Heads Up – Trouble on Randolph Street

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“Dear PoPville,

There was a mugging at about 6am this morning at the corner of 10th and Randolph NW. It appears the victim was hit from behind. His wallet was stolen, and he was knocked out and lost some blood, but he was up and taking to police a little while later. Hopefully, he will be okay.

The police were also out at Georgia and Randolph NW this morning, around 7:30am, looking for a suspect from a different robbery that had apparently fled on foot.

The cops seemed on top of things, but very scary. Yet another reminder to keep our wits about us as we are walking around (not to say that either of these victims was not doing so), even during daylight hours.”

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  • Scary. Hope the victim’s ok.

  • I was mugged at Georgia and Randolph last August–coming from 10th and Randolph. Must be a popular spot. As far as I know, the police never arrested anyone.

  • I was getting ready to look at an apartment right near there. This makes me feel great about it…

    • saf

      I live half a block from here. Have for 23 years now.

      It’s bad and upsetting, but not constant. It’s not something that happens every day, every week, or even every month.

  • for what it’s worth, i’ve lived a block from here for 4 years and walk by this corner every day, morning and often late at night. i’ve never run into any particular trouble on this corner…it’s not a typical spot for people to linger, etc.

    interestingly, i was passing by this very corner at 6:30 am today and didn’t see any of the situation described.

  • Speaking of trouble around this area, does anyone know what was going on around 9th and Quincy yesterday evening and night? Plenty of police cars and even a large police lighting rig, but nothing on MPD twitter or other outlets (naturally).

  • I’ve lived 2 blocks from there for a couple of years and have only had one issue. I do not know the particulars about these attacks, however I always keep aware of my surroundings and I never stop walking until I get somewhere. The one time I was threatened by someone was because I was standing and waiting for someone and a local jerk began harassing me until that was not fun enough for him so he started threatening me. I walked away and he eventually got bored and went his way.

  • Luckily you can see this place from the V street Popup!

  • I live on this block, as well, and this is very unusual; all the more reason that these particular incidents are newsworthy.

  • There’s a public storage building near to Kenyon&GA that is running a bootleg shelter near to there. If gov would actually do the footwork in that neighborhood, crime would go down big time.

  • Walked by at 8:25 this morning and police and EMTs were on the scene. They had blocked off the corner and police were taking to someone in plain clothes – not sure whether the victim or another officer. May be riding my bike to the metro now…

  • Didn’t think muggers got up that early in the morning!

  • Well, nothing specific was going on there yesterday because the big light was there 🙂

    But despite getting rid of some of the other problems nearby, the first alley on the right at 9th st is a consistent hangout for drug dealers. I suspect that they must have increased their activity enough to get themselves shooed away by MPD.

  • Someone is just pissed off that the new Safeway on Georgia is taking such a freakin’ long time to re-open! Or the car2go wouldn’t connect to the network and he had to try to catch a cab……

  • My neighbor was mugged at gunpoint at 6am last week about a mile northeast of here. I never saw it posted by mpd, etc. Do they only post a handful of crimes? The 4:30am hold up in the alley at 8th and Crittenden a few weeks ago, combined with this post and one near me (3rd and Farragut) are troubling….I know it’s the summer, but it does seem like there’s a rash of early morning muggings around here lately.

  • the police have a very strong incentive to underreport crime. thus you will not hear about this, or the many beat downs that occur on u street.

  • at the risk of jinxing anything, crime in the neigborhood seems to be a lot lower this summer than previous years. maybe this cooler weather is making people less crazy 🙂

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