More Details on DPR Doggie Day Swim on Sept. 7th – New Third Location Added

Photo by PoPville flickr user Wayan Vota

From a press release:

“The DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will partner with the Department of Health (DOH) and the Washington Humane Society (WHS) to host the 5th Annual DPR Doggie Day Swim on Saturday, September 7, 2013 from 12 pm to 4 pm at DPR’s Upshur Pool (4300 Arkansas Avenue, NW); Francis Pool (25th & N Street, NW); and newly added location, Randall Pool (South Capitol and I Sts., SW). With the end of the outdoor swimming season, this annual event provides dogs with a one day opportunity to partake in the pools, enjoy a swim and play fun aquatics games. DOH will be on location to monitor the health and safety of the pets and their owners; to issue DC dog licenses; and to provide outreach and education regarding pet vaccinations, dog licenses and dog park licenses.

All dogs must have a valid DC dog license, issued by DOH, to enter the pool. For more information on how to obtain a dog license, call DOH at (202) 535-232 or go to the DOH Dog License website. Admission is free. Licenses will be issued on site, however dog owners must have all the required documentation and fee payment. Cash and credit cards will not be accepted at pool locations, money orders only. Attendance the day of the event will be based on capacity at the time of arrival. During Doggie Day Swim, there will be a capacity limit in terms of the number of dogs allowed in the pool at one time; 75 dogs at Upshur Pool, 75 dogs at Randall pool and 150 dogs at Francis Pool.

To maintain order and to ensure a safe and fun event, dog owners are asked to follow these rules:

All dogs MUST have and wear a valid DC dog license.
Dog handlers must be 16 years of age or older.
Dog handlers cannot swim or enter the pool with their dogs.
Dogs must be sociable and remain leashed while on the pool deck.
All dogs must be current on vaccinations including rabies and distemper.

Doggie Day Swim will take place rain or shine.”

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  • That picture makes me smile every time I see it.

  • Would love to do this, but have not gotten my DC dog license yet and I applied FOUR months ago. Thanks D.C. and my dog thanks you too.

    • You may want to re-apply. Last year I had to reach out multiple times. This year’s renewal went really smoothly (and I as surprised). I heard back in less than a month!

      • I would just wait until you get to the pool to do it. Bring a checkbook and all the paperwork and they’ll give you one on the spot.

    • Yeah, and don’t bother showing up if you don’t have one. A lot of people were having that problem last year. Based on what I saw, I’d estimate only 10-20% had the credentials to get in.

    • It was really weird for me, coming from VA, where they automatically renew the license every year and send you a bill for it. I’m actually still getting those notices at my DC address even though I moved 3 years ago.

  • It’s a shame my dog is scared of (ok, hates) water. I’d love for her to enjoy swimming!

  • epric002

    i understand why the dogs have to have DC licenses, but am bummed that we can’t bring the dog who is visiting us. 🙁

  • “remain leashed while on the pool deck”??


  • The dept of recreation, the dept of health and the wash humane society sponsor this FREE event for DC residents (and their dogs). If you can’t follow a few rules (or the law, however frustrating it is) then take your dog for a walk. And if you want your dog running around the pool deck where they could injure themselves or others then you better have a sizeable insurance policy. Remember folks, this is a FREE event for the benefit and enjoyment of DC residents.

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