The food court jokes are sadly true. This place was so great in the beginning when there was the farm vendor from Maryland (their name escapes me). Now there’s Harvey’s, which is a great butcher, and Almaaja, which is a rip-off (seemingly any produce you buy there costs eleven dollars). The farmer’s market outside has been great but that goes away in October. My partner and I probably won’t be coming here after that.

  • I’m a huge fan of union market and think the fish market is a gamechanger. I agree the produce guy is kind of hit or miss (no posted prices, I think he just kind of sizes you up and throws out a number he thinks you’re willing to stomach). They need a few more produce people in there to add some competition. Other than that, it’s all I could have hoped for. Hopefully they’ll get started on fixing up the rest of the area too and adding much needed housing. The fact that they need to have a shuttle service shows how pedestrian unfriendly that area is. Slowly but surely.

    • I’m perplexed by the “pedestrian unfriendly” remark. From the nearby metro line or the numerous buses that service the area (90s, 80, Xs on H) you can stride up a sidewalk, cross at a crosswalk, and never be forced into an unsafe pedestrian environment. Now, if you mean that the area is less than aesthetically pleasing, then I will kindly refer you to the definition of ‘subjectivity’ in your nearest dictionary. For my part I really appreciate the area as it exists right now: a mixture of wholesale and retail, a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, good prices on good produce, and otherwise hard-to-find cuts of meat and fish.

      DC, the people and the council, would do well to recognize that areas like the Florida Ave Market are what make a city unique and interesting, especially when it’s a mix of higher end (i.e. Union Market) and lower end (i.e. everything else there). We’ll see the death of the wider Florida Ave. Market in the next few years when the city raises the property taxes and the smaller vendors are driven away. The kitchen supply store will go, as will the African butcher, the Thai market, and the Halal/Caribbean spot. What will we have in their place? Condos. Mixed use developments. Will there be any economic variety? I don’t think so. It will be cleaner, for sure. And in that cleanliness you’ll find all the charm and satisfaction of a theme park modeled after what someone thinks a city should be.

  • “farm to table, full service restaurant serving local, fresh and seasonal inspired food” – add “small plates” to that quote and I think it could describe every new restaurant that’s opened in DC since 2009.

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