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  • halfsmoke

    Might want to budget more than 1K for lodging if you plan to stay in DC for more than 4 days……

  • austindc

    I made an even more minimalist map. It’s a circle that says “DC” in it. And then outside the circle it says “Not DC.” I think it will sell.

    So why do we get steel grey for our color? I want cherry blossom pink or something. In either case, I am kind of excited to see this guy’s map considering how much of the city I still have not explored.

  • I’m not sure I understand the usefulness of these maps. I am leaving for San Francisco and Portland next week and would like to “test drive” the maps. How do I get one? And exactly why would they be useful? What am I missing here?

    • Agreed. The maps are both simple and simplistic. While you can quickly figure where different neighborhoods are by looking at the map, you would still need to supplement it with something like Google Maps for navigating around the city.

      Like some others have pointed out, I wish DC wasn’t a steely gray, which is just slightly better than a B/W map.

    • it’s freaking art, you’re not using it to call in mortar strikes… i hope.

    • austindc

      Yeah, I think it’s just supposed to be fun art. Or maybe freaking art, I’m not an expert. I think they are just fun to look at for their own sake, plus its art about our home, so that’s even more fun. I probably wouldn’t use it for navigation unless my only other option was Apple Maps (zing!), but I think they do also provide a simple way of conceptualizing how all of our neighborhoods relate to each other. I’m excited to see how it turns out for DC!

  • it’s art, you freakshows. nice work too.

    • It’s more than just art, it’s a reasonably accurate rendering of the neighborhoods in a city, presented in a simple, yet appealing manner. While I wouldn’t use it for navigation, I think this definitely gives an overview of a city better than Google or Bing maps do.

  • I can’t wait to see the finished product so we can have more heated arguments about neighborhood names, locations and borders. I got 20 bucks says Pleasant Plains and Parkview don’t make the final cut, and 20 more bucks says we’ll hear about it from unhappy residents of said neighborhoods.
    [Honestly, I kid. I like minimal and I like maps, so I think is kind of a neat project.]

    • binpetworth

      I just hope he doesn’t use shortened forms of all the neighborhoods: AdMo, CoHi, NoMa, DupCi, PlePla, BarRow, WooPa…

      • Ditto! I think the only neighborhood acronym I can approve of (other than NoMa, which I’ve resigned myself to) is FRINJ, for the area where Florida, Rhode Island, and New Jersey Avenues meet. 🙂

    • Haha. That’s me. I want to buy one, but only if Pleasant Plains and Park View are on it. And if he promises to to write AdMo and CoHi, too.

  • I think this is a cool project and I’ll be supporting it with a $22 donation. I like that the artist is offering something of about the value of your donation, as I’d probably pay about that much for one of the posters anyway.

  • Guy didn’t include Tudor City in his map of Manhattan. Noob.

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