Lazy Days Tasting Menu at Mothership through Sept. 5th

3301 Georgia Avenue, NW

Mothership’s Lazy Days Tasting menu runs through September 5th. They are also doing $5 Victory Prima Pils, Franziskaner Dunkelweisse drafts, 312 cans, Fordham Wisteria Wheat & Key West Wheat bottles if you get the tasting menu:

1 choice from each $20.13


Chilled Chayote Squash & Tomato Gezpacho (vegan, gluten-free)

Kale Caesar!

Warm Salad
Rainbow Swiss Chard, Roasted Beets, Grape Tomatoes, Banyuls Vinaigrette
(vegan, gluten-free)

Lemongrass Dashi Steamed Prince Edward Island Mussels 10
with Tomatoes & Shallots

Steamed Bun
Shaved Beef Tongue, Pickled Green Mango & Papaya
(substitute tofu = vegan)


Mothership Mofongo
Fried Green Plantain & Yucca, Lechon, Fried Egg, Spicy Guava Sauce & Crema Amarillo
(substitute tofu = vegetarian)

Lower Potomac Blue Cat Fish
Creamy Asiago Grits, Tasso Gravy

Slow-Cooked Wild Boar Bucatini
Shallots, Grape Tomatoes, Clipped Herbs, Butter

Vegetarian Bucatini
Olive Oil Poached Grape Tomatoes and Clipped Herbs

Vegetarian Pizza
Fingerling Potato, Roasted Cauliflower, Roasted Eggplant, Swiss Chard, Tomato, Fontina Cheese


Amaretto Flan
Dark Chocolate Mousse with Shortbread Cookie
Watermelon Basil Granita

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  • orderedchaos

    A better deal than Restaurant Week! I really like this place — tasty cocktails too (half off during HH ’til 7pm).

  • Having had just about everything on this tasting menu, plus the regular one, I can say that this is a heck of a deal. Mothership makes good food, and you get a lot of it.

    Pro Tip: happy hour(s) means half-off drinks, and many of these specialty cocktails are made with wicked good house-infused liquors. Head there after work and spend $4 for a big glass of Tamarind Punch that’ll knock your socks off from the tastiness.

  • Can anyone comment on the noise situation here? I want to take a friend out for dinner, but he’s hearing impaired, so even a moderate level of restaurant noise makes conversation impossible for him. The worst is when we plan to go early to avoid noisy crowds, and the restaurant has the music cranked up loud to make the place seem “lively” even though it’s empty.

    • We typically go early in the evening (530 – 7pm range) and during the week, and at that time it’s pretty quiet. Although music is on, I’ve never noticed it being particularly loud, and I am 99.99% certain that if it _is_ too loud for your situation, they’d turn it down in a heartbeat.

  • jim_ed

    Lower Potomac Catfish? Considering I pulled a 10lber out near Aquia the other day with an enormous (presumably) cancerous lesion on its head, no thanks.

    • Am I imagining things, or didn’t there use to be a link on this thread to a City Paper article that said that the District Department of the Environment’s “public health advisory urges people not to eat any catfish, eel, or carp from the Anacostia or Potomac rivers”?

      I love catfish, but having read that article, I definitely don’t want to eat catfish from the Lower Potomac.

      • I’m thinking that the warnings against Potomac blue cats are due to bioaccumulation. So as long as the fish that is caught is small enough, it should be akin to eating tuna or anything like that with elevated, but not dangerous on its own, levels of toxins. Lower Potomac may be even better since it’s further from the storm sewer outflows than if you caught it at Fletcher’s boat house, for example. So this is all a guess but as long as it is harvested a certain distance from DC, and is small enough, it should be just as safe (or not) as other fish that are fine for most people every now and then unless you’re pregnant.

        • The full advisory from DDOE is as follows:

          Public Health Advisory

          DDOE urges limited consumption of Anacostia and Potomac river fish. PCBs and other chemical contaminants have continued to be found in certain fish species caught in the Potomac and Anacostia rivers and their tributaries, including Rock Creek, within the Distric’s boundaries. Because of these findings, DDOE advises the general public to limit consumption of fish from all DC waters, as follows:

          Do not eat: Catfish, carp, or eel.
          May eat: One-half pound per month of largemouth bass, or one-half pound per week of sunfish or other fish.
          Choose to eat: Younger and smaller fish of legal size.
          The practice of catch and release is encouraged.

          To prepare, skin the fish and trim away fat. Cook fish and drain away fat because chemical contaminants tend to concentrate in the fat of the fish. These recommendations do not apply to fish sold in fish markets, grocery stores, and restaurants, since commercial fishing is prohibited in DC waters; thus fish from these venues will not be from the Potomac nor Anacostia Rivers.

          DDOE also notes that other species of fish found in the District’s waters not identified above did not have elevated levels of PCBs or pesticides.

          • You are definitely right to be concerned, but that notice is for DC waters, and the Lower Potomac is not DC waters.

          • The Lower Potomac would be covered by MD fish advisories, which currently recommends a maximim of 3 meals per month of Blue Catfish for all ages. The concern in that part of the Potomac is PCB contamination. Channel Catfish and White Catfish should be avoided.

  • Make my funk the P-Funk, I want to get funked up!

  • Sounds great!

  • The exclamation point at the end of Kale Caesar can be removed. As a salad is it not exciting (neither is the Roman reference) and is a trend that needs to be pistol whipped.

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