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  • I was there. There were a ton of people, but unless you were fairly close to the Lincoln Memorial, it was hard to hear the speeches. I did hear the one by Myrlie Evers-Williams about standing your ground for peace, which was pretty moving.

  • I was there. We stood near the center of the reflecting pool, so we were close enough to the jumbo-tron and the speakers. Congressman John Lewis and Myrlie Evers-Williams were especially inspiring for me. When you consider that they were 23 and 30 respectively during the last march, it makes you marvel at their dedication to the cause of civil rights.

    Corey Booker had a great quote about not taking for granted the strides previously made by civil rights pioneers (paraphrased): “My father told me not to walk around like I hit a triple. I was born on third-base.” Timely.

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