Good Deal or Not? “Very Unique structure” edition


This house is located at 1425 Monroe Street, Northeast:

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 9.40.03 AM

The listing says:

“Unique house in the heart of Brookland, walk to metro, restaurants, Monroe market coming soon, 5 level,semi detached house, 4+bedrooms, 3 1/2 full baths, huge yard, front balcony, attic, basement and sub basement. Very Unique structure. oozing potential for make over, needs cosmetic enhancements, Investors delight. Sold As Is!”

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $725,000.

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  • jack5

    Uhhhh…. Is there a giant back yard with a gold fountain that spits out diamonds in it?

  • Oh? And that fifth level, are there bodies in it?

  • Well there are no pictures so can’t say for sure but I’ll hazard a guess and say hell no. That needs a lot of cosmetic, and maybe structural, work done just looking at the outside. Could they have taken a more unflattering picture?

    • The porch on the house to the left is literally about to crumble so surprisingly, the picture they took puts it in the best possible light.

  • Are they smoking crack? That structure looks like it will collapse upon someone stepping foot inside. I wouldn’t pay $400k for this, much less than $700.

  • “As is”, ugly and weird, and it’s going for over $700k? Brookland ain’t that hot.

  • What is a subbasement?

  • Got to wonder what it’s ‘oozing’ besides potential!

  • To me this just has “money pit” written all over it.

  • Is this what you guys mean by “flipper yellow”?

  • That part of Monroe is absolutely terrific, but no way. Not even as crazy as the market is in 20017 right now. Proof: a house just sold on Monroe a block closer to the Metro for $675k. It had fewer bedrooms, but probably just as much – if not more – livable square footage. And it was move-in ready (albeit in need of some updates) and had a larger yard. I’d be surprised to see this go for more than $625k, and something in the 500’s seems more likely.

  • um, yeah, that izth disthgusthting

  • This is spit-take worthy. NO.

  • Who would try to sell their property by describing it as a “very unique structure”? Unique is not a word anyone wants to describe the structure of a house.

  • Out and out DISRESPECTFUL!! I can smell the mold of those two basements from here. Real Estate in DC is off the scales, I mean something this raggedy for $725K? Well, I never, and I won’t ever either!!! Humpf!!!!

  • I believe it’s been a CU student/party house for years – so you’ll have to deal with beer & puke soaked floors as well.

  • I thought the price was a typo…

  • KSB

    What the WHAT? I’m a few blocks away from here and this house terrifies me. The price is astronomical and I really, really hope nobody takes the bait on this one. Definitely more in the $400K range, if even, considering all the work needed.

  • Unique in realtorspeak = fuckedup

  • brookland_rez

    No way. I walk by this house all the time and it is in terrible shape. It’s on a big hill and the porch in the back looks like it’s about to detach from the house and slide down the hill.

    This house needs serious work, the only way it would be worth 725k would be if it were already fully renovated. As is, this house probably needs at least 200k worth of work.

    • I would say about 400K

      • sorry – worth of work (bringing the total above a million for this piece of crap – yes, I live in B-and too)

      • brookland_rez

        $400k is about right. That plus $200k + $100k or so profit for whoever takes it on.

        I don’t understand why people put stuff like this on the market so overpriced. At the price it’s listed at it’s just going to sit and sit.

      • brookland_rez

        Misread what you said. $400k worth of work. If it needs that much then this house should sell for no more than $200k-$300k.

        Really, if it’s that bad, it might just be a teardown, because the land is probably worth 200-300.

  • I suspect it might take a very unique buyer oozing with cash to tear it down and rebuild something better in its place.

  • I am a city housing inspector and have been in this house dozens of times. It’s not a CU party house, but a horrificly dilapidated rooming house, both sides. The ancient owner refuses to make adequate repairs. It’s one of my worst cases.

    • Thanks for your insight Stella, I live on this block and it is the “eye sore” of the street. I have no idea how they intend to only sell one half, the house looks like it is about to fall down and I doubt you can just fix one side of it. The people that live there that I know are very kind and helpful, I know this could be a hardship for them should the house actually sell so hopfully they will have plenty of time to find their next home while this sits on the market.

  • Also, nothing is very unique. It is either unique or it isn’t.

    • Thank you, Stella! “Very unique” is a pet peeve of mine.

      Also, thanks for the city inspector perspective. Let’s hear more!

      • brookland_rez

        Yeah, I appreciate the insight as well.

        I really do wish somebody would buy both sides and renovate. It’s such an eyesore.

  • Unique means “one of a kind.” It is not a matter of degree.

  • justinbc

    Gotta love it when salespeople tell you what they’re selling is great as an investment. Really? Then you buy it.

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