Good Deal or Not? “Unique & perfect” edtion

1310 Floral Street Northwest

This house is located at 1310 Floral Street, Northwest:

The listing says:

“Unique & perfect. Master suite w balcony and designer bath tops this deceivingly large (3,584 sq ft) home. 7 bedroom home. 3 upscale baths, new, stainless steel appliances in large table space kitchen w wall of glass, slate floor. New A/C, recessed lighting, refurbished floors’ painted. Screened porch w full cover. LL w high ceilings, bright/open w side entrance.Open House, 8/25, Sunday, 1-4pm”

You can see more photos here.

This 7 bed/3 bath is going for $725,000.

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  • I don’t know much about the location, but the house itself is very nice and the price seems quite good.

  • What’s the catch? Seems too good to be true. Trying to get up a bidding war?

  • The catch is the location. Great suburban ‘hood, but until they redevelop the Walter Reed area, there’s nothing really there right now within convenient walking distance. I don’t see Walter Reed being redeveloped any time soon.

    • But it IS coming. It can’t NOT be redeveloped, in the medium-term. I lived in my CH house for four years before any serious/ convenient retail arrived, and now I’m rolling in equity. I can’t imagine how this constitutes anything but a great deal.

    • They should be awarding the Walter Reed contract to the developer this Fall. And most of the proposed plans include some pretty immediate uses of the space like farmers markets, etc.

      Even without the redevelopment of Walter Reed looming, the price is still good for this location. While its more suburban (which frankly most of DC is), it is also a really pretty neighborhood right next to the park with many houses fetching in the million dollar range. You still get a lot more house for your money than you would in a similar hood West of the park. The only real catch is the schools. This may be zoned for Shepard Park which isn’t that bad but not one of the best for elem. But it may also be zoned for Deal/Wilson which are considered among the best for middle/high. Not sure since the listing says its in Takoma Park, but it looks more to me like Shepard.

      If I were looking right now, I would def be interested.

    • Still, you can’t get a 7 bedroom single family in Northern Virginia for $725k, and commute times are probably much shorter from here.

  • Good deal and good investment for the longer haul. Georgia Ave continues to improve, Walter Reed will be redeveloped and Silver Spring continues to extend southwards.

  • good deal. you’ll have a lot of construction very close by for a long time, but that might not be too bothersome. If it’s zoned Shephard/Deal/Wilson that’s pretty good, though when redistricting happens it probably will be switched to Coolidge.

  • It’s a long but generally pleasant walk to Takoma metro and downtown Takoma. There are 2 libraries nearby and not all of the restaurants on Georgia Avenue are fast food or dives. It would be convenient for someone working in Silver Spring (16th Street or Georgia Ave bus) or someplace in the inner ring of burbs that’s pretty carbound like FDA in White Oak. Despite Georgia Avenue’s downsides, the residential areas there are more attractive than many inner suburban areas and the location means that there are easy upper NW alternatives to shopping in Silver Spring (which always strikes me as a depressing experience) and it’s near the Park. Someone looking for a 7 bedroom house probably doesn’t need to visit U Street or AdMo everynight, so the usual “on a Metro” considerations won’t seem important for a lot of people, yet it’s more plugged into transit than some place in Crestwood or much of Brightwood.

    I’m surprised no one has complained about “the finishes”.

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