Good Deal or Not? “We will WAIT! This home will not!” edition (reader request)


This house is located at 615 Hamilton Street, NW:

The listing says:

“Escape from the hustle and bustle and submerge into an amazing 2100+ sqft home by Global Street. Lets STOP the commercials! RUN and find a better 4 BR/3.5 BA home with stunning finishes. The right blend of contemporary & warmth. Entertaining areas, MSTR suite & still, this home will give you more, w/ a custom deck, spacious backyard, guest suite & OSP. We will WAIT! This home will not!”

Ed. Note: This listing was requested by a few readers. One writes: “I think this is the most confusing description of a house that I’ve ever seen.”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $679,500.

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  • It’s a quiet neighborhood . Better suited to drivers and not quite in a dodgy area.

    • That is a nicely done house. I think the style is immaculate, But because of the location, which will take a bit more time to mature, I wouldn’t buy it for a dime over $600k. That’s just my opinion though.

  • ledroittiger

    Whoever did the interior decorating on this place should be blindfolded and shot.

  • I live exactly one block west on Hamilton. This is a beautiful block of houses. Neighborhood is quiet for the most part. Mostly long time residents ( our neighbor has been on the block for 30 years). Houses are starting to be flipped at a pretty noticeable pace (3 on our black in the past couple of months). I’d say it may be just a tad over priced as a recently renovated home at 9th/illinois/hamilton just sold for a little under $600K but the market is only going to go up. There is an explosion of development happening in petworth and Kennedy st is about to have a few new shops/places to eat.

    • Oh, Also its fairly easy to get downtown. The 62 bus goes right by there and goes staright to the petworth metro. The Georgia Ave / 14th sT/ 16th Street buses are all only a few minutes walk away.

  • bustyredhead

    Small thing…. Why is there a plastic french press on the stove???

  • “Submerge” into a house by Global Street???

  • Can we talk about the “We will WAIT! This home will not!”” thing???? WHAT DOES THAT MEANNNNN?

    How are the sellers patient but the house not? What?

  • I actually like the house a lot, except, of course, for the open floor plan. But I like the bathroom and the interesting little fireplace thingy by the stairs. The area behind the kitchen is nice with a nice yard and front porch.
    I have no idea what kind of deal it is but I like the house.

  • andy

    run to find another house? don’t mind if I do.

  • “We will wait” – for what?

  • I like the little rock gas fireplace, even if it is a bit odd for a house verses some hotel or bar lobby.

  • Looks like the basement is dug out from the landing and steps by the door… That’s big money (if done properly)

    • Yep matters of taste aside this looks like it was done with much more care and skill than your typical flipper.

      If they went deep enough the basement could be a legal rental which would make this a pretty decent price (obviously you would have to add more kitchen but that is nothing compared to underpinning).

  • jim_ed

    Is the fire thing in the living room purely decoration, or is it for the home entertainer who likes to grill souvlaki?

    Anyhow, I live in this neighborhood and its terrific if you like quiet city living. The neighborhood is very safe and very friendly. If you don’t mind the bus or biking, it’s an easy neighborhood to get around in without a car, and real retail development is probaby 3-4 years away. That said, you can get most of your essentials within walking distance, including the Salvadorean bakery and Jamaican grocery.

    Prices in this neighborhood are starting to skyrocket as well. A year ago I would’ve laughed till I was blue in the face at this price, but it seems about on par for everything else in the neighborhood.

  • Does “MSTR suite & still” mean you can make your own vodka in the comfort of you pajamas?

    Seriously, though, the idiotic real estate puffery aside, to me this house looks very nicely re-done. I don’t know the neighborhood so will trust others who think it’s marginally overpriced, but it does seem like a good space-to-cost price.

    Sellers – please find a realtor who knows how to speak and write English, not the copy writer for for a shouty car dealer.

    • Actual LOL at “Does ‘MSTR suite & still’ mean you can make your own vodka in the comfort of you pajamas?”

  • It has 4 bedrooms and I didn’t see a bathtub in any of those pics. That and the fire pit in the living room will rule out anyone will young kids.

    • Good catch on that…. lots of bedrooms, but no tub & firepit — don’t make sense.
      Another thing I am wondering about… it seems like one or two of the bedrooms have skylights, but no windows? Sunlight is great, but no windows? I wouldn’t want to be in a room with no windows or put my child in one to live either.

      • I checked out the house and it does has a bath tub and 3 of the bedroom has windows, besides the basement bedroom, which has glass french doors. I think the house is beautiful and well done and the basement doesn’t feel like a basement, which I think can be easily rented out. The neighborhood is quite. But one negative for me, is that it is slightly far from much of the city action.. but others may love it. So to each its own. 🙂

        • I looked at this too and, while the middle bedroom upstairs does have windows, they are lofted windows, so couldn’t be an egress in case of a fire. Unless they added a ladder, I guess. It would make for a pretty den, though.

  • the fire thing will never get used once someone moves in and the venting part will cause no end of headaches. I knew someone who whine about “the finishes”. I don’t like the kitchen counter colors and the bathroom stuff like the bowls will look dated in no time (already kind of uspcale cliche-ish), but there’s nothing wrong with the quality of the pieces. A more typical oak-type floor would hold up better and go with more. it’s funny that they went with realter mauve and other neutral colors despite the odd flooring.

  • Sounds great. I’m 6 blocks away and will be more than happy to put a fireplace/kebab grill/whatever at the bottom of the stairs if someone will pay that much to submerge my place. Maybe the copywriters have something there..confuse the hell out of people and make them think there must be something there!

  • I live on this block and I laughed out loud when my neighbor told me what the developer planned on listing it for. The neighborhood is just not there yet, this is not an investment that is going to make you money for years to come. It’s too far from the metro to rent for high market price. This house sold a short time ago for 280K and was in pretty good shape I’ll add.
    I love my block, but as a female I can say I don’t feel completely safe walking alone at night on many of the surrounding blocks. There is a lot of foot and vehicle traffic from people who do not live in the neighborhood. The 63 bus is an easy commute downtown but only runs for limited weekday hours so it’s not always practical. The S buses on 16th are about a 12 minute walk, but again that stretch of Hamilton between 8th and 13th is poorly lit, has high retaining walls, and a school, so it can be unnerving.
    While commercial development is slowly coming to Kennedy street, I would highly, highly recommend that anyone looking at this house spend sometime driving up and down Kennedy street in the evening hours and then negotiate this price down. As an added note, my neighbors who have lived in the neighborhood for years are wonderful, it’s the new influx of flip buyers who tend to hide in their houses and not say hello.

    • +1….BUBBLE

    • jim_ed

      Hamilton is poorly lit, there’s no doubt about that.
      But price-wise… I wouldn’t be so shocked. They listed one 599,000 around the corner from here that was 1,600 sf. It sold in 24 hours for 625k, so something close to 690k for this isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

  • Atrocious listing aside I love this house. Everything looks pretty nicely done. Really like the shelving/drawers in the master bath and finally a shower with a bench!

  • Thank you for the souvlaki comment. +1. Hehe. House is overpriced and over done for this neighborhood – I live off Hamilton. Finishes don’t really go together and will look dated by the time this closes. Hello flippers – what is wrong with doing really solid quality with some nice design features and simple, preferably “green” finishes and upgrades without trying to look all over the top euro-trash?

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