Good Deal or Not? “Off street parking possible for very small car” edition

1226 Linden Place Northeast

This house is located at 1226 Linden Place, Northeast:


The listing says:

“Well maintained townhouse on side street, one block off H Street. Featuring 2BR, l.5BA, wood floors, CAC, Rec Room in basement, exposed brick wall, lovely high ceilings & small rear garden. Off street parking possible for very small car.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1.5 bath is going for $469,000.

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  • You’re trying to sell something for nearly a half a million bucks with THOSE pictures? Never ceases to amaze.

  • What do you know, a good deal! It’ll go for over asking.

  • This seems way overpriced for the space you’re getting, the condition of the place, and the neighborhood. You can get a bigger place than that in a nicer neighborhood for the same price.

  • Like the neighborhood, think this one may go for more. They didn’t stage it well but think values here are still rising.

  • It would be nice if it came with the grand piano.

  • How small is “very small?” Ford Focus? Fiesta? Chevy Spark? Smart?

  • Linden Pl. is truly one of the most charming streets in the neighborhood. This seems like a tremendous deal. By way of reference, 1236 Linden Pl sold for $600k just a few months ago. Put $40k into updating this house, and it would probably sell for a similar price.

    • +1 we saw a house on this block, and our realtor said it was one of her favorite blocks in the city.

    • Doesn’t it cost around $30K just to update a kitchen? I don’t see any photos of the 1.5 baths, but presumably they could use updating as well.

      • justinbc

        If you’re a homeowner hiring a contractor, yeah. If you’re an investor you’ve got people who you work with regularly that flip for a fraction of that. A house that doesn’t need significant structural work can be redone top to bottom for 50K or less.

        • I don’t think a developer is going to buy a house at $470K, put $50K of work into it, and sell it for $600K. They prefer higher profit margins, which usually means buying houses that need a lot more work and selling them for significantly more than they paid (often splitting them up into condos to squeeze every last dollar out).

        • Agreed,

          I am constantly amazed at the amount of money people spend, or needlessly expect to spend on things.

          I understand not everyone is an “expert” but there is more than enough data out there on the google-tubes to work up your own estimates. And the number of people that accept bids from contractors that aren’t broken out into line item category is depressing.

          At the very least if you are doing a kitchen, go to some place like Home depot and have one designed (they do it for free). That way you atleast know what the major expenses are (cabinets, appliances, flooring and hardware) and can back those prices out of the actual bid. What you find on your $30K kitchen job that contractors laugh about once you’ve signed the contract is that you are paying 10-12K for all the materials, and another 15K for a 40 hour work for 3 guys (or paying $125/hr per), or 250K as year salary equivalent per laborer. Now, I am not against some guy making a living, but unless you’ve hired a master carpenter with 20 years experience, you are getting hosed. They collect $125 an hour for labor, then pay the Hispanic guy swinging the hammer $15 an hour (if he is lucky).

          Don’t be afraid to ask questions. $1,100 for that 30 yard dumpster pull? You could call the dumpster company yourself and get it for $350. $2500 for permits? I paid and pulled all the permits, for all the trades (electrical/mechanical/structural/framing/roof) for a grand total of $375 in permitting fees and 6 hours (spread over 3 trips) to DCRA. $1,800 for that same model stove I can get delivered for $1,100?

          $15 per sq/ft for that tile floor installed, when that tile is sold at home depot for 1.25 per sq/ft, and you can buy enough thin set and grout to tiles your entire house for $150 bucks. So you ended up paying $3,400 bucks for that 15×15 kitchen floor when it cost ~300 dollars in materials and one guy to $3,100 to spend 10 hours over a 3 day period putting it in.

          I realize not everyone can GC their own project, but a little research and some pointed questions to the contractors will save you a lot of money.

          The guy above had it right. Developers or flippers are gutting houses for ~80 bucks a sq/ft, but then charge you 3 times that in the price premium.

          • We are currently renovating our entire house with a 50sq foot addition for $150,000. Includes removing/moving walls, reinforcing ceiling, buildout of three bathrooms from scratch, and a brand new kitchen. We were given about $27,000 in allowances, and are buying everything ourself, so we at least will avoid the oven for $1800 that they only pay $1100.

            I think most of what you said is reasonable, and if you are willing to do some work, you can certainly get better deals, as we currently are.

          • Completely agree with everyting you said. Some of the prices people pay for renovations or upgrades are just ludicrous. Then they shrug their shoulders and say ‘it costs what it costs’. This just encourages more and more gouging. As long as people are willing and able to pay these prices, who’s to stop it?

        • People who think you can rehab a whole house for $50K clearly have no idea. The problem is that we are in a super hot market, and there is no supply of quality people willing to work for cheap. You definitely get what you pay for. Look forward to months of wondering whether the contractor will show up again, shoddy workmanship, and corner cutting if you are trying to get significant work done by a low bidder.

    • i live a few blocks away. linden place is indeed a great street! so cute and neighborly. definitely a good deal.

  • Currently retting the senior citizen’s tax exemption. Translation (at the risk of being insensitive): needs a lot of work, which probably explains the price.

  • Seeing as I thought I was in competition for this house (hilarious) its been on the market two days and has multiple offers by the end of the first. They were asking for best and final by 5 pm today. Soooo yeah I anticipate between 480 – 500 will be the end price. I wasn’t even able to get in to see it before the offers started…I dunno if these people are going site unseen or what.

  • justinbc

    This is definitely priced too low, even if it needs work. Will have no problem selling quickly.

  • In 1998, it sold for $100k.

  • I would like to live there

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