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  • The food here is excellent – a real neighborhood gem.

    Outside of the food, they had a coffee ceremony when I was there and the owner offered everyone a cup of freshly roasted Ethiopian coffee. So good!

  • Yes, this place is really, really good and competitively priced. I’ve been there a few times now and I’ve always had a good experience. It’s never too busy and the staff is very friendly. I hope more people find out about them so that it doesn’t go out of business. It’s a cheaper and less-busy alternative to the places on U St.

  • I’ve been here twice and thought it was great both times. Very friendly staff and delicious food. I hope it gets enough traffic to stay in business.

  • Yeah, the food here is pretty good, and cheap. The beer/drink selection is abysmal. They haven’t had Ethiopian beers available during either visit, and their domestic beers are all crap. How hard is it to carry 1-2 good beers? We really, really want to like this place (as we live around the corner), BUT both times we’ve eaten there, both my wife and I had some pretty dramatic gastrointestinal issues. This was after eating the veggie sampler, which is pretty much our standard at other Ethiopian places around town. We have never had this problem at other Ethiopian restaurants, so our logical conclusion was that something was wrong with the food at Kokeb.

  • Get carry out from here once a month. Try the Fish Dullet it’s great (spicy), plus vegi combo. Never tried the meat dishes yet. They should do a Groupon or something to get more attention.

  • gotryit

    Yes – this is my go-to ethiopian place in the area!

  • I highly recommend this little spot. Good food every time. I’ve only done carry-out; the all-fluorescent lighting kind of dampens the ambiance. Maybe they change later in the evening?

  • This is my favorite Ethiopian place and a GREAT addition to the neighborhood. The staff are incredibly friendly and the prices are ridiculously low compared to other Ethiopian restaurants in DC. The food is high quality and the staff make excellent recommendations (rather than just recommending whatever is most expensive).

    Everyone should do him/herself a favor and check it out.

  • Came here after reading great reviews on Yelp. Couldn’t agree more with the positive comments. Had a great and affordable meal here, and the lady brought us free coffee at the end and explained the Ethiopian coffee ceremony to us.

  • Love the food here and the Ethiopian beer was tasty too. If you haven’t tried this place you’re missing out!

  • I love it here. I worry that they’re never busy, because I would really miss them if they closed.

  • kaylacubana

    I love this place! The drinks are great (long island iced tea) and the food was delish (lamb tibs sauteed in garlic and onions with greens and split peas). The staff was great as well; me and my husband had a 3 hour conversation with the bartender, whom we later found out was the owner. Great times at Kokeb. Neighborhood gem :-)!

  • Absolutely agree with the other comments. This place is wonderful and the owner and staff are incredibly friendly. Had the vegetarian platter and some Ethiopian beer. Both delicious and cheap!

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