Lost Cat Last Seen in the big alley between 8th and 9th and S and T St, NW

Tom Cat 2012-04-28_10-40-34_367 (2)

“Sadly, our beloved cat of two years has not returned home since Monday night. We’ve put up signs around the neighborhood (last seen in the big alley between 8th and 9th and S and T St, NW) saying:

Lost Cat!

Gray tabby male
with white spot on nose

Please call 202-494-2398”

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  • There are a few cats that look like that and live on Hanover Pl. NW. I did think I saw one that looked new hunting a pigeon there today. I doubt it was your cat, because there are several wild cats that live in the area and a couple of them look very similar to yours – but if nothing else turns up it may be worth checking out.

    Does your cat have a collar or any other identifying info?

  • I think I saw a tabby in the alley at 12th and u Tuesday night. I was walking north up 12th and the alley is on the left side before U, behind indulj etc. I’ve never seen cats over there before and now I’m kicking myself for not looking closer. I hope it’s your kitty and he’s ok!!

  • Just took a peek now and didn’t see him but it was around 9pm when I saw a cat there.

  • Hi, I am pretty sure I saw this cat Tuesday night around 9pm on S St between 5th and New Jersey. He was lounging on the front steps of a house. He looked relaxed. I will let you know if I see him again.

  • As an owner of a house cat I’m curious how he escaped. I want to avoid the same!

    Also, what is his name? It isn’t in the post.

  • Thank you! I will look over there today!

  • If you haven’t already, I’d suggest posting it to the “DC Lost and Found Animals” group. I hope he comes home safely!

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