Dear PoPville – Mature Trees Cut Down on 14th Street in Logan Circle


“Dear PoPville,

I noticed the construction project on the old bricklayer’s building on 14th between R and S has removed the trees in front of that parcel. Not that anything can be done about it now but it’s really too bad that two full size (and I believe healthy) trees on an important and busy strip were completely removed rather than being cut back to facilitate construction. Just wanted to pass word along, though maybe this is more appropriate for a rant or revel.”

You can see a bit of the former trees from when we talked about the old logos revealed by the demo:

June 2013

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  • There had better be a good reason (e.g. diseased trees would be a good reason. Interfering with the construction would not) or there’s going to be hell to pay for this. You can’t just chop down a tree in the city. I’ll withhold judgment until we find out the full story, but on the face of it it’s not looking good.

  • There is unrest in the city,
    There is trouble with the trees…

  • I’m guessing this has to do with widening the sidewalks or making them ADA compliant? I know that downtown SS is reworking their sidewalks (which includes chopping trees) on Georgia Ave for that reason.

  • Just google map and look at east of the city from aerial view, just digusting how gray it looks compared to west of the park. We need to be planting more instead of cutting.

  • We need someone to protect our trees and stop the city, pepco or whoever from cutting and chopping our trees.

  • DC has too many trees anyway. This will not result in a complete loss of oxygen. RELAX. They are reworking the sidewalks for the disabled. Some people care more about trees than they do about public safety

  • I can’t speak for these trees but if you want to help replace them and protect existing trees the city has a Canopy Keepers program as part of the city’s Urban Forestry Administration

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